solid waste equipment in Belgium

  • EcoCatalyst - Advanced Bio-Catalytic Treatment of Solid Wastes & Sewers

    EcoCatalyst is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) in septic sewage waters, break the ester bonds of organic wastes, and offer a new advanced deep-cleaning model. It will instantly on contact neutralized organic volatile compounds and transform the septic biological conditions that produce noxious ...

    By Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. Office in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • Novotec - Static Screens

    Curved screens are sieving systems without moving parts, allowing effi cient elimination of solid articles from waste water.

    By Novotec nv based in Merelbeke, BELGIUM. from Static Screens Product line

  • Sordisep - Wet Separation Plant

    The wet separation process is positioned after the DRANCO digester in order to treat a digestate free from sticky organic components which are converted into biogas in the digester, facilitating wet separation and optimal removal of inerts and sand. Inerts, sand and organic fraction can be recovered and cleaned in order to produce marketable ...

    By OWS based in Ghent, BELGIUM. from Wet Separation Plant Product line

  • TURNOVER - Rotary Kiln

    TURNOVER is Waterleau’s proprietary rotary kiln incineration technology for the incineration of industrial and hazardous waste. The rotating kiln allows a perfect mixing and combustion of solid and liquid hazardous waste.

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Rotary Kiln Product line

  • Toveko - Continuous Sand Filter

    The Toveko continuous sand filter marketed by Kamps is a novel method of suspended solids removal using  sand filtration. It may be used with or without chemical precipitation according to the application, and is well suited in both sewage and industrial waste water treatment applications.

    By KAMPS s.a. based in Battice, BELGIUM. from Continuous Sand Filter Product line

  • AAQUA - Curved Screen (CS)

    The AAQUA CS (Curved Screen) is a simple mechanical sieve without moving pieces. The special shape of the wedge wire bars provides an efficient separation of the solids and the waste water. The solids are retained on the screen while water is falling through. The filtered water is discharged at the back. The curved screen as well as the ...

    By AAQUA N.V. based in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BELGIUM. from Curved Screen (CS) Product line

  • Ad Rem - Fiber Sieve Drum

    The Ad Rem Fiber Sieve Drum is designed to remove fibers and solid particles from waste and process water by screening. The Fiber Sieve Drum is designed through constant testing and equipped with proven technology. By using our Fiber Sieve Drum you protect your off-stream machinery.

    By AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group) based in Menen, BELGIUM. from Fiber Sieve Drum Product line

  • Biosludge - Model DAF - Continuous Flotation System

    In a continuous system the biological treatment plant is continuously fed and the sludge is separated from the waste water in a separate clarifier. It is often so that this clarifier creates a lot of problems such as to light sludge and still too many suspended solids in the effluent. A conventional clarifier is after all a gravity sedimentation ...

    By AAQUA N.V. based in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BELGIUM. from Continuous Flotation System Product line

  • BALTEAU - Stormwater for Combined System

    During rainy spells, volumes of additional water are collected into the sewer system, mixed with urban waste water (combined system) or collected separately (separate system). In both cases, it is necessary to build storage infrastrucutres and possibly treatment facilities, as this stormwater also contains a significant level of pollution (sand, ...

    By BALTEAU SA based in Sprimont, BELGIUM. from Stormwater for Combined System Product line


    As all the sensors of the OPTISENS 2000 series, the OAS 2000 suspended solids sensor is also equipped with digital communication, a stainless steel body, integrated spray cleaning and flexible mounting options. Thus enables it perfectly for use in municipal and industrial waste water treatment facilities. The measuring principle using transmission ...

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Groot-Bijgaarden, BELGIUM. from OPTISENS OAS 2000 Product line

  • Eccomate - Municipal and Industrial Odor Control

    Eccomate will instantly on contact neutralize organic volatile organic compounds, offering exceptional noxious odor control and reduction of VOC emissions. It’s a highly concentrated bio-catalytic composition designed to form highly reactive micro-bubbles within water that have extraordinary oxygen transfer capabilities across the membrane ...

    By Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. Office in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • EcoSystem Plus - Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes

    EcoSystem Plus is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water column and break the ester bonds of organic wastes. It will improve the biological oxidation-reduction rates of wastewater treatment systems, improve the quality of discharges, and substantially reduce H2S odor levels. ...

    By Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. Office in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • Model FIZ - Standard Industrial Filter Press

    The type FIZ filter press range is the standard industrial filter press range of ID Construct used for solid / liquid separation and waste-water sludge dewatering.  This type of filter press is equipped with chamber or membrane filter plates ranging from 800 x 800 mm to 1500 x 1500 mm (with up to 2000 x 2000 mm available as an adapted ...

  • Premium

    TANA - Mobile Disc Screen

    TANA’s mobile disc screens are capable of screening almost any material, and they are particularly good for waste processing. Applications for disc screens are almost limitless: woods, municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial wastes or commercial wastes, compost, ashes, metals, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), car fluff, tires, aggregates and so ...

    By Tana Oy Distributor in Buitenpost, BELGIUM. from Mobile Disc Screen Product line

  • Premium

    MicroLab - Model 40 - On-Site Oil Analyzer

    MicroLab 40 is designed primarily for fleets operating equipment with hydraulic components or heavy equipment gears and transmissions. This would include off-road mining and construction vehicles as well as over-the-road equipment with hydraulics such as bucket trucks, fire engine ladder trucks or solid waste trucks. The MicroLab 40 is also ...

    By Spectro Scientific Distributor in Mons, BELGIUM. from On-Site Oil Analyzer Product line

  • UNTHA - Model XR2000/3000 Series - Waste Shredder

    Efficient solid waste shredder for coarse and medium-sized C&I waste, waste wood and pulper ropes. The XR solid waste shredder is a high-performance shredder that is utilised as pre-shredder or single-stage shredding solution in the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF). It is both low maintenance and easy to maintain with a long service ...

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh Distributor in Tienen, BELGIUM. from Waste Shredder Product line

  • Premium

    CTP AutoTherm - Regenerative Thermal Oxidation

    The perfect CTP solution for increased solid matter content (dust), sticky substances or corrosive components in the waste gas. The AutoTherm is suitable for flow rates of up to 300,000 Nm³/h, independent of the concentration and the nature of the contaminants. For waste gas temperatures from -20°C up to +400°C.

  • UNTHA - Model XR3000R - Waste Shredder

    With minimal operating costs and maximum performance, the XR is by far the most innovative waste pre-shredder for municipal solid waste (MSW), C&D waste and commercial & industrial waste in the global marketplace. With a completely new drive concept, “UNTHA Eco Drive” guarantees up to 50 % less energy consumption in comparison ...

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh Distributor in Tienen, BELGIUM. from Waste Shredder Product line

  • Solids Handling Pumps

    Cornell offers a wide range of solids handling pumps, from 1.25” though 30” discharge size, to handle the most difficult waste water applications. Cornell solids handling pumps can be found in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial markets; and available in a variety of mounting configurations ...

    By Cornell Pump Company Distributor in Suarlée, BELGIUM.

  • nitro lyser - Spectrometer Probe

    Applications range from (ultra) pure water in the μg/l range up to industrial waste water in the g/l range. The nitrate concentration displayed is not sensitive to cross-influences from other substance groups such as organic carbon or total solids. The measured parameters are always nitrate and turbidity / solids concentration.

    By scan Messtechnik GmbH Distributor in BELGIUM. from Spectrometer Probe Product line

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