solid waste equipment in France

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    ANDRITZ - Model BDS - Belt Sludge Drying System

    Municipal sludge drying and granulation using waste heat. The patented ANDRITZ AG belt drying system (BDS) is characterized by its flexibility and ability to use a wide range of energy sources, particularly low-grade waste energy. BDS can be used for drying a broad range of products, such as industrial and municipal sludge, cow manure, biomass, as ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Vélizy Villacoublay, FRANCE. from Belt Sludge Drying System Product line

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    ANDRITZ Vandenbroek - Model VDB - Rotary Drum Dryer

    The rotary drum dryer is suitable for drying woody biomass, agricultural products, and municipal solid waste (MSW). For the production of alternative fuels as well as in the area of waste-to-energy, ANDRITZ Vandenbroek rotary drum dryers are applied to decrease the moisture of the material to the desired level fo downstream process steps.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Vélizy Villacoublay, FRANCE. from Rotary Drum Dryer Product line

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    B&W Megtec - Model SE - Automatic Zero Speed Splicer

    The MEGTEC SE Automatic Splicer allows printers to maintain optimum press performance. Loaded with innovative components, this compact splicer makes reel preparation, continuous web flow, and consistent operation a simple process. The versatile design of the MEGTEC SE Automatic Splicer provides an easy way to improve quality, maintain maximum ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Lisses, FRANCE. from Automatic Zero Speed Splicer Product line

  • Biogreen® - PYROPOWER - waste to energy by pyrolysis

    Product provides an answer to the increasing demand for sustainable management of municipal solid waste and local electricity sources.Biogreen® is an innovative solution for continuous processing of bulk materials, particularly suitable for calorific fractions of municipal solid waste. High-temperature pyrolysis conditions enable to transform the ...

    By ETIA based in Compiegne, FRANCE.

  • Elementar - Model soli TOC® cube - TOC analyzer for solids

    The versatile instrument for temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in solids.The determination of TOC in solids has recently become ever more important. Not just for evaluating wastes, TOC-content measurement is also an important aspect of assessing soils. The new soli TOC cube offers users the option of measuring not only total organic ...

    By Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH Office in Lyon, FRANCE.

  • 3WAYSTE - Discover Our Patented Waste-to-wealth Technology

    3WAYSTE® is a patented technology and business process for the industrial separation and treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW). The unique capability of 3WAYSTE ® is precision separation of any incoming mixed waste and recovery of more than 90% for the production of renewable products: Pure compost as natural fertilizer; High ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE.

  • Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

    Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is a renewable, waste-derived product made of small non-hazardous, dry materials such as rubber, plastics and textiles. The 3WAYSTE SRF generates consistent, high calorific value at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels. It is also less polluting and more environment-friendly, making it a greener alternative for cement ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE.

  • Tethys Instruments - Total Suspended Solids Probe

    Tethys Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Probe operate on the principle of single gap light absorption as a means of detecting the presence of suspended solids. The sensors incorporate self-cleaning optics via air or water jet. The application involves measurement of total suspended solids concentration from Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid (MLSS), Return ...

    By Tethys Instruments SAS based in Meylan, FRANCE. from Total Suspended Solids Probe Product line

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    ELDAN - Model SC1412/SC2109/SC2118 - Super Chopper

    The Eldan Super Choppers are heavy duty pre-choppers designed as first step in any recycling process - e.g.: Tyres (without prior debeading). Aluminium scrap (all types). Cables. Electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE). Refrigerators. Municipal solid waste (i.e. MSW). Wind mill wings (cut-off). Plastics. Industrial waste.

    By Eldan Recycling A/S Office in Paris, FRANCE. from Super Chopper Product line

  • Standard Roll-Off Boxes

    Solid waste containment in environmental soil clean-up projects and tank cleaning. Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression sealing. 

    By BakerCorp Office in Notre Dame de Gravenchon, FRANCE. from Standard Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Hazardous Waste Unit

    Hazardous waste is a matter of concern to the environment and to society at large, and treating it appropriately is VINCI Environnement’s business. Hazardous waste comes from a wide variety of sources, including industrial production, oil residue, polluted ground, or, by extension, infectious medical waste. It comes in many forms: solid, ...

    By VINCI Environnement based in RUEIL MALMAISON cedex, FRANCE. from Hazardous Waste Unit Product line

  • FGD Waste Water Treatment

    The waste waters produced during the flue-gas desulfurisation process have to be treated before being discharged. The main requirements are: Gypsum desaturation, Reduction of solids, Removal of heavy metals.

    By Veolia Water Technologies based in Saint-Maurice, FRANCE. from FGD Waste Water Treatment Product line

  • Intermodal Roll-Off Boxes

    Highway, waterway, and railway transport. Large environmental clean-up projects. Stores sludge and solid waste. Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression sealing. 

    By BakerCorp Office in Notre Dame de Gravenchon, FRANCE. from Intermodal Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Waste Materials with Energy Potential

    The fraction of waste that Isn’t recyclable  In a simple manner or which Isn’t or genie, is graded as medium to high by virtue off la NCV (net calorific value), which means the manufacturing of a Solid  Recovered Fuel (SRF). TNs fraction, mostly composed of complex plastic and household textiles, must be prepared In order to ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE. from Waste Materials with Energy Potential Product line

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    Landfill Gas

    Landfill gas is created during the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances in municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) wastes. Depending upon the landfill design and its management, as well as waste composition, compaction, moisture and several other factors, thousands of landfills are available worldwide to ...

    By Clarke Energy Office in Bouc Bel Air, FRANCE. from Landfill Gas Product line

  • Grate kiln for Incineration

    Capacity: 250 kg/h to 3 t/h The grate kiln enables treatment of solid waste such as hospital, municipal, industrial waste ..... The waste is loaded into a feed hopper and continuously introduced into the furnace by a push-feeder located at the bottom of the hopper. This range of kilns is equipped with all the devices necessary to operate the plant ...

    By MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company based in Charmes, FRANCE. from Grate kiln for Incineration Product line

  • Model PMM - Multi-Material Baling Presses

    The PMM balers can be used to compact almost all compressible waste materials into high density bales. The two-ram baler PMM is a must-have tool for use in the recovery of secondary raw materials. In response to increasing material diversification to process and in order to develop new solutions for the waste-to energy processing, Copex, a solid ...

    By Copex based in Lanester, FRANCE. from Multi-Material Baling Presses Product line

  • 3WAYSTE - Raw Materials for Industrial Recycling

    The share of raw materials destined for industrial recycling depends on the type of waste received at the 3WAYSTE® plant. In some settings, large recyclables such as plastic bottles, soda cans, paper, cardboard and metals are segregated at source, either through recycling programs or by informal waste pickers. This does not pose any problems ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE.

  • Harmony - Model C36RC/C36TC - Indoor Packer

    For the best in a high rise, high capacity compactor system, you need the C36RC or C36TC compactor. Solid waste in your high rise building has been brought down to street level with the C36RC or the C36TC High-Rise System.  Both models provide you with rear chute capabilities.  The 36TC has shorter rear charge for a smaller operational ...

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. Office in L'Union, FRANCE. from Indoor Packer Product line

  • Unprecedented Sorting Efficiency System

    The key to the successful recovery and conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) into renewable quality products is precision separation without damaging the material value contained in waste. The 3WAYSTE system is uniquely capable to separate waste with unprecedented precision to the smallest part, dividing all incoming waste into 3 production ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE.

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