solid waste equipment in Switzerland

  • Model RSD-Mini - Solids & Waste Management System

    The decentralized waste management concept of Renergon ensures certainty of disposal, as well as a certainty of supply (energy, recyclables, compost / fertiliser), while transport costs and efforts are reduced. The mixed garbage is delivered, prepared, separated and disposed. Valuable recyclable materials (metals, plastic, etc.) can be recycled ...

    By Renergon International AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model RSD-Mini - Solid-State Digestion Systems

    Solid state fermentation for small amounts of organic waste. Locally present are only small amounts of biomass or organic waste. To avoid high cost of transportation, the possibility of disposing these at a centralized location seems logical. To be able to generate energy and dispose waste through digestion, an adapted version is necessary. The ...

    By Renergon International AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Tutto - Waste Disposal System

    permits large quantities of bio waste to be processed: raw or boiled, packed or unpacked, liquid or solid. Tailor-made tipping troughs, conveyors and separating hammer crushers are the decisive elements for perfect processing of organic waste.

    By Hybag Automationen AG based in Linden, SWITZERLAND.

  • Waste Bunker Door

    The doors are a vital part of the bunker and have to resist the harsh treatment of refuse delivery. Depending on the conditions, they can be constructed as a swinging, or lifting type. Due to their solid construction, the doors are highly suitable for stacking up waste behind them. They are state-of-the-art and meet all the current safety criteria ...

    By Jakob Stiefel GmbH based in Wetzikon, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model MZ-Line - Multizon Incinerator

    Our MZ model is our junior regarding the capacity and covers the lower range up to ca. 500kW. The junior incinerates solid waste batch-wise during 8 to 10 hours per day, depending on the ash content. Liquid waste can be incinerated continuously during 24 hours per day. Due to small dimensions, low weight and modular configuration, the junior can ...

    By Joseph Egli AG based in Oberurnen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Mac - Model 112 - Baling Press

    The Mac 112 has been designed to provide optimum bale density in all types of material. Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial Waste, Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Ferrous and Non Ferrous cans are just a few of the many materials that can be baled. Weighing in at a staggering 57 tonnes the Mac 112 is exceptionally heavily constructed to offer a maximum ...

    By R.C.P SA based in Zollikon, SWITZERLAND.

  • Mac - Model 110L/1 - Baling Press

    The “L“ series of baling presses have been designed specifically for high moisture content material such as municipal solid waste. The Mac 110/L has the same characteristics as the Mac 110/1 series, such as low energy consumption and resistance to wear, but contains more “Hardox 500” to combat the corrosive effect of wetter ...

    By R.C.P SA based in Zollikon, SWITZERLAND.

  • Rotary Kiln

    The combustion in a rotary kiln is suitable for thermal treatments of solid, liquid and paste-like waste. Typical applications are treatment plants for hospital and hazardous waste, industrial and sewage sludge’s as well as contaminated soil. Depending on the application – incineration or gasification - various designs are applied like ...

    By Jakob Stiefel GmbH based in Wetzikon, SWITZERLAND.

  • Romag - Model CSO - Combined Sewage Overflow Screens

    The contamination of surface water resources by combined water from overflow systems and partly also from stromwater tanks, consists of all the solids which are present in the waste water. This involves a very wide range of dissolved, semi-dissolved, fiber and solid substances with different structures and specific weights (plastic strips, ...

    By ROMAG aquacare ag based in Duedingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Atec - Cartridge Filter

    The Cartridge Filter is a well proven solution for industrial process and waste water treatment for many years now. It can be equipped both with polymeric flat sheed membranes and with ceramic flat sheet membranes. Even with difficult raw water with very high solids content, the Atec Cartridge Filter shows excelent results.

    By Atec Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Office in Illnau, SWITZERLAND. from Cartridge Filter Product line


    As all the sensors of the OPTISENS 2000 series, the OAS 2000 suspended solids sensor is also equipped with digital communication, a stainless steel body, integrated spray cleaning and flexible mounting options. Thus enables it perfectly for use in municipal and industrial waste water treatment facilities. The measuring principle using transmission ...

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from OPTISENS OAS 2000 Product line

  • Daxtro - Pre Separation Systems

    Pre-separation systems are indispensable in any kind of waste water treatment, because it helps to ensure optimal performance for the whole plant, allowing the solids retention (depend of the cases, also sand) that may become damaged the operation for electromechanical equipment installed in the next stages. Therefore, it system will drastically ...

    By Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company SARL based in Canobbio, SWITZERLAND. from Pre Separation Systems Product line

  • Industrial Filtration System

    The Company is involved in many industrial filtration sectors i.e.: chemical, beverage, metallurgic, galvanic, minerals/earth industry and waste water treatment.The Company is experienced in solid-liquid pressure filtration, manufactures and installs filtration systems with filter presses worldwide.SD also provides service and support for all ...

    By Onpro AG based in Frenkendorf/Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Industrial Filtration System Product line

  • Special Tanks

     Our tanks are ideal for the storage of various materials, for example: Drinking Water,Untreated Water, Industrial Water,Waste Water,Water for Firefighting,Sea Water,Process Water,Solids/Bulk Solids.Special Applications: Enameled steel panels are an ideal material for a wide range of applications, due to their excellent properties. Our ...

    By GB Silo System AG based in Niedergösgen, SWITZERLAND. from Special Tanks Product line

  • Centrifugal Separators

    The solid-liquid separation system Filstar is a hybrid of centrifugal separator and liquid cyclone. It is a highly compact device with no industrial waste and has no moving parts. This highly efficient system, which is available in many sizes is maintenance free and extremely easy to install. Filstars are available from 8 L/h to 1000 L/h in ...

    By Somicon AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND.

  • UNTHA - Model XR2000/3000 Series - Waste Shredder

    Efficient solid waste shredder for coarse and medium-sized C&I waste, waste wood and pulper ropes. The XR solid waste shredder is a high-performance shredder that is utilised as pre-shredder or single-stage shredding solution in the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF). It is both low maintenance and easy to maintain with a long service ...

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh Distributor in Wikon, SWITZERLAND. from Waste Shredder Product line

  • UNTHA - Model XR3000R - Waste Shredder

    With minimal operating costs and maximum performance, the XR is by far the most innovative waste pre-shredder for municipal solid waste (MSW), C&D waste and commercial & industrial waste in the global marketplace. With a completely new drive concept, “UNTHA Eco Drive” guarantees up to 50 % less energy consumption in comparison ...

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh Distributor in Wikon, SWITZERLAND. from Waste Shredder Product line

  • ORI - Model Basic Ex 1 - Solid Stationary Sampler

    The Stationary sampler is made of durable high quality stainless steel (AISI 304 optional AISI 316 Ti) for use in ATEX Zone 1 and 2 environments. The sampler has optional integrated cooling and heating and a choice of either a peristaltic or vacuum membrane pump system, dosing slide, ball valve or scoop technic. The sampler offers time, volume, ...

    By ORI Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Effretikon, SWITZERLAND. from Solid Stationary Sampler Product line

  • Model Type SAP-1 - Special Waste Container

    For the international transport of solids and paste-like substances according to the ADR/RID/IMDG codes, packing groups I, II and III.

    By Bauer GmbH Distributor in Fulenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Special Waste Container Product line

  • Tethys Instruments - Total Suspended Solids Probe

    Tethys Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Probe operate on the principle of single gap light absorption as a means of detecting the presence of suspended solids. The sensors incorporate self-cleaning optics via air or water jet. The application involves measurement of total suspended solids concentration from Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid (MLSS), Return ...

    By Tethys Instruments SAS Distributor in Neuheim, SWITZERLAND. from Total Suspended Solids Probe Product line

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