solid waste separation equipment in United Kingdom

  • GreaseBeta - Food Solids Strainer (Food Separator)

    The 'F' in FOG Management refers to 'Food' which is a leading cause of blocked drains in commercial kitchens. Food waste collects around fat deposits in drains, making it much more difficult to degrade. It also increases the likelihood of blockages, floods and foul odours. Removal of food waste at source is an often neglected form of Grease ...

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd. based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Solids Strainer (Food Separator) Product line

  • ESD Waste2Water - Above Ground Solid Separator

    ESD Waste2Water designs and manufactures a full line of Solids Separators and liquid solid separators for a variety of waste water pretreatment applications. The Solids Separators are constructed of marine grade aluminum for effective chemical resistance, strength and durability. The Solids Separators will typically contain welded NPT fittings for ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Office in Barlaston Staffs, UNITED KINGDOM. from Above Ground Solid Separator Product line

  • MACH - Ballistic Separators

    MACH Ballistic separators are designed for sorting 2D materials (plastic film, paper, cardboard and fibers) and 3D materials (containers, plastic bottles, cans, stone, wood, etc.). They can also sort fine particles that can be collected separately with the optional variable screen openings. In addition to being sturdy and reliable, the MACH ...

    By Machinex Industries Inc. Office in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ballistic Separators Product line

  • Oil and Petrol Separators

    Hydrocarbons enter the trap with water. They strike the plate and this releases hydrocarbon globules which then float to the surface. Heavier silt and sludge sinks to the bottom of the trap. Most suspended solids will sink to the bottom of the trap as they absorb water and become heavier. The last compartment at the outlet allows only grey water ...

    By Aluline Group Limited based in Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Light Disc Separators

    The light version of the disc separator is particularly efficient at separating overlengths from single materials such as dry stabilate (clean fuel for power plants etc. derived from domestic waste), bark, green waste and fresh wood. A horizontal belt conveyor ensures optimum direct feed at the level of the screening shafts. Alternatively, ...

    By Vecoplan AG Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Light Disc Separators Product line

  • Septic Tanks

    A Septic Tank is a multi-chamber storage tank allowing liquid and solid waste to separate: The liquid is allowed to flow out of the tank and be disposed of separately. Firstly the sewage enters a settlement chamber, allowing solid waste (sludge) to sink and the liquid to rise to the surface. The surface liquid makes contact with oxygen and the ...

    By Serious Waste Management Ltd based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Idrascreen - Self-Cleaning Screen Filters

    To separate solids from process and drainage water has always been a serious problem often difficult to solve in many industrial sectors and waste water treatment plants.

    By Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. Office in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Vecoplan - Model VNZ - Double-Shaft Re-Shredder

    The VNZ double-shaft re-shredder was developed for re-shredding pre-shredded used timber, pre-shredded municipal solid waste, sorting waste, and much more in order to produce separable material for recycling and reutilisation.

    By Vecoplan AG Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Double-Shaft Re-Shredder Product line

  • Premium

    Girapac and Girasieve - Rotating Drum Screens for Wastewater Pre-Treatment

    The Girapac is an enclosed, compact, and stand-alone unit, mainly for full pre-treatment of wastewater entering municipal and industrial WWTPs. This type of rotating drum screen has three main functions: solid/liquid separation, compacting, and bagging of waste. ANDRITZ rotating drums – Girapac and Girasieve - are enclosed, compact, and ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rotating Drum Screens for Wastewater Pre-Treatment Product line

  • Serfilco - Recessed Plate Filter Press

    Liquid / solid separation for: Waste & sewage treatment, brewing / cement / ceramic, mining & plating industries, food & varnish processing chemicals. Performance: .6-50 cu. ft.

    By Serfilco International Ltd Office in Irlam, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recessed Plate Filter Press Product line

  • Premium

    Cyclone Scrubber Solutions

    Cyclone scrubbers can be used as part of an incineration system as a dust particle removal system. A cyclone scrubber must be specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the waste stream and the off gas produced to ensure optimum operation. A cyclone functions through a process called vortex separation, when the rotational effects and ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Burntwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cyclone Scrubber Solutions Product line

  • Swivel Conveyors

    Swivel screw conveyors are used in the waste management industry. Drill cutting screw conveyors are mainly used to collect drilling cuttings separated from solids control equipment such as shale shakers, desanders, barite recovery centrifuge, etc.

    By Screw Conveyor Limited based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM. from Swivel Conveyors Product line

  • MACH - Model One - Disc Screens

    MACH One News disc screens are the key separators of a single-stream system. They separate fibers and containers while removing a maximum amount of newsprint from the material stream. They can also be used on other types of systems, such as municipal solid waste, fiber sorting facilities and other streams that contain fibers. These separators are ...

    By Machinex Industries Inc. Office in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Disc Screens Product line

  • Lubo StarScreen - Construction and Demolition (C&D) Particular Screen

    This particular screen was developed to separate construction and demolition (C&D) waste. The C&D screen is perfectly suited to screen construction and demolition waste, as well as paper and cardboard and fines. With its forward placement in an installation the C&D screen separates larger cardboard pieces, making manual sorting of ...

    By Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Office in Rugeley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Particular Screen Product line

  • Salvtech - Grubbens High Consisitency Pulper

    The Grubbens High Consisitency (HC) Pulper, along with the Reject separator, is a complete system for dissolving and separation of household waste and other organic materials, suitable for bioenergy production. Sequence for filling, dissolving and emptying of the system is done automatically by integrating it into a computer setup control system. ...

    By Salvtech based in Sandycroft, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grubbens High Consisitency Pulper Product line

  • Premium

    Solid Waste Shredding & Recycling

    Solid waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) size reduction requires processing of many different materials, from filled drums to household waste. And, as the amount of solid waste increases and the cost of landfill management increases, it is becoming more critical that waste management become more effective, economic and efficient. Shredded and ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM. from Solid Waste Shredding & Recycling Product line

  • Septic Tanks

    Septic Tanks are the old fashioned way of dealing with sewage. It stores solid waste and offers very little treatment to the liquid waste it accepts. A septic tank is often made from GRP or Polyethylene and it has a foul drainage pipe connected to the inlet and a drainage pipe connected to the outlet. From there it discharges into a soakaway or ...

    By We Build It Ltd. based in Bridgnorth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • SAS - Model MIST 103 - Drill Cuttings Cleaning System

    The SAS MIST 103 System is capable of cleaning drill cuttings at a rate of 5 - 40 tons per hour and achieve 0.2% - 3% oil cuttings. A very robust system that is easily moved and has low upfront investment costs, high throughout and is very versatile. The MIST 103 system will treat a range of solid waste types and heavy oil sludge. When combined ...

    By SAS Environmental Services Ltd. based in Livingston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drill Cuttings Cleaning System Product line

  • Sherbrooke O.E.M. STARGEAR Screen

    With its 'no-blockage' guarantee, our ultra-efficient and reliable STARGEAR screener is perfect for the C&D, Solid Waste, P&P Quarry, MRF-MSW industries and more. Rotating stars move material through the process, allowing smaller particles to pass through the stars. Particle separation sizing can be quickly adjusted by changing the STARGEAR rubber ...

    By General Kinematics Office in Kingswinford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FOGEater - Fat, Oil & Grease Bioremediator

    FOGEater is a unique bioremediation product that was designed specifically to break down fats, oils and grease build up in organic waste separators, drains, sewers and town and city infrastructuresFOGEater not only breaks down the built up and blocked material and continually activates the natural bacteria in the specific area but accelerates the ...

    By Skyhawk Global Ltd based in Barry, UNITED KINGDOM.

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