solids pumping equipment in New Hampshire

  • FW - Fiber Wakishimizu

    High filtration velocity leads to the shop space for the facility smaller than the sand filter. It cuts down the investment cost of the facility. No drastic renewal of existing facility is necessary due to its small space and its light weight. Since washing the filter media is solid and easy, stable and continuous operation without labor for a ...

    By ISHIGAKI COMPANY, LTD. Office in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • UNTHA - Model XR3000R - Waste Shredder

    With minimal operating costs and maximum performance, the XR is by far the most innovative waste pre-shredder for municipal solid waste (MSW), C&D waste and commercial & industrial waste in the global marketplace. With a completely new drive concept, “UNTHA Eco Drive” guarantees up to 50 % less energy consumption in comparison ...

    By UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh Office in Hampton, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Waste Shredder Product line

  • Premium

    Flottweg - Model OSE - Decanter Centrifuge

    The Flottweg OSE Decanter. Optimal Sludge Dewatering of Primary and Excess Sludge. The decomposition process in a sewage treatment facility continually generates biological sludge. To ensure a stable decomposition process in the biological cleaning stage, this biological sludge must be removed. The removed biological sludge is called surplus ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Premium

    Medora GridBee - Model AP500 - Air-Powered Wet Well Mixer System - Budget Estimate

    The GridBee® AP500 mixer helps keep solids—such as wipes—in suspension as sheets instead of clumps and prevents lift station pumps from clogging. Mixing also helps reduce H2S odors and corrosion as well as grease buildup. These tough little mixers are ideal for almost all types of liquids in municipal and industrial wastewater ...

    By Medora Corporation Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Air-Powered Wet Well Mixer System - Budget Estimate Product line

  • Goulds Pumps - Model CWX Series - Pumps for Abrasive Slurries

    Single -Stage, Enclosed-Impeller, Back Pull Out Process Pumps for Abrasive Slurries.  The model CW/CWX horizontal pumps are designed to efficiently pump liquids with abrasive solids in suspension.  With wear parts made of HC600 chrome iron, the CW/CWX pumps give long life and superior performance in all types of slurry ...

    By ITT Goulds Pumps Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Goulds Pumps - Model CV 3196 i-FRAME - Non-Clog Process Pumps

    The CV 3196 i-FRAME is designed specifically to provide superior performance for process services containing solids. Goulds concentric volute casing with recessed open impeller provides non-clogging capability with minimal solids degradation. In addition, the CV 3196 i-FRAME can handle liquids entrained with air or gas.

    By ITT Goulds Pumps Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Enviropax - Curved Blade Radial Impeller

    This impeller uses four vertical blades that are formed in a curved or swept design. This impeller also pumps out in a radial direction. The curved blade design is good for solids mixing applications where resuspension of settled solids maybe required after the mixer is shut down. This impeller is good for applications like carbon slurry, sludge ...

    By Enviropax Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Curved Blade Radial Impeller Product line

  • Model BGDC - Control System

    SEEPEX control system “BGDC” offers an integral metering, mixing and conveying system specifically for generating of biogas. Digestate and substrates are metered in adjustable proportions in the hopper of the SEEPEX pump. Level controls ensure the solids input is optimally mixed with the digestate with the patented “BTH” ...

    By seepex Gmbh Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Control System Product line

  • Enviropax - Axial Mix Impeller

    This impeller is the standard 45 degree pitch blade workhorse that has four (4) blades attached to a hub and pumps either downward or upward in an axial direction. The blade width can be modified to match specific design requirements. In general it has much lower power consumption while maintaining high pumping characteristics than radial designs. ...

    By Enviropax Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Axial Mix Impeller Product line

  • Enviropax - High Efficiency Axial Impeller

    This design includes three or four blade units with varying angles, blade width, and blade contours. The high efficiency designs optimize pumping capabilities while minimizing power consumption. This design is being applied to more and more applications due to power saving characteristics; such as, anoxic zone or bioreactor mixers, chemical ...

    By Enviropax Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from High Efficiency Axial Impeller Product line

  • Enviropax - Radial Disc Impeller

    This impeller uses four, six or eight vertical blades attached to a horizontal disc. The impeller pumps out in a radial direction and generates a recirculating mixing pattern above and below the disc. This type of design is stable under varying liquid depths. This high shear, high power design is an excellent choice as a rapid mixer in shallow ...

    By Enviropax Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Radial Disc Impeller Product line

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