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solvent recovery equipment available in Namibia

  • FEC - Solvent Recovery Systems

    Fusion Environmental Corporation (FEC) provides solvent recovery systems which employ steam regenerable carbon adsorption technology.  Our solvent recovery systems utilize activated carbon to remove airborne organic solvents, such as VOCs and HAPs, from process streams with removal efficiencies of greater than 99%.  Upon ...

    By Fusion Environmental Corporation based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model SR-Series - Solvent Recovery System

    The SR-Series is designed for those facilities processing small amounts of solvents but still demand high quality purification The SR-Series is our small line of distillation units are capable of processing volumes from 3.5 to 55 gallons at a rate of 1.5 to 15 Gallons per hour.  This unit is the perfect match for the small business or for ...

    By SRS Engineering Corporation based in Murrieta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solvent Recovery System Product line

  • Model SRV-Series - Solvent Recovery System

    The SRV-Series is designed for system sizes handling 25-250 gallons per hour and is the simplest and highest performance system design in its price range. It is composed of a non-scraped vessel with a 70 cone design which incorporates a unique steep walled distillation chamber.  This is surrounded by a large volume oil bath heated with ...

    By SRS Engineering Corporation based in Murrieta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solvent Recovery System Product line

  • SUPERSORBON - Solvent Recovery Carbon

    SUPERSORBON, our 'classic' carbon for Solvent Recovery, is available in the following qualities:

    By Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY. from Solvent Recovery Carbon Product line

  • Model NMP - Solvent Recovery Systems

    NMP is used in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries as a solvent for coatings used for the anode and cathode substrates. The hot solvent laden air from the ovens is drawn into the AMCEC Solvent Recovery System where the NMP is recovered by a combination of condensation and adsorption. In addition to the recovery of the NMP, the AMCEC ...

    By AMCEC Inc. based in Lisle, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Economy Line - Model VDA / VRA - Solvent Recovery Systems

    These systems are characterised by extensive standardisation, low investment costs and a short lead time. The Series VDA for small distillation rates comes with a horizontal chamber in a compact frame. Systems are available in a volume range from 30 to 250 litres. The Series VRA is designed for medium and large distillation rates. The systems ...

    By LÖMI GmbH based in Grossostheim, GERMANY. from Solvent Recovery Systems Product line

  • Customised Line - Model LRA / RWA - Solvent Recovery Systems

    This line offers you tailor-made high-end systems that are individually adapted to your process. With comprehensive configuration variations, we can satisfy any of your requirements. The Series LRA for small distillation rates comes with a horizontal chamber in a compact frame. Systems are available in a volume range from 50 to 400 litres. The ...

    By LÖMI GmbH based in Grossostheim, GERMANY. from Solvent Recovery Systems Product line

  • LESNI - Solvent Recovery Plant

    LESNI designs and builds fully automated single and multiple activated carbon bed adsorption plants. This facilitates the recovery of chemicals by steam regeneration for mixed VOC and individual high value solvents. The purification process includes efficient cleaning of the plume generated by the drying air as well the pure separation ...

    By Lesni A/S based in Billund, DENMARK.

  • SolventTrak - Solvent Recovery System

    SolventTrakis a solvent conservation system designed to recycle uncontaminated solvents used in isocratic HPLC processes. In most systems, a high percentage of the mobile phase can be recycled and re-used which saves money by reducing solvent consumption and disposal costs.

    By Thomson Instrument Company based in Clear Brook, VIRGINIA (USA). from Solvent Recovery System Product line

  • Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon

    CarbUSA offers wide range of activated carbon products for industries which emits solvents and VOCs. Since this wide range of products can effectively adsorb.

    By CarbUSA LLC based in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA). from Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon Product line

  • LESNI - Purification Systems for Solvent Recovery

    LESNI offers complete purification systems for solvent recovery on activated carbon, VOC removal and odour control. Solutions are generally designed around requirement and total capital as well as operating costs. Various activated carbon and zeolite grades are offered; these are purposely developed and marketed by LESNI for ...

    By Lesni A/S based in Billund, DENMARK.

  • Reclaimer - Solvent Recovery System (SRS)

    The Horizon Technology Reclaimer Solvent Recovery System (SRS) is designed to condense and collect solvent vapors which are generated by Horizon Technology's DryVap Concentrator System. Using a vacuum pump, the solvent vapors are pulled through a cold condenser coil, where the solvent vapors are chilled and converted back into a liquid form. The ...

    By Horizon Technology, Inc. based in Salem, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Solvent Recovery System (SRS) Product line

  • Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater

    Komax Systems, Inc., through patented technology, employ Komax severe duty steam heaters to help optimize the Oil Sands separation process.  Our designs are made to endure the harshest operating conditions possible.  These innovations allow oilsands processors to take advantage of the high thermal efficiency and instant controllability ...

    By Komax Systems, Inc. based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater Product line

  • Solvent Trap - Automated Solvent Recovery System

    For the efficient automation of Oil and grease extraction, EPA Method 1664,  Horizon’s Solvent Trap attaches quickly and easily to the exhaust hose from the SpeedVap III Solvent evaporation system. Place the 500mL glass Erlenmyer collection vessel (provided) in the collection chamber and turn the system ‘ON’ to begin ...

    By Horizon Technology, Inc. based in Salem, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Automated Solvent Recovery System Product line

  • Fluidized Bed Concentrator for Solvent Recovery

    Traditionally, solvent adsorption via fixed carbon beds or rotor concentrators required a large, expensive, and energy-intensive system. TKS Industrial offers a Fluidized Bed Solvent Recovery system that requires a smaller footprint, costs less to install, and less to operate. The Fluidized Bed Carbon (FBC) adsorption process consists of three ...

    By TKS Industrial Company based in Troy, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • GCES - Carbon Adsorbers

    One of today’s most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across the industry is the Carbon Adsorber. Gulf Coast Environmental Systems Carbon Adsorbers are necessary when you are trying to accomplish three things: VOC Abatement, Low NOX & Solvent Recovery.

    By Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA). from Carbon Adsorbers Product line

  • ACT - Model 300XP - Multifunction Filter/Fluid Bed Dryer System

    The 300XP model fluid bed is more than just a conventional fluid bed dryer. As an added feature, the 300XP model uses a filtration step to recover a solvent from a slurry. In the filtration step, a pressure difference is set up. It is the difference in pressure that forces the liquid solvent through a screen or cloth. The large solid particles are ...

    By Applied Chemical Technology, Inc. based in Florence, ALABAMA (USA). from Multifunction Filter/Fluid Bed Dryer System Product line

  • Model EDA / EBA - Solvent Debinding Systems

    Our compact furnaces with a solvent extraction process start at 50 litres of volume. For small numbers of injection moulded parts, the EDA series of furnaces combine debinding, vacuum drying and solvent recovery in one single unit. For medium and large numbers of injection moulded parts, LÖMI's systems consist of two units: a debinding ...

    By LÖMI GmbH based in Grossostheim, GERMANY. from Solvent Debinding Systems Product line

  • ZORFLEX Pure

    Solvent recovery, escape masks, high purity filtration, air purification/conditioning, water filtration and purification

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation based in Moon Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from ZORFLEX Pure Product line

  • HongYi - Model Hy20EX - Solvent Recycler

    It is suited to equip with the vacuum, the feeding device and the recycling bags. You are welcome to customize products.Nylon and woven Teflon liners are available for the distillation bucket, can be custom-made.The cooling system of Hy20Ex solvent recycling machine can be custom-made and changed to the water cooling system according to the ...

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