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sound absorption equipment

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    Norsonic - Model Nor265 - Microphone Boom / Turntable Basic Unit

    The Microphone boom/turntable Nor265 may be used as a stand-alone device to obtain the spatial average of sound level by moving a measurement microphone back and forth continuously. Main applications are building acoustic measurements (ISO 140-series), measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room (ISO 354) and determination of sound ...

    By Norsonic AS based in Tranby, NORWAY. from Building Acoustics Product line

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    CECO Burgess-Aarding - Centrifugal Compressor Silencer

    Centrifugal compressors raise gas or air pressure, generating a lot of noise that requires a silencer for noise control. Our Burgess-Aarding Centrifugal Compressor Silencers are designed for atmospheric intake, discharge and pressure discharge applications, and each silencer is engineered with an absorptive design to decrease ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO Burgess-Aarding Product line

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    Norsonic - Model Nor280 - Power Amplifier

    Our aim is to take the latest technology available to help our customers complete their measurements faster but without loss of precision. The Nor280 power amplifier is the 4th generation of specially designed units for building acoustic measurements from Norsonic.

    By Norsonic AS based in Tranby, NORWAY. from Building Acoustics Product line

  • PE-porös - Sound Absorption

    The fine-pored shapes made of PE-porös by KIK offer excellent capabilities for reducing the acoustic pressure at pneumatic equipment substantially. KIK’s PE-porös silencers feature a high level of silencing and a low reduction in volume flow.

    By KIK Kunststofftechnik based in Kleinblittersdorf, GERMANY.

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    AERZEN - Model Alpha - Large Positive Displacement Blowers

    Individuality as modular system. For stages and assemblies. The key to the most efficient large blowers made by AERZEN is: It is always the right size. This means that AERZEN provides you with the right blower size for each individual application. Thanks to the Alpha Blower as new modular system, for the first time, you have the choice between 26 ...

  • Sound Absorption Materials

    The material is fire resistant and can be used for high demands concerning the damping of airborne noise (e.g. in the area of sound rooms, sound studios, firing ranges, control rooms, gymnasiums, conference and training rooms et al.)

    By Wibro-Akustyka WAF based in Ostrów, POLAND.

  • ALPHAcoustic - Moveable Acoustic Panels

    The removable sound absorptive panels ALPHAcoustic-AM are made of rigid internal frame and can be covered in both sides with sound-transparent fabric available in different colours. Internally they have appropriate sound absorptive material, which can be covered with additional internal protection membrane. At the bottom they are based on two ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Products Product line

  • ALPHAcoustic - Acoustic Baffles

    Ceiling sound absorptive panels ALPHAcoustic-AB consist of perimetric metal profile, which encases the sound absorptive material. They can be vertically hanged from the ceiling in parallel lines and in certain positions, as defined by the acoustic study. For ceiling hanging, it is equipped with two hooks on the top. The sound absorptive material ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Products Product line

  • ALPHAcoustic - Acoustic Panels with Fabric - ALPHAcoustic-AP

    ALPHAcoustic-AP is specifically designed in order to achieve maximum sound absorption at each band of the acoustic range. Upon request we can determine the sound absorption index (αs) according to ISO 354.2003 for most types of acoustic panels.

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Products Product line

  • Quiet-Cloud - Model QC-2 - Sound Absorption Panels

    QC-2 is the model for our “Quiet-Cloud”. We have created a high performance, sustainable and versatile solution for reflection build-up and reflection control. A sound panel that can withstand harsh environments while absorbing more sound/noise than most commercial and residential sound panels.

    By Acoustiblok based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Sound Solution Products Product line

  • Acoustical - Sound Absorption Panels

    Acoustical absorption panels applied to building surfaces reduce reverberation or reflected sound, in turn reducing the noise levels. Absorbers are constructed of fiberglass, foam, mineral wool, and other media with a variety of facings to suit different environments.

    By Acoustical Systems, Inc. based in Vandalia, OHIO (USA).

  • ALPHAcoustic - 2-Dimensional Sound Diffusor - ALPHAcoustic-City

    Adding sound diffusion to an acoustic room treatment can improve the speech intelligibility and improve the overall listening environment within the room, without adding excessive amounts of sound absorption materials. Specially designed Acoustic Diffusers ALPHAcoustic-city help in conserving sound energy and also help spread it around to achieve ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Products Product line

  • Versus - Model CE & WA - Sound Abosbing Panels

    Panels VERSUS CE and VERSUS WA manufactured by SONIC, S.A., consists of mineral wool boards with high sound absorption coefficient and lining fabric.

    By Sonic, SA based in PORTUGAL.

  • Aquilo - Cooling Ceiling

    Perfectly integrated: Aquilo is a powerful ceiling system with integrated supply air and very high sound absorption capacity. The integrated supply air element creates an air movement which results in an indoor air circulation and a high ventilation efficiency. At the same time, the supply air stream on the back of the ceiling panel increases the ...

    By Barcol-Air AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Radiant Cooling and Heating Ceilings Product line

  • Alpha - Sound Absorption Perforated Panels

    ALPHA SONIC made by SONIC, S.A. is durable abuse resistant high sound absorbing perforated steel faced composite ceiling and wall panel. ALPHA SONIC is designed to reduce the distracting echo/reverberation effects caused inside buildings and thus create an acoustically softer more pleasant ambiance improving voice and audio communication.

    By Sonic, SA based in PORTUGAL.

  • Model REF500 & REF600 - Reference Sound Source

    The REF500 (120/240V, 50Hz) and REF600 (120/240V, 60Hz) Reference Sound Sources are an excellent tool for providing accurate and repeatable reference sound levels. These sources offer extremely flat response over a broad frequency range and are ideal for use in such applications as sound power, sound absorption, and sound insulation measurements. ...

    By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA). from Sound Sources Product line

  • Acoustic Panels and Walls

    Sound reduction 30 - 49 dB Rw. Sound absorption class A (perforated steel on one side). Fire class up to IE120. Finished surfaces painted, low flame spread Pvc-foil or stainless steel in different patterns. Very high structural strength.

    By Acoustics Hellas based in Spata, GREECE.

  • ALPHAcoustic - Wooden Acoustic Panels

    Wooden sound absorptive panels ALPHAcoustic-WP are available in different types and perforation. It is designed to improve the acoustics of a hall. They can be used in different combinational formations in order to satisfy any architectural requirement of each room.

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Products Product line

  • SonoCat - Multifunctional Spherical Microphone Array

    Some noise of our modern life can have detrimental effect to our hearing. To avoid such side effects, unwilling sound has to be reduced. But noise changes depending on the listening conditions and diffusion. Measurements and simulation help identifying the root cause of an emanating source. However, noise testing is mostly done under lab ...

    By Soundinsight BV based in AN Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Eckel - Acoustic Lay-in Panel

    High Performance Panel for use in grid ceiling systems where maximum sound absorption and indestructibility is desirable, such as computer rooms, broadcast studios, sanitariums, and music practice rooms.

    By Eckel Industries Inc. based in Bagshot, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Control Panel Systems Product line

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