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spill bioremediation equipment

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    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE) - Biological Enzyme for Oil Spill Bioremediation

    OSE II is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product. OSE II is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. The end result of this process is CO2 and water. OSE II will reduce your cleanup costs and permanently eliminate the hazardous waste problem in ...

    By OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

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    GWT Sorb-PM - Chemical Encapsulation Medium

    GWT Series Sorb-PM is a unique natural organic absorbent medium product. This product is an environmentally friendly solution used for oil and chemical spills and bioremediation applications for contaminated soil and water sources. Sorb-PM is a specialized natural peat fiber that is a non-toxic absorbent in both non-absorbed and absorbed forms.

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Treatment Media Solutions Product line

  • Bioremediate - Oil Spill Bioremediation

    Many of the most toxic environmental contaminants are now candidates for bioremediation.

    By, LLC based in Stewart, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Hydrocarbons Product line

  • Model VB997 - Soil for Hydrocarbons and Oil Spill Bioremediation

    VB997 Soil remediation through bioremediation utilizes a nutrient formulation that accelerates the growth and activity of on-site, naturally occurring microbes that consume hydrocarbons and contamination in soil safely, producing only water and carbon dioxide.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Micro-Blaze - Bioremediation Spill Control

    Micro-Blaze is an extremely effective bioremediation spill control product. Micro-Blaze's unique chemical compound renders a hydrocarbon spill non-flammable while simultaneously digesting the waste.

    By SpillZone Environmental Supplies based in Pasadena, TEXAS (USA). from Dispersants / Degreasers Product line

  • SEA-BRAT - Model 4 - Water Pollution and Hydrocarbon Oil Spill Bioremediation Cleaner

    For the Dispersion and Clean Up of water pollution and hydrocarbon oil spills. Applied to any hydrocarbon it will disperse the oil spill on contact. It's that simple. SEA BRAT™ was designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to the hazardous chemical dispersants currently used for water pollution. This product will disperse ...

    By Alabaster Corporation based in Pasadena, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Class Microbial Cleaners Product line

  • Model VB591 - Biodegradation Nutrition for Water Remediation

    VB591 Water is a totally green, effective treatment for groundwater remediation from hydrocarbon contamination and also water contaminated from oil spills. Using bioremediation technology ,VB591® works effectively in groundwater, rivers, coastal waterways, ship channels, harbors, marinas, lake and open seas.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Nature - Broom Spill Station

    Organize your spill-cleaning equipment in one handy wall mounted station. Fits easily into a closet or locker.

    By Nature`s Broom, Inc. based in MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Model S200 - Oil Gone

    S200 is a bioremediation accelerator used for the remediation of hydrocarbon spills, or leaks. It is a non-intrusive, cost-effective remedy for the cleanup of these hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons include but are not limited to gasoline, #2 up to #6 diesel fuel, jet fuels, kerosene, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and crude oils

    By Applied Remediation, llc based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • MUNOX - Model SR - Rapid Bioremediation

    MUNOX SR is for rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by surface spills of petroleum hydrocarbons. MUNOX® SR contains a highly-concentrated solution of strains of naturally-occurring organisms that were extracted from once-contaminated sites and isolated under controlled laboratory conditions. The organisms metabolize ...

    By CL Solutions, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Nature - Broom Absorbent (.9 Cubic foot)

    Nature’s Broom is a revolutionary absorbent technology that starts soaking up the spill as soon as it touches the liquid! Unlike clay absorbents, there is no need to wait before finishing cleanup.

    By Nature`s Broom, Inc. based in MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Nature - Broom Absorbent (.4lb Pouch)

    Nature’s Broom is a revolutionary absorbent technology that starts soaking up the spill as soon as it touches the liquid! Unlike clay absorbents, there is no need to wait before finishing cleanup.

    By Nature`s Broom, Inc. based in MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Cowens - Bio Tubes - Oil Separator Bioremediation

    Oil Separator Bioremediation; Forecourt separators accumulate oil from spills and rain/cleaning water run-offs. These separators must be cleaned regularly to prevent environmentally unacceptable oil discharges to foul or surface water drains. Traditional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly.

    By Cowens Ltd based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM. from Engineering & Environmental - Biological Products Product line

  • RemScan - Rapid TPH Soil Measurement Handheld Instrument

    RemScan is a hand-held instrument for the rapid measurement of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil. The user simply pulls the trigger for an accurate measurement in less than 30 seconds. The data is recorded automatically for easy download.

    By Ziltek based in Thebarton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model PRP - Oil Buster

    OIL BUSTER\PRP is excellent for large and small oil spills in areas such as industrial plants, stormwater runoff, shops, storage tanks, shorelines and waterways, marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells & oil fields, maintenance facilities, truck roll-overs, marshes & wetlands or any location where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, or other ...

    By OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • OBR (Oil Bioremediation) – Petroleum Industry

    Over long periods of time and without human intervention, nature eliminates both natural and most manmade pollution. This happens as naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes, chemicals and weather combine to eliminate toxins. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to greatly accelerate these natural processes by selecting, ...

    By ELM WATANIYA General Trading & Contracting Company based in Kuwait City, KUWAIT.

  • Petrox - Model EC - Rapid Bioremediation

    Bioremediation and cleaning solution for removal and destruction of petroleum hydrocarbons and other chemicals.  Petrox EC combines the benefits of surfactant with microbial bioremediation for immediate and long-term oil spill treatment.

    By CL Solutions, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Linklcon Microbac - Bioreactors

    Microbac Bioreactors are designed specifically for biological treatment and detoxification of industrial and municipal wastewater streams. In addition, the units can be used for bioremediation of oil spills, oily sludges or land polluted with organic residues and for the decontamination of polluted groundwaters. The Bioreactor unit ...

    By Microbac Ltd based in Leadgate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Canadyne - Oil Sorbents and Spill Kits

    Canadyne offers a complete range of premium quality polypropylene oil absorbent products for industrial and marine spill use. Our sorbents are available in many forms, including pads, rolls, booms, socks, sweeps, and pillows. We also offer a complete range of oil spill kits, which are readily customizable to our clients needs.

    By Canadyne Technologies Inc. based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Others Product line

  • RemActiv - Liquid Concentrate

    RemActiv accelerates the bioremediation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil. RemActiv contains selected micro-organisms and a specially formulated nutrient mix that results in faster remediation times and cheaper processing costs. RemActiv is supplied as a liquid concentrate (20:1) and can be simply applied using a water truck or hand ...

    By Ziltek based in Thebarton, AUSTRALIA.

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