stainless steel separation equipment in Colombia

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    Model GM ... dz - Direct-Drive High-Pressure Positive Displacement Blowers

    The direct-drive GM ... dz blowers from AERZEN are high-performance machines. 1 or 2 stage design, with separate pressurised oil lubrication for the oil-free transport and compression of air, neutral gases, and gas mixtures. Highly advanced and extremely robust Roots-type products. Available in a wide range of special materials and seals, such as ...

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    Model RIA14 - Loop-Powered Field Indicator

    Excellent readable indication of a 4…20 mA signal on-site for a better process overview! The indicator shows the measured signal on the large, backlit display. An additional bar graph gives a quick process overview and a plain text field displays further information like the engineering unit or TAG. Limit value infringements are also ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Bogota, COLOMBIA. from Loop-Powered Field Indicator Product line

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    NIR-Online Pipe Solution

    Always full control – even for hot and pressurized materials. BUCHI NIR-Online Pipe Solution gives rise to straightforward installation of our Process Analyzers to pipelines. Maximum installation flexibility is achieved by direct integration of our stainless steel adapters into the pipeline, thus separating the analyzer from the product ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Medellín, COLOMBIA. from NIR-Online Pipe Solution Product line

  • Stainless Steel Pan, Bowls and Spoon

    Smooth stainless steel walls and rounded interior corners in bottom prevent soil from collecting in corners and permit easier decontamination. Pans nest inside each other or with covers on, stack securely. Pans and covers sold separately. Made of durable, heavy gauge stainless steel for excellent shape retention and long life.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA.

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 12.40 - Liquid Layer Sampler, Rod Operat. Stand

    This translucent teflon and stainless steel sampler is specially suitable for the indication of layers, measuring the thickness of the floating layer and the sampling of drums, tanks on lorries, gully holes and shallow oil separators. With the liquid layer sampler also depth specific samples can be taken. The translucent sample tube allows for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in COLOMBIA. from Liquid Layer Sampler, Rod Operat. Stand Product line

  • 500ml Stainless Steel Bomb Sampler

    Use to collect liquid samples from the top, bottom, or any intermediate level of storage tanks, tank cars, ponds, lagoons, and wells. A suspension cable (sold separately) may be used to lower the sampler to the desired depth. A second cable attached to the plunger assembly is pulled, allowing the reservoir chamber to fill. Releasing the cable ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA.

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    Model 04.17 - Split Tube Sampler Ø 53 mm, Set

    The split tube sampler is an apparatus for rapid undisturbed sampling at the surface. The apparatus is very suitable for research on root systems, fertilizing and soil biology. The set consists of a split tube sampler with a handle with beating head, hammer with nylon heads (shock-absorbing), sample liners, storage containers and a steel lifting ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in COLOMBIA. from Split Tube Sampler Ø 53 mm, Set Product line

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    Flottweg C-Serie - Model C2E, C3E, C4E, C5E, C7E, C8E - Flottweg C series

    ► Continuously provide the best possible separation results due to automatic and independent regulation of the bowl and differential speeds (SIMP-Drive®).► Greater sedimentation volumes (due to the deep pond and steep cone) permit a higher power density (by 10–20 percent) in less space► Reduction in operating costs due to reduced flocculant ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Bogota, COLOMBIA.

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    Flottweg - Flottweg Belt Press

    The Flottweg Belt Press is in use in many mechanical separation technology areas, especially in the production of fruit juice, concentrate and vegetable juice. Here, outstanding juice quality is the central success factor. But other products, too, such as algae extracts, coffee grounds, herbal extracts, soy, and starch, are produced using belt ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Bogota, COLOMBIA.

  • Soil Recovery Auger Buckets

    Dual-purpose augers collect discreet soil samples from various depths in removable inner liners. Recover samples with near zero contamination as required in hazardous waste sampling. Or, remove inner liner and replace solid cap with hollow cap to auger in the traditional manner. Kit includes: plastic liner, liner caps, solid cap, hollow cap, ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA.

  • Model APS-4I - 4 FT Air Cooled Inconel Probe Liner

    Air Cooled Method 5 Probes are applicable for high temperature sources. Concentric tubular design allows the cooling air to return and exhaust out of the stack. The probe sheath is constructed from stainless steel tubing while the liner, pitot, thermocouple and nozzle union are made from inconel. A variable speed high capacity blower is needed for ...

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA. from 4 FT Air Cooled Inconel Probe Liner Product line

  • Model HGPA-8-HS - 8 Foot Air Cooled Mercury Probe

    Reliable and Easy To Use With Quick Set-Up Time. Cement MACT Compliant. 8 Foot Stainless Steel Dual Sorbent Trap Hg Probe, Air Cooled, Single Heater; 2' Tube Sheath; Two 10mm Fittings; Type K Stack, Trap & Probe Thermocouples; 1/2' Sample Lines; Insulated Junction Enclosure; 1000W/120V (blower sold separately).

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA. from 8 Foot Air Cooled Mercury Probe Product line

  • SWAN - Model pH-Redox; QV-Flow - Monitor AMI for Complete Analyzer on Mounting Panel

    Factory tested and calibrated on high purity water. Ready for installation and start-up. Monitor for continuous measurement of pH or redox (ORP) in high purity water, steam and condensate. Complete system mounted on stainless steel panel: Transmitter AMI pH-Redox in a rugged aluminum enclosure (IP 66). Measuring range: 1 to 13 pH respectively -500 ...

    By SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG Distributor in Barranquilla, COLOMBIA. from Monitor AMI for Complete Analyzer on Mounting Panel Product line

  • Helley-Smith Hand-Held Sampler

    Specially designed for collecting sand, silt, gravel, or rock debris carried by streams or immediately above their beds. Ideal for collecting bed load materials which have partial sizes or a density that does not allow great movement above or away from stream bed. 4 lb. (1.8 kg) Hand-held sampler has a 3ý x 3ý entrance opening and a 3.22 expansion ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA. from Helley-Smith Hand-Held Sampler Product line

  • WaterMark USGS Type Current Meters

    Features precisely balanced bucket wheel which is mounted on a vertical pivot and is rotated by water flow. Rate of rotation is proportional to water velocity. Velocity is determined by counting bucket wheel revolutions over a given period of time. Revolutions can be monitored by headset or a digimeter (both sold separately). Use headset to ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA.

  • WaterMark Universal Core Head Kit Sediment Sampler

    Recover high quality cores of water-sediment interface with this universal core head kit. The core head drives clear, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate barrels into sediments, resulting in long cores with minimal effort and sample compression. The one-way check valve permits the barrel to free flush during deployment and also retains the core ...

  • Swoffer Model 2100 Series & 3000 Series Open Stream Current Velocity Meters

    A portable, reliable means of measuring open stream velocities in the range of 0.1 to 25 feet per second or 0.03 to 7.5 meters per second (selectable). Measurements can be read in feet or meters on your choice of two digital readout indicator models, both with better than 1% accuracy. Each meter includes a meter indicator, shoulder strap and snap ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA.

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