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static screen equipment

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    Defender - Model TE Series - Static Screen

    The Static Screen Defender is constructed from GRP or stainless steel AISI 304. It includes an AISI 316 L stainless steel filter mesh that removes the solids, leaving the filtered water free from waste inside the static screen. It is fitted with drainage piping and clean water outlet piping.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cisterniga, SPAIN. from Rotary & Static Screens Product line

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    Ovivo Brackett Green - Static Screen

    Brackett Green static screens are used in a variety of applications and industries due to their simple, yet efficient design. The framed wire mesh structure includes a debris pan on the lower cross member. Mesh size, screen size and construction material is customized to meet specific plant criteria. The screens can be temporarily lowered into a ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Petrochemical - Raw Water Intake Product line

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    ENTA - Self-Cleaning Static Water Screen

    Static screen is a fine screen equipment which has a self-cleaning and can make screening by the gravity without needing any impellent group. Static screens (STS) especially used in the wastewater treatment plants of the industries like textile, paper, food, alcohol. This equipment consists of a water distribution weir and a screen system which is ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting Corporation based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Screens Product line

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    PWTech SanSep - Primary Water Treatment System for Wet-weather Excess Sanitary Flows

    The SanSep provides a much more efficient level of solids removal than other mechanical and static screening devices that are typically used in wet-weather excess sanitary flow treatment. It greatly reduces the impact of excess wet-weather sanitary flows by removing all visible solids and associated pollutants and returning them directly to the ...

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC based in Rosedale, MARYLAND (USA). from CSO/SSO Products Product line

  • SaniSieve - Static Screen

    This screen design has no moving parts. Screen section swings out for easy inside cleaning. Very little maintenance is required.

    By Dontech Industries, Inc based in Gilberts, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • HydroCal - Static Screen

    HydroCal's Static Screen provides efficient screening of a wide variety of wastewater products through continuous screening. HydroCal's Static Screen is available in a range of sizes to process different flow rates and materials in order to satisfy each customer's processing requirements.

    By HydroCal Inc. based in Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Filter Presses and Screens Product line

  • Quilton - Static Screen

    The Quilton Static Screen is based on the principle of the “Coanda effect”, whereby the liquid to be filtered passes through the bars of the screen, leaving the solids larger than the slot on it surface. Its originality resides in the shape of the bars of the screen. This constitutes a vital advantage in operation when compared to ...

    By Quilton S.A. based in Getxo, SPAIN. from Filtering Screens and Bar Screens Product line

  • Idea Çevre - Static Screen

    Static screens are used as grid structure at the entrance of the wastewater treatment plant. They do not need electrical energy or propulsion system. The separation and cleaning of the grill takes place with its own flow of water. It works in accordance with continuous flow.Thanks to the V-shaped and overlapping screen design, while the water ...

    By Idea Çevre based in TURKEY.

  • Model EC 10.05 TS - Static Screen

    The Static screen type EC 10.05 TS is designed for municipal pretreatment, food processing and agricultural influent (liquid manure). This compact equipment is simply designed (no electromechanical parts) and required few maintenance. It’s perfectly well-fitted for non greasy fine screenings.

    By Eau Claire based in ZA Le Crélin, FRANCE. from Equipment Electromechanical Engineering for Water-Treatment Plants Product line

  • PFTech - Static Screen

    The static screen with a gravitational inflow is used for separation of solid particles from the liquid. The filtered medium is given gravitationally or by a pump to an inlet chamber with overflow through which flows tangentially at slotted screen. The inlet chamber with an overflow has a task of evenly distributing the filtered medium on the ...

    By PFTech Spólka z o.o. based in Wierzbica, POLAND.

  • ProTechtor - Static Screens

    Kusters Water offers a complete line of factory built static screens. Every screen is designed to provide trouble free liquid separation. The open screen design accommodates peak hydraulic flows and the deep influent head box reduces influent turbulence while delivering an even flow over the weir crest. A pivoting flow control baffle plate is ...

    By Kusters Water, a division of Zima Corporation based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Headworks Product line

  • Static Screen

    The bar screen is equipped with a static curve grid allowing the liquid through and solids go to the recovery area. This type of device is widely used in sewage treatment plant. The design is made so that there is virtually no maintenance required. The static screen allows a good separation of solids for a low price compared to standard rakes. It ...

    By JCFrance Industrie based in Perpignan, FRANCE. from Screen Product line

  • Merit Filter - Static Screen

    The Merit Filter Corporation Static Screen offers a low cost and dependable solution for the removal of suspended solids from municipal and industrialwastewater streams. The Merit Filter Corporation Static Screen is stationary, requires no power to operate and has no moving parts, thus making it the most economical method of screening and ...

    By Merit Filter Corporation based in Clarks Summit, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Bogensiebe Static Screen

    Unsere Statischen Siebe, auch Bogensiebe genannt, eignen sich hervorragend zur Abtrennung feinster, vor allem faserförmiger, Feststoffe aus Abwasser und Prozesswasser. Das zulaufende Abwasser wird beschleunigt und fließt gleichmäßig quer zur Spaltrichtung entlang der Sieboberfläche und in den Siebkörper. Die feinen ...

    By IED Industrieanlagen und Engineering GmbH based in Frechen, GERMANY.

  • TurboStat - Sidehill Static Screen

    The TurboStat sidehill static screen is one of the simplest and most economical methods for solids separation. All units feature a stainless steel wedge wire filtration surface. The working principle is based on a liquid current circulating over the screen's curved surface. This surface, made up of long triangular metal bars (wedgewire), provides ...

    By Headworks Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Mechanical Equipment Product line

  • Static Screening Equipment

    The specification / equipment comprises: Nominally 1.5m x 4m four deck screen. Folding Sub Frame. 4 x Independent side conveyors (Electric Drive). Handrails, walkways and ladders. Fifth wheel towing.  Machine in working order which may be inspected in the UK. Additional photographs of this machine available on request.

    By CYBEX based in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicesters, UNITED KINGDOM. from Screening Equipment Product line

  • Arcadia - Model ASS - Gravity Static Screen

    The simplest and most economical gravity static screen filter for solids-liquid separation.The raw water is fed to unit at the top through the head box that helps to reduce the turbulence. Flow travels down on the curved screen that act as filter and seperates the oversized solids from the liquid.

    By Arcadia Filter Ltd. based in Chung-Li, TAIWAN.

  • SanSep - Static Screening Devices

    SanSep provides an efficient level of solids removal, as compared to other mechanical and static screening devices that are typically used in wet weather excess sanitary flow treatment. The SanSep utilizes our partner, PWTech’s patented technology which allows screening of the solids without blocking. The SanSep can be used in municipal, ...

    By Echelon Environmental based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Combined Sewer- Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Product line

  • Heliscreen - Model CSO - Hydro-Static Screen

    Screen CSO flows in a small footprint, maintaining high treatment efficiency even under surcharged and submerged conditions. The Heliscreen is a compact, powered combined sewer overflow and wet weather screening system that screens trash, gross solids and floatables with high efficiency under high flow, surcharged and submerged conditions. ...

    By Hydro International based in Victoria Road, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wet Weather Product line

  • Hydrovex - FluidScreen Oscillating Static Screen

    Manually cleaned static screen designed for CSO weir protection. Oscillating capacity prevents complete clogging under blinded conditions. No external energy required to activate screen. High flow capacity to screen floatables.

    By Veolia Water Technologies Canada (Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies) based in Saint-Laurent, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Screens Product line

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