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stormwater quality equipment

  • Stormceptor - Model OSR - Oil and Sand Removal System

    Stormceptor OSR systems efficiently removes fine sand-sized particles at high treatment flow rates, the patented system has been specifically designed to meet stormwater quality requirements in states such as New Jersey and New York which use single event storms and fine-sand size particles to determine BMP sizing. Stormceptor OSR is the ...

  • Stormwater Jellyfish - Membrane Filtration Filter

    This revolutionary stormwater quality device is the latest in filtration technology and uses gravity, flow rotation, and up-flow membrane filtration to provide stormwater treatment in an underground compact stand-alone system.  Using unique filtration cartridges, each Jellyfish filter has a large membrane surface area, resulting in high flow ...

    By Stormwater 360 based in Albany, NEW ZEALAND. from Stormwater Management - Filtration Product line

  • Model MAX - Stormceptor Systems

    The Stormceptor MAX responds to the needs of large-scale industrial, urban and residential areas which may require a single stormwater management device. It provides stormwater quality treatment for areas 20 to 100+ acres and industrial spill volume capture of 15,000+ gallons.

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stormceptor Systems Product line

  • Jellyfish Filter

    Jellyfish Filter is a stormwater quality treatment technology featuring pretreatment and membrane filtration in a compact stand-alone system. Jellyfish Filter removes floatables, trash, oil, debris, TSS, fine silt-sized particles, and a high percentage of particulate-bound pollutants; including phosphorus and nitrogen, metals and hydrocarbons.

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Dual Wall Stormwater Units

    As part of Prinsco’s water management product portfolio, our Stormwater Quality Unit (SWQU) is designed to treat stormwater to remove debris collected in runoff including, trash, sediment, oils, and other suspended solids. The Prinsco SWQU offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to heavier reinforced concrete units and can be ...

    By Prinsco, Inc. based in Willmar, MINNESOTA (USA). from Civil/Commercial Product line

  • SWPPP - Silt Fence

    Temporary sediment control device to protect water quality in stormwater runoff.

    By SWPPP Compliance LLC based in ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (USA).

  • Catch-All - Inlet Protectors

    Catch-All - is an inlet and catch basin filtration device designed to significantly reduce the ingress of sediment into stormwater systems, and thereby, improve water quality. Designs are available for a custom fit in virtually any drainage structure or casting.

    By D2 Land & Water Resource based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

  • Madvac - Model LS100 - Vacuum Litter Sweeper

    People work, play, walk, run, and live in the city. They use streets, footpaths, parks, squares, and car parks—and they want them to be clean and safe. Street sweepers help keep storm drainage systems clear, improving stormwater runoff quality. Sweeping also improves air quality, removing fine dirt, sand, and ultrafine particulates from ...

    By Madvac - Exprolink Inc based in Longueuil, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Street Sweepers Product line

  • Grate Catch Basin Guard

    This grate catch basin guard will install quickly to the top of any drain to provide you with quality filtering of stormwater runoff before it enters any water system.

    By GEI Works, Inc. based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Stormwater Management & BMP Construction Compliance Product line

  • Storm Capture - Underground Stormwater Detention Systems

    Storm Capture has many solutions for detention, retention, treatment, and harvesting that involve a combination of many parts designed to solve your storm water management needs. Whether your site needs a simple detention system to slow down runoff to prevent storm drain overloading, a groundwater recharge system for low-impact-development, a ...

  • Fox - Model BPT600 - Gross Pollutant Trap

    A Fox Model BPT600 Gross Pollutant Trap is a baffled pollutant trap with a high flow by-pass. It is designed for use in open areas where trash and other debris cannot be controlled and a potential for minor quantities of hydrocarbons exist. The Fox BPT Gross Pollutant Trap comes standard with a heavy duty Class ‘B’ grate and frame. ...

    By Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd based in Warana, AUSTRALIA.

  • StormTrap - Underground Stormwater Detention System

    StormTrap underground stormwater detention systems manage and control the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff. Our solutions were designed to temporarily store runoff in large underground chambers before releasing it at a controlled rate. This helps to mitigate many of the harmful effects of high volumes of stormwater runoff, such as ...

    By StormTrap, LLC based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Storm Capture - Model PermeCapture - Permeable Pavers

    PermeCapture™ combines the advantages and versatility of Storm Capture® structural precast concrete underground storage modules with the aesthetics and performance of Belgard © permeable interlocking concrete pavers to provide a standalone maintainable, LID green solution for total stormwater management.

    By Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions (formerly Kristar) based in Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Permeable Solutions Product line

  • Cleanawater - Stormwater Pump Stations

    Install quickly and easily in a wide range of environments. Ready for a plug-and-play stormwater pumping station? Cleanawater units come pre-plumbed – saving you on installation time. Every Cleanawater stormwater pumping station is constructed from durable, high-quality polyethylene or fibregl ass. And they're ideal in domestic, commercial, ...

    By Cleanawater based in Mayfield West, AUSTRALIA. from Pump Stations Product line

  • Vorain - Model VHM001 - underground rainwater storage tank , rainwater harvesting tank

    Reputable rainwater tanks manufacture , provde the best quality and service Features: Sub-surface , High-compressive strength, High durability , High void storage , Open structure , Light weight , Low maintance , Connectors , Flat-pack form , Made from recycled material , Slide and lock assembly Benifits: More useable land area , Design flexiable ...

    By Vorain rainwater harvesting technology co.,ltd based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

  • Model MHR - Filter System

    Stopping pollution early in the stormwater treatment cycle is critical to protecting water supplies and meeting stringent regulations. TritonSWS is the only chamber manufacturer that offers the flexibility to filter water before it enters the storage system without relying in filter fabric that gets clogged and is virtually impossible to clean.

    By Triton Stormwater Solutions, LLC based in Brighton, MICHIGAN (USA). from Assemblies Product line

  • Sorbtive - Media

    Powerful Solution for Removing >90% Phosphorus. Sorbtive Media is an engineered media that absorbs and retains large amounts of dissolved phosphorus. Sorbtive provides between 100 and 1,000 times more pollutant removal capability compared to conventional filtration media and, unlike other media, it does not leach pollutants.

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Atlantis Flo-Channel - Structural Lightweight Modular Tank System

    The Atlantis Flo-Channel  is a structural lightweight modular tank system used to construct underground pipe lines for channeling water. The modular nature of the system allows for the easy construction of channels of any volume. The versatile modules can be designed to accommodate specific site conditions.

    By Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd based in Chatswood, AUSTRALIA. from Products - Flo-Tank Product line

  • High Performance Bioswale System (HPB)

    The patent pending High Performance Bioswale (HPB) system is a customized vegetative solution that immediately begins reducing targeted pollutants such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons and more. This Best Management Practice (BMP) complies with EPA standards filtering stormwater run off for site locations that are 5000 square feet or greater. The ...

    By Clean Green Technology Inc. based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Extended Oil Storage System (EOS)

    For any business involved in the handling of petroleum hydrocarbons, the threat of spills is serious. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Spills Action Centre (SAC) recorded 2,516 hydrocarbon spills in 2006 (crude gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene and petroleum oils). That’s seven spills every day. Accidents happen. Protect the ...

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stormceptor Systems Product line

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