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Submersible Mixer equipment

  • Model AS Mixers - Submersible Mixers With Direct Drive

    Submersible mixers of group AS are designed as machines with propeller directly mounted at a shaft of multi-pole electric motor. In the result a robust, compact and relatively light item comes into existence. Purposed for duty in submersion it has a wide range of applications. Besides waste water treatment plants mixers of this type are applied in ...

    By ASPAMET based in Mazańcowice, POLAND.

  • Model GTWS - Submersible Mixers

    A complete programme for agriculture and industry, 2,2 - 15 kW, devices explosion-proof, stationary installation or mobile, variations for biogas plants.

    By Franz Eisele GmbH u. Co.KG Pumpen u. Maschinenfabrik based in Sigmaringen, GERMANY. from Mixers Product line

  • ECO-MIX - Submersible Mixer

    Submersible mixers ECOMIX series are characterized by rugged and compact construction. They install multipolar electric motors and selfcleaning propellers with 2 or 3 blades, particularly studied for lower consumption with high performances.

    By Pompe Rotomec Srl based in Cernusco S/N, ITALY. from Mixer Product line

  • Model TAS Type - Submersible Mixers

    For agitating of liquid to liquid, for agitating for prevention of sedimentation, for agitating of industrial waste water treatment tank.. For agitating of sewage water treatment tank. For agitating of pulp liquid, for breakdown and prevention of sedimentation of scums.

    By Triton Pump based in Incheon, SOUTH KOREA. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Model DRX - Submersible Mixer

    Mixer DRX for water treatment and industrial applications. Impeller type Propeller diameters: 200mm - 280 mm. Performance Thrust: 200N - 350N. Power 1,1 - 2,5 kW. Versions Monophase and threephase. Main components Cast iron GG25.

    By Dreno Pompe s.r.l. based in Monselice (PD), ITALY. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Model MX-GI - Submersible Mixers

    These mixers are ideal for mixing and homogenization of liquids and are the result of our long experience in water treatment. Different rotation speeds, obtained using multipole motors, propellers with self-cleaning profiles and two or three blades, outside components in cast iron, make mixers MX-gi suitable for a wide range of application, with ...

    By SCM Tecnologie based in San Giorgio (MN), ITALY. from Wastewater Treatment - Mixers Product line

  • Orka - Submersible Mixer

    The submersion of the ORKA is adjustable individually but the maximum depth is 10m. Due to the slim design and the aerodynamic construction the mixing performance is very high. The three bladed propeller turns with 370 rpm in booth directions (mixer can push and pull). The installation is retrofittable at any time.

    By RECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KG based in Betzenweiler, GERMANY. from Stirring Technology - Submersible Mixer Product line

  • Sigma Lutin - Model APM Series - Submersible Mixer

    The Sigma Lutin APM Series Submersible Mixer has a Stainless Steel propeller and shroud and is available in horsepowers ranging from 0.75 to 13.4. All sizes are available in 60 Hz., 230/460 Volt, 3 phase. The 0.75 Hp model is available in 110/230 volt, single phase as well.

    By Purestream ES, LLC based in Walton, KENTUCKY (USA). from Purestream ES Products Product line

  • Model PRO-MIX - Submersible Mixer

    PRO-MIX submersible mixers are used for mixing of various liquids including sludge homogenization and suspension of bottom sediments. They prevent sediments and/or floating layers and create flow velocity to transport liquids.

    By Pro-Equipment, Inc. based in Waukesha, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Model MX-GIR - Submersible Mixers

    Designed for mixing of sewage with high content of solids and sand, and for processing zootechnical fluids, the slow-speed mixers of MX-GIR series are also often applied in municipal water treatment plants with excellent results. When the purpose, for instance, is to keep solids in suspension, it is advisable to utili ze mixers having larger ...

    By SCM Tecnologie based in San Giorgio (MN), ITALY. from Wastewater Treatment - Mixers Product line

  • Faggiolati - Submersible Mixers

    Faggiolati's mixers are projected for optimal mixing, homogenising and agitating operations in civil and industrial waste-water purification plants. The high performance ratings allow a considerable reduction in running costs. The non-clogging propeller profile, combined with an accurate projection, guarantees optimal running condictions with ...

    By Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A. based in Macerata, ITALY.

  • Submersible Mixer

    The AAT submersible mixer is used to mix fluids and sludge in basins and tanks. The directly driven submersible mixers with three-wing propellers ensure optimised mixing of the tank contents. Additionaly, a heigh adjustment is used to mix up floating and suspended layers. On account of the construction for permanent submersed operation, the mixers ...

    By AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH based in Wolfurt, AUSTRIA. from Equipment - Agitators Product line

  • DeTech - Model MS Series - Submersible Mixer

    MS Submersible mixer is designed to applicate widely in waste water treatment, especially for mixing, sludge digestive, tank, suspend solids decrease, circulation etc. It can operate smoothly in the conditions as following:

    By DeTech Pumps Co. Ltd. based in Nanjing, CHINA.

  • Submersible Mixers

    The submersible mixers are used, first of all, as sewage treatment plant components. They prevent deposits from settling in balance tanks; they are also used in biochemical processes at waste water treatment plants (denitrification and dephosphatation) etc. In addition, they can be used in the agriculture, industry and sewage systems.

    By REDOR sp. z o.o. based in Bielsko-Biała, POLAND.

  • Grundfos - Model MDA - Submersible Mixers

    The submersible mixers are especially developed for use in Biogas plants. The mixer is equipped with a planetary gear and can be used in media up to 40°C .

    By Grundfos Arnold AG based in Schachen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model CMD - Horizontal Submersible Mixers

    Horizontal submersible mixers with direct drive. For applications in nitrification/de-nitrification, sludge treatment and storage, disinfection tanks and industrial mixing. Available with cast-iron construction and stainless steel propeller or in a completely stainless steel version - AISI 316. Galvanic separation system for standard components ...

    By Caprari S.p.A. based in Modena, ITALY. from Mixers Product line

  • Model TRV16 - Small Submersible Mixer

    This submersible mixer constructed in an extremely compact form, with a casing made of high-alloyed stainless steel, is suitable for all kind of mixing tasks and opens up completely new applications, even in glueing, highly aggressive and abrasive media. Variable rotational speeds and variable propeller diameters together with a frequency ...

    By streisal GmbH based in Wangen, GERMANY. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Model TAV Type - Vertical For Submersible Mixers

    Agitating of liquid to liquid. Agitating of sewage water treatment tank. Agitating of industrial waste water treatment tank. Agitating for Ph control. Agitating of medicines. Agitating of soup and sauce etc. Agitating of soysauce and wine etc.

    By Triton Pump based in Incheon, SOUTH KOREA. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Model TAD Type - Downward For Submersible Mixers

    For agitating for prevention of sedimentation of high density liquid. For agitating for sewage and waste water treatment tank. For agitating for prevention of sedimentation of sewage and waste water. For agitating for treatment of waste water of livestock and marine products. For agitating for prevention of sedimentation o' plup and iron powder.

    By Triton Pump based in Incheon, SOUTH KOREA. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • Model POD-I - Submersible Mixer - 1500 RPM

    Submersible mixer for waste water treatment plants and industry. Nine motor sizes from 1.1 to 18.5 kW. Capacity up to approx. 3,800 m³/hour. 1500 propeller revolutions/minute. Axial thrust from 430 N to 2150 N.

    By Landia based in Lem, DENMARK. from Mixers - Submersible Mixers Product line

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