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surface topography equipment

  • HEF - Model COD 11 - Bearings

    COD 11 bearings are manufactured from a copper aluminum alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation, to seizure and wear thanks to a hardened surface treatment and to grease reservoirs on the contact area. Thanks to different surface topography, the intervals of lubrication on COD 11® bushing with cross hatching or COD 11® BH bushings ...

    By HEF Groupe based in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, FRANCE. from Bushings - Joints Product line

  • HEF - Model PEL HP - Bushings

    PEL HP bushings have an excellent resistance to wear and seizure thanks to the combination of a duplex surface treatment and optimized surface topography. They work very well in translation movement and are appropriated to works in severe working conditions: high pressure, abrasion, shocks and corrosion. With these bearings the intervals of ...

    By HEF Groupe based in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, FRANCE. from Bushings - Joints Product line

  • Model LensAFM - Atomic Force Microscope

    The Nanosurf LensAFM is an atomic force microscope that can be used as a normal objective lens on almost any optical microscope or profilometer. It greatly extends the resolution and measuring capabilities of these instruments. The LensAFM not only provides 3D surface topography information, but can be used to analyze various physical properties ...

    By Nanosurf AG based in Liestal, SWITZERLAND.

  • MSA - Model 500 - Micro System Analyzer

    The Micro System Analyzer is the premier measurement tool for the analysis and visualization of structural vibrations and surface topography in micro structures such as MEMS. By fully integrating a microscope with scanning laser doppler vibrometry, stroboscopic  video microscopy and scanning white light interferometry, the Micro System ...

    By Polytec, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Microsystem & MEMS Analyzers Product line

  • HEF - Model FAM - Bushings

    FAM bushings are manufactured from manganese steel, which provides excellent resistance to abrasive wear thanks to a mechanical work hardening of the contact area. Only an initial greasing is required.  FAM bushings have internal cross hatched topography making the surface harder and helping removing abrasive particles.

    By HEF Groupe based in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, FRANCE. from Bushings - Joints Product line

  • Videometer MultiRay - Hand Held Imaging System

    Videometer MultiRay is a handheld imaging instrument designed for fast and accurate determination of µ-topography, graininess, gloss and porosity of material surfaces. The measurements are instantaneous and non-destructive. The instrument is an easy-to-use system integrating illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital ...

    By Videometer A/S based in Herlev, DENMARK.

  • AlphaStep - Model D-500 - Stylus Profiler

    The Alpha-Step D-500 Stylus Profiler offers industry-leading high resolution 2D profiling, 2D stress, profile stitching and many additional features in an easy-to-use platform. The system includes a 140 mm manual stage and an innovative optical lever sensor technology. The Alpha-Step D-500 also includes advanced optics and enhanced video controls ...

    By KLA-Tencor Corporation based in Milpitas, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • TopMap - Model TMS-500 - Non-Contact Topography Measurement System

    The TMS-500 TopMap is a high-precision, non-contact topography measurement system designed for fast and efficient surface characterization of precision mechanical components.

    By Polytec, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Surface Metrology Product line

  • Labomed - Model Luxeo 2S - University Level Microscope

    The Luxeo 2S encompasses all the performance benefits of a university level microscope in a highly affordable and durable middle and high school solution.  With a super bright and white light emitting diode (LED) illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction, the Luxeo 2S stereo microscope is perfect for student ...

    By Labo America Inc based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Stereo Microscope Product line

  • TESCAN - Model SE - Secondary Detectors

    Secondary electrons (SEs) are low energy electrons emitted from a localised area at the uppermost layers of samples surface (within a range of a few nm depths); therefore, they provide high-resolution imaging suitable for detailed topographical characterisation of samples. SEs are produced when primary electrons from the beam interact ...

    By TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Detectors Product line

  • Alpha-Step IQ - Surface Profiler

    The Alpha-Step IQ stylus-based surface profiler combines high measurement precision with versatility and economy. Ideal for semiconductor pilot lines and materials research, this advanced surface profiler enables faster process learning and higher yields. With guaranteed 8Ã… (1 sigma) or 0.1% step height repeatability and ...

    By KLA-Tencor Corporation based in Milpitas, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sensofar - Model S mart & S onix - In-line 3D Surface Sensors

    In-line metrology solutions: Sensofar’s in-line metrology sensor systems represent the culmination of more than 14 years of experience in the development of surface metrology systems. They have been designed right from the outset to be integrated into the harshest manufacturing environments. Compact, lightweight, and with flexible mounting ...

    By Sensofar based in Terrassa, SPAIN. from Metrology System Product line

  • CF-S - Model Drain Guardian Platform - Drain Filter

    The CF-S’s Drain Guardian™ is a platform that offers many options.   This platform can give the user the ability to filter, stop, or reclaim any losses before it can enter into the storm water system.   This platform is a low impact design (LID) that is mechanical in nature therefore working year round unlike ...

    By Containment & Filtration Solutions based in Flower Mound, TEXAS (USA).

  • inVia - Raman Microscope

    It is simple to operate yet delivers outstanding performance and reliable results, for even the most challenging experiments. You can produce both rich, detailed, chemical images and highly specific data from discrete points. With unparalleled flexibility, scientists and engineers, worldwide, trust inVia.

    By Renishaw plc based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Raman Spectroscopy Product line

  • Sensofar - Model Slynx - Compact 3D Surface Profiler

    S lynx is a new non-contact 3D surface profiler designed for use in industry and research. It has been designed as a compact and versatile system. S lynx is able to measure differing textures, structures, roughness and waviness, all across varying surface scales. The S lynx’s versatility makes it appropriate for a broad range of high-end ...

    By Sensofar based in Terrassa, SPAIN. from Metrology System Product line

  • ZetaScan - Multi-Mode Defect Inspection System

    The ZetaScan series are fully automated 300mm capable defect inspection tools that can address a variety of substrates such as opaque and transparent wafers as well as touch panels, rough ground, polished or unpolished substrates. Based on Zeta’s revolutionary multi-mode approach to inspection, the ZetaScan series defect inspectors provide ...

    By Zeta Instruments based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Systems with Manual Sample Loading Product line

  • Epoxy-Coated Carbon Steel Tanks

    Enduro Coat Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating is a one-part, heat-curable, thermosetting epoxy coating designed for corrosion protection. The epoxy is applied to preheated steel as a dry powder, which melts and cures to a uniform coating thickness. This bonding process offers excellent adhesion and coverage on panels, pipe, and angle iron and associated ...

    By USA Tank Storage Systems based in Goodman, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Mecascrew - Universal Screw

    Mecascrew was developed by MECASOLAR, a company with extensive experience and advanced know-how in solar trackers and fixed structures that has delivered and installed more than 400 MW. The development of Mecascrew by MECASOLAR offers a solution that is different from conventional foundation systems. Mecascrew is a foundation system that can be ...

    By Mecasolar based in Fustiñana, SPAIN. from Other Products Product line

  • Nexview - Model NX2 - 3D Optical Surface Profiler

    Designed for the most demanding applications, the Nexview™ NX2 3D optical profiler combines exceptional precision, advanced algorithms, application flexibility, and automation into a single package that represents ZYGO's most advanced Coherence Scanning Interferometric (CSI) profiler.

    By Zygo Corporation based in Middlefield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from 3D Optical Profilers Product line

  • Sigma - Single Photon Lidar (SPL)

    Single Photon LiDAR provides the most efficient approach to rapid, high-resolution 3D mapping. SPL requires only one detected photon per ranging measurement, as opposed to hundreds or thousands of detected photons per ranging measurement for conventional or Geiger Mode airborne LiDARs. The higher efficiency of the SPL offers more 3D mapping ...

    By Sigma Space Corporation based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA). from Lidar Solutions Product line

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