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sustainable water conditioning equipment

  • ENiGMA - Electronic Water Conditioning and DeScaler System

    Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd pioneered electronic fluid conditioning.  Since 1989, when we introduced the very first effective electronic unit for dealing with hard water we have built an unrivalled reputation with our customers.  The unit is aptly called the ENiGMA.

    By Scalewatcher ENigMA based in FAREHAM, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • JCT - Model JC-14 & JC-24 19 - Gas Conditioning Systems

    Applications: For extractive gas analysis. For emission and process monitoring. Continuous sample gas conditioning of humid process gases. Continuous drying of sample gas to a precise low and constant outlet dew point. Minimises water vapour cross sensitivities and volumetric errors.

    By JCT Analysentechnik GmbH based in Wiener Neustadt, AUSTRIA. from Gas Conditioning Systems Product line

  • SHARC - Water Heating and Space Conditioning Energy Systems

    Heat energy accounts for over 50% of all energy consumption in buildings so it makes sense to seek out alternative energy sources that provide cost savings while reducing carbon emissions. SHARC Energy Systems utilise the massive amount of energy that gets wasted through heated water and ambient waste heat, so by installing SHARC Energy, ...

    By SHARC International Systems Inc. based in Port Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • PodTanks - Non-Electric Sustainable Waste Water Sewage Treatment Systems

    FilterPod non-electric, sustainable waste water sewage treatment systems are a UK design. They are a 5 FilterPod sewage treatment plant non-electricperson, sustainable, non-electric sewage treatment system. The tank is tested for all UK ground conditions, even ultra high groundwater sites. A 12 person sewage treatment plant will be available ...

    By PodTanks based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Non-Electric Sustainable Waste Water Sewage Treatment Systems Product line

  • Stormpod: Sustainable Stormwater Attenuation System

    Stormpod is a unique patented totally sustainable stormwater attenuation system. Its innovative profile enables the Stormpod to be supported with as little as 300mm stone surround and can therefore be used in extreme ground conditions, even high water tables. In non-traffic areas a minimum cover of 350mm is all that is required given the ...

    By Oaklands Environmental Ltd based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Stormpod: Sustainable Stormwater Attenuation System Product line

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    Harden - Model QS - Four Shaft Shredders

    The HARDEN four shaft shredders, or name it quad shredders, are perfectly suitable for scrap size reduction applications such as e-waste, rubber tire recycling, RDF production, and contaminated materials where uniformed medium particle size is desired. The four shaft shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA. from Four Shaft Shredders Product line

  • Pressure Reducing/Sustaining Valve

    Pressure Reducing/Sustaining valves are piloted hydraulic valves, activated by line pressure and controlled by pilots. Both pilots have spring-loaded diaphragms. One pilot is responsive to upstream pressure and the other to downstream pressure. The combined operation of the two pilot valves sustains the preset minimum upstream pressure of the ...

    By OOVAL Valves Ltd. based in Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Cont, ISRAEL. from Pressure Reducing/Sustaining Valve Product line

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    Fluence - Reverse Osmosis

    Fluence has decades of expertise delivering reverse osmosis systems for optimal efficiency and savings. Fluence has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis (RO) systems, which are used in desalination and many other water purification processes.

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Product line

  • AIRCOSAVER - Air Conditioning Energy Saver

    AIRCOSAVER - The air conditioning energy saver - Shortcomings of typical AC systems. A typical cooling cycle: When switched on, typical air conditioning systems operate continuously until the room thermostat senses the desired temperature and turns the system off. As the room warms up, the thermostat switches the air conditioner back on and the ...

    By AIRCOSAVER - by EPV Electronics GmbH based in Lüdenscheid, GERMANY.

  • CirCulator - Stabilizes Water

    The CirCulator stabilizes water held in stagnant ponds in a sustainable, engineered natural photo-biological process. This is a simple system that couples vortex mixing, oxygen and water circulation with photosynthesis to utilize these powerful natural phenomena to treat water with low energy inputs.

    By Circul8 Systems based in Reardan, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model softliQ:MC - Water Softener

    The water softener softliQ:MC softens the water according to the water consumption. The Application recommendation is up to 20 persons (MC32) and up to 30 persons (MC38). The softliQ:MC is the water expert that gets smarter day for day because it learns from you. First, it determines your average consumption on every day of the week and then it ...

    By Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH based in Hoechstaedt a.d. Donau, GERMANY. from Water Softener Product line

  • Model SDC or SWAC - Seawater District Cooling (SDC)/Seawater Air-Conditioning (SWAC)

    In the tropics more than half of the electricity is used for air-conditioning. Apart from the high energy usage, the electricity is often produced with expensive and often unsustainable fuel. Bluerise provides a sustainable cooling alternative, known as Seawater District Cooling (SDC) or Seawater Air-Conditioning (SWAC). By pumping ice-cold water ...

    By Bluerise based in Delft, NETHERLANDS.

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    HARDEN - Model QS9110 - four shaft shredder

    The HARDEN four shaft shredders, or name it quad shredders, are perfectly suitable for scrap size reduction applications such as e-waste, rubber tire recycling, RDF production, and contaminated materials where uniformed medium particle size is desired. The four shaft shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

  • Rainmaker - Model AW 100 - Air-to-Water Technologies

    Air-to-Water: clean water from humidity in the atmosphere. Rainmaker Air-to-Water technologies provide communities with local, sustainable and affordable access to clean water.

    By Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. based in Peterborough, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Filtra-Systems STiR - Industrial Water Filter

    Filtra-Systems has been providing industrial manufacturers with the best in water filter technology for over three decades. Our patented STiR fluidization technology has been validated in production and mathematically proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle. This effectiveness makes the STiR unmatched among industrial ...

    By Filtra Systems based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Industrial Water Filter Product line

  • Water Reuse System

    Environmentally conscious property owners are looking for ways to offset the limited supply and rising cost of potable water resources. And they’re looking for ways to save the energy required to treat and transport potable water.

    By Orenco Systems Inc. based in Sutherlin, OREGON (USA). from Water Reuse System Product line

  • LiveFuels - Making Sustainable & Cost effective Fuel

    LiveFuels is developing an integrated approach to growing, harvesting and processing algal biomass into fuels and other valuable co-products. Our solution uses the productivity of natural aquatic life to fundamentally resolve challenges of cost, risk and scalability.

    By Live Fuels Inc based in San Carlos, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Water quality is of the utmost importance as water is essential to human survival. Despite the advances of the 20th century, 25% of the world’s population still lacks access to clean, uncontaminated water. Even though most of the world has access to clean water, there are still many sources of contamination, such as:

    By Phoenix Water Technologies, Inc. based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Drinkable Air - Water Producing Machines

    Make 99.99% Pure, Safe Drinking Water in your own home, office or anywhere you need water! Our patented technology converts moisture from the air we breathe into an unlimited safe and reliable supply of Clean, Fresh and Pure Drinking Water. Drinkable Air's Patented Water Producing Machines help reduce greenhouse gases & global warming. ...

    By Shelron Enterprises based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Producing Machines Product line

  • RWO - Ballast Water Treatment System

    RWO's CleanBallast system is one of the very few ballast water treatment technologies that can withstand the uncertainties of the future and has operational experience.To date CleanBallast has been already selected by customers from countries all over the world like China, Canada, Germany, Skandinavian states, Indonesia or the ...

    By RWO GmbH Marine Water Technology based in Bremen, GERMANY. from Ballast Water Treatment System Product line

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