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TitraCLOR - Model C - Laboratory Test for Total Chlorine in Used Oil, (Waste Oil)

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

If you have a laboratory available and want to obtain optimal precision in your chlorine testing, then the Titra-Clor laboratory kits may be the preferred method. The Titra-Clor kits use chemistry similar to Clor-D-Tect, but because the sample is weighed out on an analytical balance and titrated using a full scale laboratory buret, greater ...

TitraLube - Model TAN - Field Test Kit for Quantifying Total Acid Number in Industrial/Lubricating Oils

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Oxidation of oil, such as lubricating, hydraulic, pump and other oils, is one main cause of mechanical malfunction. These oils can be analyzed for total acid number quickly and easily by incorporating Titra-Lube TAN test kits in your preventive maintenance schedule. Accurate monitoring of fluids for increased acid number can reduce costly repair ...

HydroSCOUT - Model HS-MTR-04 - Analyzer System Water in PAINT, LOW RANGE

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

HydroSCOUT is a field portable test that quantifies water concentration in a variety of matrices, (oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc.). HydroSCOUT can quantify water content in two ranges for Paint, 0 to 15% and 15% to 100%. It is an easy, inexpensive test that can be run in the field or in a laboratory setting with minimal ...

Model L 2000 DX - Portable Field Instrument

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The L2000 DX is a portable field instrument which determines the concentration of PCB and chlorinated organic compounds in oil, soil and water matrixes. The usable measurement range for oils and soils is 2 to 2000 ppm, and 10 ppb to 2000 ppm for water. The L2000 DX quantifies the extracted chloride of a sample and converts the chloride ...

PetroFLAG - Model PF-MTR-01 - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Kit

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Relying on laboratory methods to determine hydrocarbon contamination in soil is both time consuming and expensive. Laboratory methods, such as EPA Method 8015, are very expensive and have turnaround times of one to two weeks. Most samples analyzed by this method limit the results to Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) or Diesel Range Organics (DRO). ...

HydroSCOUT - Model HS-MTR-02 - Analyzer System Ppm Range For Lubricating Oils

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Moisture in oil is an important parameter that must be addressed when considering contaminates in lubricating and hydraulic oils. Analyses performed in the laboratory are time consuming and costly. Turnaround time for most water analyses is 1 to 2 weeks. HydroSCOUT is an on-site test that quantifies water in industrial oils quickly and easily. The ...

Mantech - Automated Kappa Analysis Systems

by MANTECH INC.     Distributor in San Fernando, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

MANTECH’s Kappa Analysis System fully automates the analysis of up to 17 pulp or paper samples. MANTECH understand that pulping, oxygen delignification and extraction processes require constant and reliable Kappa Number Tests in order to maintain good process control. The successful automation of the Kappa methodology allows pulp labs to ...

Dexsil - Model L2000DX PCB (LP-200) - Chloride Analyzer System

by Dexsil Corporation     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The L2000DX relies on the same basic chemistry as the Clor-N-Oil test kits, however instead of a colorimetric reaction, the L2000DX uses an ion specific electrode to quantify the contamination in the sample. Sample analysis is available for transformer oils, soils, water and surface wipes. The usable measurement range for oils and soils is 2 to ...

Aquakem - Model 200 Series - Photometric Analyzer

by Thermo Fisher Scientific     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Ease-of-use combined with minimal operating condition requirements makes the Thermo Scientific™ Aquakem™ 200 Photometric Analyzer the right choice for every cost-efficient lab. This compact, discrete photometric analyzer for water and environmental samples is a fast, fully automated analyzer capable of self optimization of the ...

Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) Monitoring

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Activated Sludge Process Overview: The process deals with the treatment of sewage (and industrial wastewater) and was developed around 1912-1914. Activated sludge is a biochemical process for treating sewage and industrial wastewater that uses air (or oxygen) and microorganisms to biologically oxidize organic pollutants, producing a waste sludge ...

Peat Sorb - Natural Spill Absorbent

by Peat Sorb 2011 Inc.     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Peat Sorb is a lightweight non-biodegradable natural organic absorbent made from 100% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, exclusively manufactured by Peat Sorb 2011 Inc. Peat Sorb absorbs cleanly and completely on contact.

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