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Hach BioTector - Model B3500c - TOC Analyzer

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis in clean water applications, Using patented technology, only requiring scheduled maintenance every 6 months, allowing for dual stream monitoring, and being roughly 1/3 the size of the competition, the Hach BioTector B3500c is the most reliable system available for TOC analysis in condensate ...

Green Natural Gas

by Bullfrog Power Inc.     Office in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

The natural gas we use in our homes and businesses for heating and cooking has a significant impact on our environment. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, like oil, and not a renewable form of energy. When we burn natural gas to power our appliances or for heating purposes, carbon that was once stored underground is released into the atmosphere as ...

Actiflo - Model Carb - Powdered Activated Carbon

by Veolia Water Technologies Canada (Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies)     Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

This unique association allows to Actiflo Carb of being a competitive polishing process for WTPs, to remove emerging pollutants and pesticides present in natural water resources. PAC use, also allows of removing partly NOM (Natural Organic Matter), which can be adsorbed. More recently, Actiflo Carb has been used in an Industrial water treatment ...

AdEdge - Reverse Osmosis Treatment Systems (ROTS)

by Adedge Water Technologies, LLC     Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane solutions from AdEdge Water Technologies use advanced membrane technology coupled with our other packaged treatment modules to create a complete integrated solution. Our systems can serve a variety of applications including drinking water, mining, boiler feeds, remediation, and industrial process water. Whether your ...

Electromedia - Model II - Turbidity Filtration Without Aluminum

by Filtronics, Incorporated     Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of water - the cloudier the water, the greater the turbidity. Turbidity is caused by suspended matter such as clay, silt, and organic matter as well as plankton and other microscopic organisms that interfere with the passage of light through the water.

Electromedia - Model V - Turbidity Unique Filtration System

by Filtronics, Incorporated     Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Electromedia V is a unique filtration system integrating a special vessel design and a proprietary media. Electromedia V is formulated for the filtration of turbid river and canal water containing high proportions of colloidal material. Electromedia V combined with alum feed will produce filtrate qualities of less than 0.3 NTU from raw water ...

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