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vacuum excavation system equipment

  • Vacstar - Model VS-500 & VS-800 - Vacuum Excavation System

    The  hoist Vacstar allows more options for emptying the tank.  The hoist is great for removing sand, certain types of clay, and other material that tends to settle and stick over time.

    By Vacstar based in Kalona, IOWA (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Model 4000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    The SYSTEM 4000 is our most popular air-vacuum excavation system. Ample power allows you to quickly dig deep down with air, locating underground utilities in the hardest soils without harming them. The SYSTEM 4000 safely operates faster and easier in soil that is tough, wet, sun baked, or compact, including ground frost.

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Model 1000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    VACMASTERS, offering high quality air-vacuum excavation trucks for sale, has made underground utility locating equipment more affordable than ever. The VACMASTERS SYSTEM 1000 is a trailer or truck-mounted system that also has water on board. With the SYSTEM 1000, you can dig effectively in any kind of soil, using air 95% of the time.

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Model 5000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    The System 5000 is a commanding excavation tool — the only one you’ll need for underground utility location, repairs, maintenance, and installation. It uses intense air power to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. It’s versatile and adaptable and offers ...

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Model 6000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    Now pothole and trench in more difficult soils faster than ever before with the never-before-seen power of the new SYSTEM 6000. Designed from the ground up to: Lower costs through efficiency. Reduce injuries. Eliminate damage claims.

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Model 3000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    Whether you are upgrading from water to air, or replacing one of our earlier systems with the SYSTEM 3000’s latest advancements in air-vacuum excavation technology, you will find this mid-sized unit perfect for potholing in a variety of applications. It’s neither too big for those small, single potholing jobs, nor too small to do ...

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacmasters - Custom Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems

    VACMASTERS is not only the leading manufacturer of the world's most powerful air-vacuum excavation systems, but we also take great pride in being the first choice for custom fabrication capabilities. Unique paint and graphics, hydraulic hose boom arms, water cooler holders, sliding ladder racks and our patented Barrel-Top Interceptor are all ...

    By Vacmasters based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vac-Tron - Model Air 1273 High CFM - Air and Hydro Vacuum Excavation System

    General Dimensions and Weights –Skid: Length 18'(5 m). Height 82' (208 cm). Empty weight: 9250 lb. Width: 94' (239 cm).

    By Vac-Tron Equipment based in Okahumpka, FLORIDA (USA). from VAC-Tron Air Series Air & Hydro Excavator Product line

  • GapVax - Wet/Dry Vacuum Excavators

    The GapVax Hydro Excavator is the world's most advanced industrial vacuum truck. From Texas to Canada, and everywhere in between, the GapVax Hydro Excavator is the do-it-all truck for every job. Our wet-dry, cyclone-based filtration system allows you to vacuum both wet and dry materials, and our hydro excavation system brings the power of water to ...

    By GapVax, Inc. based in Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Air Vacuum Equipment

    Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc. has the state-of-the-art in air vacuum excavation systems. The high-velocity, supersonic air explodes the soil from within for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. The vacuum excavation system utilizes kinetic energy in a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand, and break up soil. The loosened chunks of ...

    By Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc. and Gregg In Situ, Inc. based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Vac-Con X-Cavator - High-Pressure Water System

    The X-Cavator's powerful vacuum and high-pressure water system will excavate to the power of the X to get the job done right. The X-Cavator handel's your toughest and tightest excavation applications. The Xcavator enables you to locate and safely excavate around valuable utilities without damaging them. There is no application too tough for the ...

    By Vac-Con, Inc. based in Green Cove Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Ditch Witch - Model FX25 - Vacuum Excavator

    The Ditch Witch FX25 vacuum excavation system provides contractors an economical solution for a wide range of cleanup and excavation tasks. This low-maintenance, low-profile unit can operate in tight jobsites, cleaning up spills and unwanted fluids with exceptional suction power. The FX25 also offers a wide range of options, including a ...

    By Ditch Witch based in Perry, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Vacuum Excavator Product line

  • Vacstar - Slot Trenching System

    Under the ground is a web of obstacles and our utility's infrastructure, charted and uncharted. Any soil excavation can put your employees at risk and put your company in a liability situation regarding any utility strikes. When working in a congested area, using vacuum excavation is paramount to reducing your risk while gaining productivity.

    By Vacstar based in Kalona, IOWA (USA).

  • Prodigy - Model HXX - Vacuum Excavator

    For power in a more compact package consider the Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavation truck. The Vactor HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator is the perfect non-destructive machine for utility and municipal applications. Versatile enough to excavate using either air or water as a digging medium, the HXX Prodigy features a 16-inch Hg, 3200 CFM PD blower ...

    By Vactor Manufacturing, Inc. based in Streator, ILLINOIS (USA). from Vacuum Excavators Product line

  • Guzzcavator - Vacuum Excavation Truck

    The Guzzcavator is the first truly dual purpose machine with the same industrial cleaning capabilities as the Guzzler CL while also having the same hydroexcavation capabilities as the Vactor HXX which makes the Guzzcavator the most versatile vacuum truck on the market. This feature enables the Guzzcavator to handle a variety of applications, ...

    By Guzzler Manufacturing Inc. based in Streator, ILLINOIS (USA). from Vacuum Excavators Trucks Product line

  • PACS 1000 Vacuum System

    The PACS Vacuum System is designed for removing liquids, solids, (such as rocks, wood chips, gravel, sand, leacves, pellets or powder) and sludge and mud from land or water, even in areas difficult to access with vacuum trucks.  The tank is hydraulically lifted for easier emptying because it opens fully.  This unit is designed for oil ...

    By Environmental Compliance Consultants, Inc. (ECC) based in Anchroage, ALASKA (USA).

  • Vacuum Exevation (Airknife)

    The vacuum excavation system, or air knife is used for potholing, daylighting, or otherwise making a hole in the ground in the safest, most time efficient way possible. This unit pictured on the left has been used effectively at gas stations, where health and safety concerns often require its use.  The system consists of the equipment that is ...

    By Direct Push Analytical Corp. based in St. Charles, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Vector - Model 300/500/800 Gallons - Hydro-Excavator Vacuums

    These units offer up to 800 gallons of spoils capacity, up to 1000 CFM vacuum systems and 4GPM @4000 PSI water jet systems with up 325 gallons fresh water storage. With premium standard features such as hydraulic rear door opening and locking, and powerful options such as reverse flow, a hydraulically rotating and lifting extendable boom, and ...

    By Vector Technologies Ltd. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Hydro-Excavator Vacuums Product line

  • Cappellotto - Model CAP GEO - Pneumatic Excavator

    CAP GEO is a groundbreaking product noteworthy for its incredible performance, power and versatility of employ. As a more advanced version of suction machines for dust clearing, it is especially designed for excavating heavy materials in places that result inaccessible for traditional mechanical systems. CAP GEO is equipped with a high performance ...

    By Cappellotto S.p.A. based in Gaiarine, ITALY. from Other Product line

  • McLaughlin - Model V25 & VX30 - Gas Series Trailer Vacuum Excavators

    The Vermeer V25 and VX30 Gas series of vacuum excavators by McLaughlin offer contractors an economical solution for a variety of jobsite cleanup applications and fluid management tasks such as HDD support. The VX30 Gas series of vacuums are also equipped with a 4 gpm water system at 3000 psi and fresh water tanks for potholing and clean up on your ...

    By McLaughlin Group, Inc. based in Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Trailer Vacuum Excavators Product line

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