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velocity profile equipment

  • Saiv - Model SD208 - CTD/STD Profiler

    The SD208 measures, calculates and records sea water conductivity, salinity, temperature, depth (pressure), sound velocity and water density. Three optional sensors can be added, f. example: dissolved oxygen, fluorescence and turbidity. For optional sensors with several sensitivity ranges, the SD208 has auto range capability to automatically ...

    By Saiv A/S based in Laksevag, NORWAY.

  • AquaProfiler - Model M-PRO - Portable Flow Profiler for Open Channels

    The AquaProfiler M-Pro is an instrument that operates in a manner very similar to an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The primary difference is that the probe is kept fixed on the channel bottom and provide vertical velocity data in up to 128 cells. Due to the very small cell size (0,005 m), a resolution of the vertical velocity ...

    By HydroVision GmbH based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Extruded Profile Cooling Ceilings

    The special geometry of the radiant cooling ceiling with rounded cooling profiles ensures freedom from draught and compliance with standards for maximum room air velocity even at very high cooling capacity.

    By Barcol-Air AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Convection Cooling Ceilings Product line

  • MIDAS BathyPack - Bathymetry Package

    The BathyPack is one of Valeport's premier MIDAS products, using state of the art sensors to generate precision Sound Velocity and Density profiles for highly accurate depth and height data. The simple top-end PC software, BathyLog, also allows all profile data to be used to monitor and correct multiple miniIPS pressure sensors, giving you the ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments Product line

  • SVAN - Model 974 - Vibration Level Meter and Analyser

    SVAN 974 Vibration Level Meter and Analyser is intended for general vibration measurements and machinery condition monitoring. It can be used by consultants, maintenance services, industry R&D departments etc. Instrument allows parallel acceleration, velocity and displacement measurements. Three vibration profiles allow parallel measurements ...

    By Svantek SP. Z O.O. based in Warsaw, POLAND. from Vibration Level Meters Product line

  • Model NS-M9096 - Mini Stack Stampler

    NS-M9096 Mini Stack Sampler Consist of a meter console with integral flow meter, flow regulator dry gas meter and pump along with a sample tube, extendible modular probe, a 47 mm filterholder, drying handle, moisture indication tube and four sampling nozzles Delta Profille Velocity Data Logger with Temperature and Pressure Kits ;Includes Delta ...

    By Has Environmental based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • Seismic Reflection & Refraction

    Seismic Refraction Profiling is used to investigate the seismic velocity of subsurface layers to help identify the material type, layer thickness, material stiffness and rock quality of the subsurface layers.

    By Apex Geoservices Ltd based in Wexford, IRELAND.

  • Teledyne RD Instruments - ChannelMaster H-ADCP

    The compact, flexible, and affordable CHANNELMASTER is a horizontally-oriented Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) designed to collect high-accuracy water velocity, stage, and discharge data for a wide array of applications.

    By Teledyne RD Instruments based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Clean Air - Standard-Profile 3-Door Air Showers

    Standard-Profile 3-Door 90-Degree Air Showers CAP701KD-3DRH/LH Air Showers are available in a 90 degree configuration that quickly and effectively removes particles that could be carried into your cleanroom. These decontamination air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high velocity air jets. They are available in standard, ...

    By Clean Air Products based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Showers - Custom Air Showers Product line

  • Clean Air - Model CAP701KD-ST-4954 - Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Shower

    CAP701KD-ST Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers quickly and effectively remove particles that will otherwise be carried into your cleanroom. Our decontamination air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high velocity air jets.

    By Clean Air Products based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Cleanroom Air Showers - Standard Air Showers Product line

  • Flo-Mate - Model 2000 - Portable Water Current Meter

    The FLO-MATE Model 2000 current and flowmeter is ideal for rivers as well as man made open channels water velocity profiling. It is also a world-wide reference for the calibration of weirs, flumes and other open channel flowmeters and was designed to include the feature that end users desired.

    By FLOW-TRONIC S.A. based in Welkenreadt, BELGIUM. from Current Meters Product line

  • DischargeKeeper

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-Camera-based measurement system for acquisition of the surface velocity profile and water level-Direct calculation of the discharge-Non-intrusive measurement method using only one sensor (camera)-Data storage and remote transmission of measurement data and images-Intelligent alarm management

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Thermotron - Electrodynamic Vibration Systems

    Electrodynamic vibration provides a testing platform for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). With dynamic factors such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force, electrodynamic vibration accurately simulates a wide range of conditions that can help improve product quality ...

    By Thermotron Industries based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Vibration Test Systems Product line

  • Teledyne - Model H-ADCP - ChannelMaster - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

    The ChannelMaster H-ADCP is a compact, flexible and affordable horizontal ADCP designed to measure continuous flow and velocity in rivers and estuaries. The 2-beam doppler principle device is deployed at one elevation in a channel cross-section with different frequency models available for accurate measurement in channels from 1 to 300 metres ...

    By Teledyne RD Instruments based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Flow Meters Product line

  • ReVision - Fully Integrated acoustic Flowmeter for Pipes

    The ReVision flow meter is a fully integrated metering solution with up to 10 acoustic paths for liquid fluids. It is a new entry in the HydroVision family of high accuracy acoustic metering products. It increases your profitability with exceptional repeatability and linearity throughout the flow range. Due to the patented velocity profile ...

    By HydroVision GmbH based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Montz - Steam Distributor

    System accessories for MONTZ-Structured Packings. Gas and steam distributors are used to achieve a uniform gas flow profile over the entire column cross-section. The use of steam distributors is recommended for small steam superficial velocities and design-related unfavorable steam injections below the packing beds.

    By Julius Montz GmbH based in Hilden, GERMANY. from Column Internals Product line

  • Ulpatek - Laminar Flow Unit with FFU`s

    Laminar Flow Cabins with FFU's is made of special aluminum profiles and stainless steel frames. Cabins are either designed to be hanged from ceiling or comes with rolling wheels. Transparent curtains, velocity control switch, magnehelic monometers are some of the accessories. Fan Filter units achieve Class 100 conditions according to U.S. Federal ...

    By ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc. based in Esenyurt, TURKEY. from System Equipments Product line

  • Kurz - Model K-BAR 2000B - Multipoint Insertion Flow Meters

    K-BAR 2000B multipoint insertion flow meter uses up to four sensors for measurement redundancy and to ensure accuracy. Its rugged design withstands the high stress and high vibrations found in large industrial stacks and ducts that commonly have wide-ranging velocity and temperature profiles. The K-BAR 2000B supports process temperatures up to ...

    By Kurz Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Multipoint Meters Product line

  • Teledyne RD Instruments - StreamPro ADCP

    Teledyne RD Instruments’ STREAMPRO ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) represents a revolutionary advancement in streamflow measurement. You can accurately measure discharge in shallow streams in a matter of minutes—a fraction of the time required using traditional hand-held devices. With StreamPro there’s no need to move from station to ...

    By Teledyne RD Instruments based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Westfall - Model 3000 - Flow Conditioners

    Westfall developed the Model 3000 Flow Conditioner in response to a customer’s request for a conditioner to use in situations where measurement accuracy and low headloss were of utmost importance. The unique design straightens out the flow over a short distance and creates the fully developed velocity profile necessary for accurate ...

    By Westfall Manufacturing Co. based in Bristol, RHODE ISLAND (USA).

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