ventilation control equipment in Australia

  • Conspec - Model P2621-NO2/VC - Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor & Ventilation Fan Controller

    CONSPEC’s P2621-NO2/VC Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor & Ventilation Fan Controller was designed to be a stand alone or multi-unit CO detector and fan controller. A single controller will provide up to 10,000 square feet of protection.

    By Conspec Controls Limited Office in Ingleburn, AUSTRALIA. from Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor & Ventilation Fan Controller Product line

  • Apollo - Roof Ventilator

    Apollo provides ventilation for both day-to-day use and smoke control. It can be installed in most types of industrial buildings.

    By Colt Group Office in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Roof Ventilator Product line

  • Aerox - Heavy Industry Ventilator

    The Aerox louvred ventilator suited for highly efficient weathered natural ventilation and smoke control. It is particularly suitable for use in heat-intensive and noisy industrial buildings where there is a premium on available roof space for such equipment. It has labyrinthine louvre blades that provide both continuous, rainproof ventilation. It ...

    By Colt Group Office in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Heavy Industry Ventilator Product line

  • EuroCO / Seefire - Louvred Smoke Ventilator

    The EuroCO / Seefire vent provides both inlet and extract smoke ventilation as well as the entry of natural daylight for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. It is dual purpose, suited to natural day-to-day ventilation and smoke control ventilation.

    By Colt Group Office in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Louvred Smoke Ventilator Product line

  • Apollo - Model ATI - Weathered Roof Ventilator

    Apollo ATI provides natural, day-to-day weathered ventilation and smoke control. The Apollo ATI extract ventilation system provides extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial buildings. Polycarbonate versions allow the entry of natural daylight. Longitudinal flaps provide ventilation when the weather is wet.

    By Colt Group Office in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Weathered Roof Ventilator Product line

  • SenseAir C02 Sensors and Controllers

    SenseAir AB develops and manufactures infrared gas sensors and controllers for both stand-alone operations and integration in other systems. SenseAir CO2 sensors are used in ventilation control for energy savings and a good indoor climate, process yield and economic outcome in many bio-related processes, personal safety, and monitoring ...

    By ETM Pacific Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Coltlite - Louvred Facade Ventilator

    The Coltlite louvre window is a natural louvred ventilator for installation into the façade for both day to day and smoke ventilation. It can provide an elegant means of providing ventilation. Its form and function makes it particularly suited to naturally ventilated buildings where good aerodynamic and measured free area ...

    By Colt Group Office in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Louvred Facade Ventilator Product line

  • Odour & Pollution Control

    Carbon filter cells are designed for use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems, to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form. Applications for carbon filter cells include commercial kitchen, clubs, shopping centres and industrial centres.

    By Clyde-APAC based in Woodville North, AUSTRALIA.


    aSENSE-VAV is a combined temperature and CO2 controller with a built-in P-regulator. Detected values are transformed into analogue and digital signals presented through four separate outputs: two analogue, one relay and one open collector / 3rd. analogue (selectable). Includes a LCD display and push buttons. aSENSE-VAV is available for ...

    By ETM Pacific Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Odour Control Smart Systems

    APBTC has invested in the last decade in odour control technologies and established itself by offering a wide range of tailored designs for a range of applications. Our range of odour control systems now includes also tank-based enclosed solutions (skid / slab mounted) such as Biofilters, Bio Trickling Filters and Activated Carbon Filters ...

    By AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC) based in Mt Waverly, AUSTRALIA.

  • Danfoss VLT - Model FC 102 - HVAC Drive

    The VLT HVAC Drive is designed to bring optimized process control to all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Easy to use and with built-in intelligence, the drive is fast and cost-effective to commission, and it has the capacity to control multiple high-efficiency permanent magnet motors in parallel. It features a wide ...

    By Danfoss Drives - Water & Wastewater Office in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA. from HVAC Drive Product line

  • Premium

    Pollution Control Barrel, Fan and Carbon - 90 CFM

    Our Pollution Control Barrel, Model PCB150-PB Adsorber is an economical solution when you are looking for active ventilation odor control. This model is similar to our PCB90, however, it does not include the skid or control panel. This basic model adsorber, while not offering the features found on our larger HDPE models to create a functional odor ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC Distributor in Hobart, AUSTRALIA. from Pollution Control Barrel, Fan and Carbon - 90 CFM Product line

  • Premium

    Model PCB-90 - Pollution Control Barrel 90 CFM Adsorber - Sewer Odor Eliminator

    Our Pollution Control Barrel, Model PCB90PB Adsorber is an economical solution when you are looking for active ventilation odor control. This basic model adsorber, while not offering the features found on our larger HDPE models to create a functional odor control unit at an affordable price. The PCB-90 is factory assembled in a complete package. ...

  • Premium

    ACME GasPos - Model WS Series - Wireless Sensors/Transmitters

    The Acme WS GasPost Series toxic or combustible gas sensor/transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and transmits this value to the control panel via a 900MHz or 2.4 GHz wireless medium. The WS Wireless GasPost Sensor / Transmitter includes a high gain antenna concealed inside the enclosure as well as a built-in ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. Distributor in Slacks Creek Qld Jamison, AUSTRALIA. from Wireless Sensors/Transmitters Product line

  • SUREFLOW Room Pressure Monitors/Controllers

    TSI SUREFLOW™ Room Pressure Controls are designed to actually measure the room pressure differential used to prevent chemical vapors from escaping outside the lab. Monitor versions are used in constant volume laboratories to warn building occupants of operating deficiencies. Controller versions go a step further by modulating supply and exhaust ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from SUREFLOW Room Pressure Monitors/Controllers Product line

  • RI-215 SeriesInfrared CO2 Gas Monitor

    The RI-215 series of IR CO2 montitors are widely used in the measurement and control of CO2 levels in a variety of applications where CO2 monitoring or detection is required. A highly accurate, RKI non-dispersive infrared absorption sensor is used to provide direct measurements through diffusion or sample draw monitors, and activate alarms or ...

    By RKI Instruments, Inc. Distributor in AUSTRALIA.

  • EmiControls - Model MFT35-H - Firefighting Turbine Truck

    The MFT35-H turbine can be integrated in new or existing firefighting vehicles as a compact add-on module in the hydraulic-drive version. The turbine is controlled from the vehicle cabin. The firefighting vehicle is therefore equipped with a highly flexible tool which can be used for the generation of atomized spray, water spray, full jet or foam, ...

    By EmiControls Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Firefighting Turbine Truck Product line

  • Carlo Gavazzi - Monitoring Relays Devices

    Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of monitoring controls for monitoring of phase loss, incorrect phase sequence, phase unbalance, over/under current, over/under load, over/under frequency, and over/under voltage. Our products include current monitors, voltage monitors, power monitors, phase loss relays, and current transformers. These ...

    By Carlo Gavazzi Automation Spa Distributor in Rivervale, AUSTRALIA. from Monitoring Relays Devices Product line

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