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Vertical Shredder equipment

  • Model OZMA Series - Vertical Shredders

    OZMA Vertical Shredders are mainly applied in applications processing pre-shredded metal scrap from twin shaft shredding systems.  These machines aggressively size reduce and densify pre-shredded material whilst liberating the various different fractions and allowing for better separations and reduced transport costs,  The breakers in ...

    By Genox Recycling Tech Co. Ltd based in Guangzhou, CHINA. from Vertical Shredders Product line

  • Model BMH range - Vertical Shredders

    Vertical rotor shredders are mainly intended for the production of high-density (up to 3.5 t/m3) cooling scrap metal from new offcuts or scrap metal that has already been shredded. They can also be used for the processing of lightweight scrap metal.

    By Danieli Centro Recycling based in CHAMBERY, FRANCE. from Henschel Shredders Product line

  • Vertical Shredder

    The Vertical Eidal Shredder is an Original Patented American invention. The China Shredder Group or is one, of only a handful of companies worldwide licensed by the owner of this technology to build and sell in China. The only place you can find an Original Vertical shredder in China is here, at The China Shredder Group.

    By China Shredder Company Ltd based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • Model KS-4 - Vertical Axis Shredder

    Mower KS-4 Rolmex. System 3 + 1 rotary blades cutting wheel. working width 2.20 (without wheels podkaszającego 160 cm). replaceable knives, Class-belts SPC. Adjustable up and down the side panels, the possibility of chipping branches up to dia. 4cm, support wheels swivel, hydraulic extension 80 cm, adjustable spring tension wheel ...

    By ROLMEX-MISIUDA SP.J based in Kielce, POLAND.

  • Premium

    Mellegard & Naij - Model MT - Shredder

    Pushing drive gives high capacity and reliable clog free operation. Mounted at the end of the pipe system or at the beginning gives more flexibility. Shredding gives good self ventilation which improves working environment. Eliminates need for pre wash tank systems. Enables emergency emptying during extrem conditions. Enclosed, safe & ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Products From Mellegard & Naij Product line

  • Premium

    HSM - Model SP 4040 V - Compact Shredder-Baler

    This compact combination of the large document shredder FA 400.2 and a vertical baling press is designed for professional document shredding in large quantities, which are then compressed into bales of up to 35 kg.

    By HSM GmbH + Co. KG based in Frickingen, GERMANY. from Shredder-Baler-Systems for Shredder-Baler-Combi Product line

  • Shredder for volumous items

    For some applications, like hollow pieces, it is used a vertical ram, along with the standard horizontal one.The material to be ground is pressed downward by the vertical ram, thereby compressing larger items.

    By Palbase - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda based in Marinha Grande, PORTUGAL. from Shredders Product line

  • Model TBP 190 - Multi Purpose and Sturdy Shredder

    Multi-purpose and sturdy shredder, side-shiftable through a parallelogram arm. Tractor movement beyond the lane edge makes it possible to work in a tilted position as well as a completely vertical one. Rotor can have interchangeable hammers.

    By Veda Farming based in Salinas, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Shredders Product line

  • Chippers And Mills, Vertical Series HR

    The stationary re-shredders are provided with a vertical infeed and fast rotating rotor. They are predominantly used in the timber industry for re-shredding waste products from upstream processes, such as log end pieces, demolition waste, etc. The wood chips produced are mainly used as fuel in heating installations for generating process heat. Due ...

    By Vecoplan AG based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY. from Shredders - Chippers And Mills, Vertical Product line

  • Vertical Beater Rotor Chippers SR

    The stationary re-shredders are provided with a vertical infeed and fast rotating rotor. They are predominantly used in the timber industry for re-shredding products such as wood chips. The wood chips produced are mainly used as fuel in heating installations for generating process heat (briquettes, pellets, etc.) Due to their robust design these ...

    By Vecoplan AG based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY. from Shredders - Chippers And Mills, Vertical Product line

  • Premium

    HARDEN - Model SM2000 - Plastic film shredder

    Plastic film, most of the time, it is hardly to make the high output, you know, the plastic film is very loose, they are very light, no weight, so it is hardly to get high output! For the shredder machine, usually, 500kg per hour, it will be very difficult! However, if you still want to get high capacity, there is only way, to use the vertical ...

    By Harden Industries Ltd. based in Zhongshan, CHINA.

  • PUMA - Shredders

    Specially studied to work between the rows of plants upon vineyards and orchards the PUMA shredder is the ideal machine to cut grass and vine shoots of any kind. A series of devices makes it a polyvalent and professional machine. Between these devices stands out the side of it which is built without sharps so that the machine cannot damage the ...

    By Tierre Group Srl based in Curtarolo (PD), ITALY. from Professional Range Product line

  • EuRec - Hammer Mills

    EuRec Secondary Shredders HMHZ and HMVZ are especially used for the secondary shredding of material contaminated with foreign bodies. EuRec Hammer Mills are available in 2 designs, each with different drive performances. The EuRec Hammer Mill HMHZ feeds the waste horizontally with a vibration feeder and 3 feed rollers. Almost foreign body free ...

    By EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH based in Krayenberggemeinde, GERMANY. from Secondary Shredders Product line

  • Pulverizers or Grinders for Recycling

    Our series of compact pulverizers are high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and easily crumbled (friable)materials. Typical applications include the pulverizing of PVC regrind in the recycling of pipe and profiles. Working inline with a Shredder and a Granulator to create a balanced and efficient system ...

    By Summit Recycling Systems Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Granulators/Shredders Product line

  • Metso EtaShred - Model ZK - Kondirator for Shredders

    It is very difficult to process highly contaminated mixed scrap, interspersed with non-ferrous metals, consisting of light to medium-heavy sheet and profile scrap, but containing up to 20% heavy parts. Because of the solid, unshreddable pieces in the scrap, processing in Shredder and Zerdirator plants can cause severe damage to the shredder or ...

    By Metso Recycling Equipment based in Duesseldorf, GERMANY. from Metal Shredders Product line

  • Model VM/VG - Vertical Pumps

    forced supply by screw impeller, inlet segments and screw impeller with welded carbide tips, works similar to a shredder, absolutely safe dry running, oil lubricated, highly wear resistant mechanical seal, with/without mixing nozzles, 235º rotatable, VM: with heavy duty electrical motor, 11,0 / 15,0 / 18,5 / 22,0 kW with a capacity up to 6000 ...

    By Franz Eisele GmbH u. Co.KG Pumpen u. Maschinenfabrik based in Sigmaringen, GERMANY. from Pumps Product line

  • Model GS/LYNX 14P - Chipper-Shredders

    COMPACT HOPPER with wide feed roller. POWER MIXED ROTOR: New design with 16 hammers and 4 blades: excellent stability. ENGINE: B & S 14 HP petrol engine with electric start. EASE OF ACCESS TO THE ROTOR for simple maintenance. FEED ROLLER with vertical guide.

    By TS Industrie GmbH based in NEUKIRCHEN-VLUYN, GERMANY. from Green Series Product line

  • Taskmaster - Model TM1600 - Twin Shaft Shredder For Solids/Liquids and Institutional Waste

    The Taskmaster Model TM1600 is a powerful workhorse that can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems. This unit can be installed horizontally with a stand, hopper vertically for channel or pipeline applications with flange adapters. Typical applications include rejects and returns, garments, filters, containers, plastics, turnings, ...

    By Franklin Miller Inc. based in Livingston, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Solid Waste Shredders Product line

  • GAODE - Model PSX-400/450 - Metal Shredder

    PSX series 400/450 metal shredder or scrap shredder is used to dispose waste car body, tin plate material, waste electrical appliance, etc, into superior materials. These kind of metal shredding solutions own the capability of removing the coating, intensifying density and dissolving. As a result, the finished materials processed by the metal ...

    By Jiangsu Gaode Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd. based in chengdu, CHINA. from Scrap Steel Shredder Line Product line

  • Harris - Vertical Balers

    Harris Vertical Balers are an affordable, durable, and easy to operate solution in reducing waste and associated costs. Harris has a variety of balers to suit your specific needs.

    By Harris Shredder Systems based in Cordele, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

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