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E Instruments - Model AQ VOC - Portable Handheld VOC Monitor

by E Instruments International, LLC     based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The E Instruments VOC Monitor, the AQ VOC, provides indoor air quality testing professionals the very latest technology and flexibility of testing a wide range of different VOCs in our handheld, portable AQ VOC. Along with the ability to measure close to 400 different VOC gases, the AQ VOC can also add Formaldehyde for a complete VOC analysis of ...

Model VOC & POP - Contaminated Sites

by econ industries GmbH     based in Starnberg, GERMANY

Applications and design, process: indirect heated vacuum thermal desorption / vacuum distillation. Source: abandoned, multi-contaminated hazardous waste landfills. Brownfields, old industrial production facilities,coke oven plant sites contaminated with toxic substances, such as dioxins, PCB, PAH chlorinated organic compounds, organic lead ...

VOC-TRAQ - USB Toxic Gas Detector & Data Logger

by MOCON - Baseline     based in Lyons, COLORADO (USA)

The VOC-TRAQ total volatile organic compound (TVOC) detector is the easiest way to monitor and record TVOCs using any PC with a Windows operating system. Using the award winning Baseline-MOCON piD-TECH plus photoionization detector makes the VOC-TRAQ the most reliable, accurate, and inexpensive portable TVOC detector on the market. Designed for ...

ppbRAE - Model 3000 - Wireless Handheld VOC Monitor

by RAE Systems by Honeywell     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The ppbRAE 3000 is a best-of-breed monitor trusted by many of the world’s leaders in CBRNE, HazMat Response, Civil Defense, Oil & Gas, and other hazardous environments. Using a 3rd gen photoionization detector (PID) and built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, the ppbRAE 3000 is the most advanced VOC monitor for ...

MiniRAE - Model 3000 - Wireless Handheld VOC Monitor

by RAE Systems by Honeywell     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Whether for industrial hygiene, leak detection, or HazMat response, the MiniRAE 3000 delivers the most advanced VOC monitoring capabilities on the market. With a photoionization detector (PID) that has an extended detection range from 0-15,000 ppm, a rapid three-second response time, built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and ...

Model MS1000 - Multisensor VOC Monitor

by Multisensor Systems Ltd.     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The Multisensor VOC monitor and Hydrocarbon monitor is a robust, highly sensitive and reliable instrument designed to generate alarms in the presence of high VOC concentrations, at user defined thresholds.It is completely non invasive in clean and waste water applications, reducing maintenance costs and increasing product lifetime.In ...

UltraRAE - Model 3000 - Portable Wireless Advanced VOC Monitor

by RAE Systems by Honeywell     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The UltraRAE 3000 is the most advanced compound-specific monitor on the market and one of the few monitors that deliver accurate measurement of benzene from 50 ppb to 200 ppm and other VOCs up to 10,000 ppm. A 60-second response for a benzene measurement snapshot and a unique 15-minute benzene STEL measurement provide excellent versatility for ...

Model HFX501 - Handheld VOC Meter/Monitor

by Hal Technology, LLC     based in Fontana, CALIFORNIA (USA)

HalTech introduces a brand new designed HVX501 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) meter and it can easily take a quick and accurate measurement of VOC levels. Featuring the best-available-on-the-market photo-ionization-detector (PID) sensor technology, the HVX501 can detect a wide variety of organic compounds and some inorganic gases (a few ...

ACME - Model VOC-3 - Refrigerant Leak Detector

by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The VOC-3 detector is designed for enclosed spaces or mechanical rooms where refrigerant leaks from chillers could pose a danger to personnel. This detector can cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. of clear, open space. It is designed to operate two-speed fans using two dry contacts that close at the appropriate low and high concentration levels for the ...

Model MS1200-SYS - VOC Concentration Monitoring System

by Multisensor Systems Ltd.     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The MS1200-SYS is a VOC monitoring system which provides measurements of VOC concentrations. For a recent Case Study involving the use of this monitor.

Model MS1200 - VOC Concentration Monitor

by Multisensor Systems Ltd.     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The MS1200 is a VOC monitor which provides measurements of VOC concentrations. It is designed for VOC monitoring in water (raw river, borehole and treated), air and land remediation applications. It utilises a contactless measurement technique, sensing headspace gases or volatiles in the environment, and provides a measurement system with very low ...

ChromaFID - Model C31022 - Volatil Organic Compounds (VOC) Analyzer

by Chromatotec Group     based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE

A GC/FID instrument for automatic, continuous analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (20 ppb to ppm). The ChromaFID is a gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of VOC’s from 20 ppb to ppm levels. The analyser enables the continuous monitoring of the con

Environnement S.A. - Model HC51M - FID Hydrocarbons Total VOC Analyzer

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

FID Hydrocarbon (CH4, HCnm, HCT) Analyzer. Uses the principle of flame ionization detection to measure the concentration of hydrocarbons in the range of 0-1000 ppm.

DiveAir - Model 2 - Compressed Air Monitor

by Geotech     based in Leamington Spa, UNITED KINGDOM

The Diveair2 is used to measure composition of compressed air used to fill gas cylinders for underwater operations. It can also measure possible contaminations due to Carbon Monoxide and VOC.

RKI - GX-6000

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

The RKI GX-6000 can simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases. In addition to the standard 4 confined space gases which include combustibles, O2, CO, and H2S, the GX-6000 has 2 additional smart channels that accept PID, IR or super toxic sensors. Equipped with a strong internal sample pump, a man-down alarm, a panic alarm, an LED flashlight, and ...

TAPI - Model T265 - Chemiluminescence O3 Analyzer

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The innovative T265 is an ultra-high precision ozone analyzer, based on the chemiluminescence of ozone combined with nitric oxide (NO). The T265 is safe, stable, and virtually free from interferences. It is ideal in applications where the photometric method may have false-positive indications from fine particulates, Hg, turpines, ClO2, and VOCs. ...

MultiRAE - Lite Monitors

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

Optimal one-to-six-gas monitor for personal protection and multi-gas leak detection applications. Available in pumped and diffusion versions with a broad selection of sensor options. Configurable to meet the needs and compliance requirements of various countries, industries and applications.

Model MS1100 VOC - Hydrocarbon Event Monitor

by Multisensor Systems Ltd.     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The MS1100 is a Volatile Organic Compound (Hydrocarbon) event monitor designed as an alarm system for clean and waste water monitoring applications. It provides on-line, real time monitoring and alarm generation for the protection of equipment and the environment.

IONICON - Model PTR-QMS 300 - Compact Online VOC Detector - Detection Limit < 300 pptv

by Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.     based in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

The PTR-QMS 300 is a very sensitive real-time monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can measure concentrations as low as 300 pptv. Succeeding the IONICON Compact PTR-MS that has been produced since 2003, the new PTR-QMS 300 is a small and lightweight PTR-MS for research or process monitoring applications with a remarkable detection ...

Sinton - Model Suns-Voc - Post-Diffusion Process Control

by Sinton Instruments     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The Suns-Voc stage is ideal for measuring wafers after Al firing, and then again after front-grid firing. This allows the optimization and monitoring of these steps to maintain voltage, obtain good ohmic contacts, and avoid shunting.

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