wash water equipment in Malaysia

  • Crude Desalter Wash Water System

    Water Standard’s crude desalter wash water system provides a compact and cost-effective method to meet the growing demand for water for crude washing and crude desalting. The treatment system can be fit into a tight refinery footprint to expand existing wash water production, or can be designed and built for a range of greenfield capacities.

    By Water Standard Office in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

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    ASTRASEPARATOR - Compact Settling System

    Many wastewater streams contain suspended solids that cannot be disposed of or cause problems in ‘downstream’ wastewater treatment systems. To remove these solids from the wastewater Paques developed a compact settling system, the ASTRASEPARATOR®. The settling system combines compactness with trouble free operation and minimum ...

    By Paques B.V. Office in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

  • Model WSI-G-3000 - Grey Water Recycling Unit

    The WSI-G-3000 grey water recycling unit is designed to treat grey water from sinks and showers so that it can be re-used for applications such as flushing toilets, washing vehicles or equipment, or dust control.

    By Water Services Inc. Office in Kuala Lampur, MALAYSIA. from Grey Water Recycling Unit Product line

  • ProSep - Model MAX+ - Multiphase Adjustable Xtreme Mixer

    Conventional mixing valves have a valve geometry which changes the local flow direction and creates non-homogeneous and extreme local shear forces which can result in stable emulsions of wash water and crude, thus affecting the separation performance in downstream equipment.

    By ProSep Inc Office in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. from Multiphase Adjustable Xtreme Mixer Product line

  • Steelco - Model LAB 1000 - Glassware Washer

    Steelco LAB 1000 glassware washer has been developed for those laboratories that are equipped with centralized washing areas. The machine is provided with a pass-through double door acting as a barrier between the dirty and the clean area. The glassware after the cleaning and drying process will be transferred back to the laboratory for re-use. A ...

    By Steelco S.p.A. Office in Puchong, MALAYSIA. from Glassware Washer Product line

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    ProPak - Sample Bags

    These convenient, single-use sample bags bring a new dimension of productivity to your water and wastewater sampling. Using the patented Teledyne ISCO ProPak sample bag will reduce your sampling costs by eliminating the expense of washing and storing conventional bottles while, at the same time, eliminating worries about contamination from ...

    By Teledyne ISCO Distributor in MALAYSIA. from Sample Bags Product line

  • Durham Geo - Model ASTM C 117 - Wet Washing Sieve

    The Wet Washing Sieve has a No. 200 stainless steel screen and is used in soils analysis to remove the minus 200 portion. Water is sprayed over the known sample mass on the sieve to facilitate removal of the fines. The remaining fraction may be oven dried in the sieve. Available in two models, 4 or 8 in (10.2 or 20.3 cm) deep brass frame with or ...

    By Durham Geo Enterprises - part of Nova Metrix LLC Distributor in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. from Wet Washing Sieve Product line

  • Model MSR Series - Service and Rehabilitation Rig For Water Wells

    Service rig used for rehabilitation of water wells, cleaning, fishing, pump testing and bore hole washing. The rig can be supplied with various optional based on the customer's specific requests. All the accessories needed for completing the well can be mounted onboard. Among the numerous optional there is the electrical generator, the welding ...

    By Massenza Drilling Rig Distributor in Selangor, MALAYSIA.

  • Rotary Drum Strainer

    A rotary drum strainer (also rotation screen, drum screen) is used to separate and sieve suspended solids and fibres contained in effluent and process water. The rotary drum strainer is made of stainless steel and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. Our rotary drum strainers are designed specifically for each ...

    By Leiblein GmbH Distributor in Shah Alam, MALAYSIA. from Rotary Drum Strainer Product line

  • Evashred - Model EV700-SS - Medical Waste or Light Plastic Shredder

    The Evashred EV700-SS is a single shaft shredder designed for shredding medical waste or light gauge plastic products.The Evashred EV700-SS is unique as it not only shreds product but has the ability to sterilize or wash the product before being moved out of the shredder using a auger screw.This is a very smart shredder as it can be programmed ...

    By Evans Engineering Limited, Distributor in Selangor, Malaysia , MALAYSIA.

  • HORIBA - Model FLIA-101 Series - Fluoride Ion Analyzer

    The FLIA-101 Series is a lineup of units for continuously analyzing fluorine ion concentrations in the comparatively broad area of industrial waste fluids. Using a Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) ion-specific electrode method, the FLIA-100 Series, accurately measures fluorine ion concentrations in water samples that are maintained at a stable ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Distributor in Shah Alam, MALAYSIA. from Fluoride Ion Analyzer Product line

  • Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP)

    During the mercerising process the diluted caustic soda (weak lye) from the stabilisation compartment is normally drained. Körting has found a way to recover this diluted caustic soda by evaporating water. We have been supplying Caustic Recovery Plant for mercerising lye to the textile industry since 1956 and have installed approx. 200 ...

    By K├Ârting Hannover AG Distributor in Mont`Kiara, MALAYSIA. from Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP) Product line

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