waste container equipment in Arizona

  • Mark-Costello - Wet Waste Self-Contained Compactors

    Use these products for weekly volumes of more than 100 cubic yards of uncompacted wet or dry/ general waste materials. All models have a packer head permanently attached to the container.

    By The Mark-Costello Co. Office in ARIZONA (USA). from Wet Waste Self-Contained Compactors Product line

  • Galvanized Steel Drum Cover with Handle

    Converts empty 55-gallon drums into storage containers or waste containers.

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Self-Contained Ram Compactor

    Reduce trash disposal costs by reducing container hauls/ pulls. Product destruction and security enclosures reduce employee theft. Reduce waste disposal labor costs. Upto 34 cubic yard compactor container capacities. Liquid tight compactor and container is perfect for wet waste applications. Improved cleanliness when compared to open-top ...

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Self-Contained Ram Compactor Product line

  • Socks Contain and Absorb Spills and Leaks

    Quick wicking socks use all the sorbent filling...no waste. They´re flexible and they lay flat to prevent seepage. Durable outer skin resists tears. Perfect for around machinery and leaking containers.Shown 22411P

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Standard Roll-Off Boxes

    Solid waste containment in environmental soil clean-up projects and tank cleaning. Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression sealing. 

    By BakerCorp Office in Laveen, ARIZONA (USA). from Standard Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Hazmat Waste Collection on the Move

    Poly-Collector™ mobile collection system goes where the waste is. Outer container provides secondary containment and extra protection from spills. All high-density polyethylene construction resists most chemicals. Heavy duty four-wheel steel dolly for easy transportation to and from the job location. Includes a 21 1/8'' diameter Poly-Funnel ™ to ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Model C/I - Medical Waste Cart Lifter

    The C/I Medical Waste series from Bayne Premium Lift Systems offers a safe solution for transferring medical waste. Use these cart lifters, or cart tippers, and fork pocket container lifters for loading waste into an incinerator, autoclave or Rotoclave®. The Medical Waste Series features a stainless steel chute to ...

    By Bayne ThinLine - Environmental Solutions Group Company. based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Medical Waste Cart Lifter Product line

  • Polyethylene Coliwasa Samples Liquid Waste

    Simple design for rapid sample collection. Lower tube to desired depth. A light tug on cord while raising the unit sets the check valve, trapping the sample inside. Plastic rod inside tube allows sample to be collected at any depth. Dispenses easily into appropriate container. Sampler holds approximately 3 ounces per foot.

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Drum Storage

    Safely Contains - flammable liquids or hazardous waste in drums that can be stored vertically or horizontally. Drum Cabinets.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Drum Storage Product line

  • Model C/I - Food Services Lift Units

    The Food Services series from Bayne Premium Lift Systems are the perfect lifting solution for supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, commercial kitchens, and more. These food service units make short order of waste disposal. Sized to fit typical food waste containers, our Food Services cart lifters, or cart tippers, ...

    By Bayne ThinLine - Environmental Solutions Group Company. based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Food Services Lift Units Product line

  • EST - Model RTS 500 - Water Filtration Systems

    The RTS 500 is a compact, efficient wash water filtration system designed to handle waste streams containing light solids and oils, such as industrial parts degreasing and maintenance equipment washing. The RTS 500 filters and treats waste water for reuse or proper discharge in compliance with EPA and municipal regulations. The all-stainless steel ...

    By EST Companies LLC (EST) based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Water Filtration Systems Product line

  • Roll off liners

    Tough Liners - by Clean It Up make waste disposal easy! Patented disposable polyethylene liners for: Roll-Off containment , Dump Trailers and Railroad Gondola Cars and Dewatering applications. Container Bag, Filter/Dewatering Bags, Spill Diapers.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Roll off liners Product line

  • Phase Separators / Turbo Roll-Off Boxes

    Separating and dewatering sludges, slurries and waste streams. Liquid drains through or can be pumped from the installed filter media panels and out of the container via discharge ports

    By BakerCorp Office in Laveen, ARIZONA (USA). from Phase Separators / Turbo Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drums

    Environmentally friendly and cost effective method of lamp recycling. Fluorescent lamps fall into the category of ''universal waste'' and do not require UN rated containers to transport. Drums have no printing.

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Stationary Ram Compactor

    Open-top containers are dangerous and your workers do this more often than you think. Well suited to dry waste disposal and cardboard recycling.

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Stationary Ram Compactor Product line

  • Rubbermaid BRUTE Dolly

    BRUTE® Standard Round and Square Dollies are equipped with standard 3'' swivel casters for easy mobility and maneuverability of heavy loads through work areas. Attach container to dolly with easy twist-on/off action. Brute® Quiet Dolly is perfect for noise-sensitive environments. Precision marking quiet casters. BRUTE® Trainable Dolly for an ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Roll-Off Boxes

    BakerCorp roll-off boxes provide the perfect solution for any solids containment requirement. From Dewatering Boxes to efficient separators, any application that requires the maintenance or transportation of hazardous waste can rely on these flexible boxes. With the widest variety of boxes and separators in the industry, BakerCorp is the company ...

    By BakerCorp Office in Laveen, ARIZONA (USA). from Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Trainable Carts

    Transport waste/ recycleables from point of generation to a Compactor. Reduces material handeling and trash disposal/ recyling labor costs. Heavy-duty carts designed for quiet operation over rough terrain. Trainable carts can be towed behind a golf cart or pick-up truck heavy-duty 2,000# trailer axles and spindles. DOT approved hitch coupling and ...

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Trainable Carts Product line

  • Geomembrane Liner

    Selecting the right geomembrane liner for an application can be a confusing process. There are a wide variety of geomembrane liners available in the market today due to the unique needs of the various industries they are used in. The type of geomembrane that would work best for a specific application can depend on several different factors. These ...

    By Western Environmental Liner based in Tolleson, ARIZONA (USA). from Geomembrane Liner Product line

  • Model BTL 208 Series - Cart Lifters

    The BTL 208 series is one of the newest and most advanced lines of cart lifters from Bayne Premium Lift Systems. The patent-pending design of the BTL 208 series incorporates a sweeping action that automatically adjusts for uneven terrain, preventing operators from having to lift carts onto to lifter faceplate. This lifter was specifically designed ...

    By Bayne ThinLine - Environmental Solutions Group Company. based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Cart Lifters Product line

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