waste handling operations equipment in Sweden

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    Presona - Model K - Stationary Compactor

    We design and supply turn-key compactor systems to meet all needs, large and small. Our experience and knowledge combined with a wide range of models and accessories ensures maximum customer benefit. With the K 230/330 M model, Presona address the needs of users with high demands in terms of reliability and performance. Presona’s compactor ...

    By Presona AB based in Tomelilla, SWEDEN.

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    Presona - Waste Sorting Plants

    We are specialized in designing customized, cost effective installations for waste handling and garbage baling. A typical sort plant can be designed for two or more fractions with a yearly material flow of 30.000 to 300.000 tonnes. Presona offers each customer an optimum solution – with respect to individual components and the entire system. ...

    By Presona AB based in Tomelilla, SWEDEN.

  • Model 8075 - Compactor

    Compactor Model 8075 handles bulky packaging waste such as boxes, cartons, tin cans and plastic containers quickly and effortless, compressing its original volume down to 1/6 (equivalent to 300 liter of waste in a 50 liter bag). When unit starts a solid plate moves down into the waste container to compress the waste and then returns to the top of ...

    By Disperator AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Compactor Product line

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    Flexus - Model Breeze Mini - Baling System

    Waste processing for small islands or remote locations. The Breeze Mini handles up to 10 tonnes per hour at around 25 kW of power, making it a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal or irregular operation, with high energy efficiency as an added bonus.

    By Flexus Balasystem AB based in Nossebro, SWEDEN.

  • Model EPC and MiniEPC - Heavy Duty Waste Compactors

    Europress EPC compactors are equipped with a pre-compacting feature, for handling extremely large quantities of waste. When the waste is hard, inconveniently shaped or comes in very large single loads, it is wise to crush it before the final compression. Instead of normal compression cycle, EPC compactors performs dual operation: first crushing ...

    By Europress Group Oy Office in Rosersberg, SWEDEN. from Heavy Duty Waste Compactors Product line

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    VA Teknik - Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters

    Energy efficient waste water treatment is the future. Biological treatment and nitrogen ammonia removal by use of trickling filters is both an ­environmental friendly and cost efficient process. Trickling filters are ­returning in popularity due to the fact that activated sludge processes are significantly higher in operational costs than ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in BorĂ¥s, SWEDEN. from Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters Product line

  • Excellent - Model 500A-ATF - Food Waste Disposers System

    With an ATF assembly installation is simplified as no welding is required when mounting on-site in the kitchen. The unit is installed in the sink’s existing drain outlet using a screw joint reinforcement and designed for continuous feeding of food waste which means effective handling of large amounts of food waste without unnecessary ...

    By Disperator AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Food Waste Disposers System Product line

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    ProMaxion - Process Mass Spectrometer for the PAT (Process Analytical Technology)

    THE NEED: Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bulk chemical manufacturers are searching for means of eliminating inefficiencies and waste in their manufacturing processes in order to eliminate process bottlenecks and increase profitability.

  • Penguin - Model VXKN-A - Stationary Plant

    A stationary plant made in stainless steel with 3-phase lamella separator for separation of solid particles and tramp oil from the process liquid. Lean maintenance system with automatic operation, cleaning, and waste handling. This unit is used for by-pass purification of industrial washing liquids and cutting coolants

    By Vivex Separation AB based in Tumba, SWEDEN.

  • Model H&G Series - Screw Compactors

    A screw compactor is an excellent choice when dealing with large amounts of cardboard or if they are thick. The machines are best suited for handling cardboard and waste tree materials and PET plastic bottles. H&G Screw differs from normal compactors because of it’s technology. Instead of a normal piston there is as large and powerful ...

    By Europress Group Oy Office in Rosersberg, SWEDEN. from Screw Compactors Product line

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