waste management Equipment available in Guinea

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    Tecam - Incinerator System for Waste Management (Hazardous, Solid & Liquid, NORM, Sludge, etc.)

    Incinerators for Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, NORM derived from industrial processes. Waste valorisation is a common and necessary practice to treat, recycle and give a new value to waste coming from human and industrial activity. Incineration is a type of valorisation that offers safe results and advantages, which make it ideal for ...

    By Tecam Group based in Llinars del Vall├Ęs, SPAIN. from Industrial Waste Management Product line

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    Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Management Equipment and Services

    SCS equipment and services for drilling waste management are offered on a contract or rental basis for oil and gas drilling projects.

    By Solids Control Services based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    P. Henkel - Model 120/200/240 Litre - Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base

    The waste bin with spherical base represents hygienic waste disposal of food wastes and liquid slops as well as residual waste and organic wastes. MGBs with spherical base are side-loader-optimised. Cost benefits for councils and municipalities as well as private waste management companies. Absolutely low-noise, serially only 89 dB in accordance ...

    By P. Henkel GmbH based in Kreuztal, GERMANY. from Large Waste Containers Product line

  • MORTIM - Model 20 - Containerized waste management station

    MORTIM has been developed and designed for waste handling of larger amounts of solid waste in the Marine and Offshore Industries.

    By Delitek AS based in Alsvaag, NORWAY. from Containerized waste management solutions Product line

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    HidroMak - Solid Waste Transfer Semi Trailer (Push Out / Moving Floor) System

    Transfer Semi Trailer has a compaction with upper loading system. All garbage collectors (mini tipper, rear loading garbage truck, skip hoist (for home type of waste, monoblok) can transfer to refuse in Semi Trailer. it is most effective way to reduce running cost and other truck service and workmanship cost. we are manufacturing two type ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Mini Tipper for Waste Compactor

    Mini Tipper is a waste compactor with tipping box and optional compacting blade and optional container Lifting System designed to meet the need for versatility in the context of doorstep refuse collection services.

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Skip Loader

    The Skip Loader design to carry containers of uncompactable solid waste has structure which extension arms, too, can be added to acoording to the need. Stabilazation legs (jacks) can be made horizontal or vertical depending on the load state. There are available on it, a total number of six hydraulic and pneumatic cyclinder for hook holding ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Hooklift

    Hooklift made for take on the truck and transport open or closed containers. According to DIN 30722 norm container tahe on the truck, locks with special lock mechanism and gets ready to transport. Hooklift loading precess, when the hooklift container is on ground, with opening lift arm in to the gip and with help of purchase, pulls the containers ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Monoblok Garbage Truck Body

    The Monoblok is a rapid and economic solution in collection garbage. İt Provides a modern, Clean and an innovative appearence fort he environment. It has a 100% leakage-proof quality and it is much lighter than the other ones since, in this compactor there is no rear cover system present.

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Refuse Compactor with Road Sweeper

    Refuse Compactor with Road Sweeper , for the first time in the world, Hidro-Mak has combined in a single truck the vacuum Road Sweeping equipment and the Hydraulic Compaction Garbage Frame, Thus it has demostrated satisfactorily its both, innovatory aspect and R&D and Production power. Our supersutructure which can implement successfully the ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Maxi Tipper for Narrow Street

    Maxi Tipper was made by HidroMak, 3,5 -6 tone in vehicle group having 4-6m3 capacity, bothhave compacting and lifting container system, those vehicles feature small and maeuverability are easy solution for collecting garbage in cities. Because of vehicle cabin entry height is low, provides comfortable use for drivers. At the same time under the ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

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    HidroMak - Eco-Twin Hydraulic Refuse Collection Truck Body

    Working free double partition hydraulic compacting garbage body; collect domestic and packing wastes seperately by only one vehiche, seperalety stock in domestic and packing parts in one vehicle and in an attempt to provide transfer for domestic waste, tranfer to recycling plants for packing waste. Conteiner is composed of two seperate discharge ...

    By HidroMak based in Bakirkoy / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Waste Management Product line

  • Sotkon - Waste Management Systems

    The Sotkon access control can easily be installed in an existing intake bin. It’s the perfect solution for cities with the PAYT systems. The Sotkon system includes data collection and data transmission for invoicing refuse deposited according to local requirements. The system collects information each time the insert unit is used by any of ...

    By Sotkon Waste Systems based in Porto, PORTUGAL. from Modularity Product line

  • RanMarine - Maritime and Waste-management System

    RanMarine is an environmental technologies solutions company. Based in The Netherlands, we focus specifically on maritime and waste-management innovations in the AquaDrone space. 

    By RanMarine Technology based in NETHERLANDS.

  • Waste Management Centrifuge

    Drilling waste management and cuttings disposal have become a critical issue for any drilling operations because of stringent effluent limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. The wastes discarded by the drilling mud circulation system must be disposed in safe way to the environment. GN Solids Control offers ...

    By GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd based in Hebei, CHINA.

  • NatureVel - Model SW - Solid Waste Management

    NatureVel - SW is a brand created, manufactured and marketed in India specifically for treating solid waste by Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. under agreement with Biosa, Denmark

    By Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. based in Dehradun, INDIA.

  • Viridor - Waste Management System

    Viridor Waste Management’s new 150,000 tpa Commercial & Industrial (C&I) MRF, designed and built by Eggersmann Anlagenbau, is now fully commissioned and operating in excess of the agreed specification.

    By Kaizen Recycling Limited based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • STERIFLASH - The Biomedical Waste Management Solution

    STERIFLASH is a device that treats potentially infectious biomedical waste and transforms it into ordinary waste which can be stored and treated in rubbish dumps. Robust and reliable, easy and quick to setup, this waste treatment process can now be set close to production place, avoiding risks & dangers.

    By COMTEM based in Cocentaina, SPAIN.

  • Model RSD-Mini - Solids & Waste Management System

    The decentralized waste management concept of Renergon ensures certainty of disposal, as well as a certainty of supply (energy, recyclables, compost / fertiliser), while transport costs and efforts are reduced. The mixed garbage is delivered, prepared, separated and disposed. Valuable recyclable materials (metals, plastic, etc.) can be recycled ...

    By Renergon International AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Skiploader (OSL) for Waste Management

    Load check valve on the pistons against hose explosion. Cylindrical lubricant tank sufficient enough for the hydraulic system. Secured side barriers. Manual secure usage (remote controller system is optional). Booms manufactured from European high resistance iron sheet. Pneumatic container lock system. Rear support legs with movable footing for ...

    By Orakci Machine Industry based in Bursa, TURKEY.

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