waste removal equipment in Finland

  • Nitrogen Removal Adsorbent

    Our nitrogen removal solution effectively removes soluble ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) from waste water. The product is temperature-independent; it also works with cold water. The adsorbent is dosed in powder form in the activated sludge process, or alternatively, the treatment is carried out with a granular adsorbent, with a so-called tertiary ...

    By Aquaminerals Finland Oy based in Paltamo, FINLAND.

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    CTP - Model TO - Direct Thermal Oxidation

    For a safe removal of contaminated streams, e.g. halogenous waste gases and liquid waste, CTP has developed the direct thermal oxidation (TO).

  • Model CAREMASTER™ - Automatic Waste and Laundry Transfer System

    The automatic pipeline transfer system works by an efficient vacuum system. Using a combination of the pneumatic pipeline transfer system and the vertical pipeline transfer system will create an integrated and complete solution - CAREMASTER™. The fast waste and linen removal system is an important part of the whole building’s ...

    By Ecosir Group Oy based in Espoo, FINLAND. from Automatic Waste and Laundry Transfer System Product line

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    CTP - Mechanical-Thermal Filter

    Removal of sticky particulate (e.g. tar) and aerosols: CTP’s prefilters are filled with high temperature-proof ceramic saddles which generate a turbulent flow and allow for a rapid bake-out of deposits. Due to the depth and the volume of the filter packing particles, tar and aerosols are removed from the waste gas to a high degree.

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    CTP - Wet Gas Scrubbing System

    Removal of inorganic components: The hot waste gas from the customer's process or upstream oxidizer is cooled in a quench and then directed to a scrubbing chamber. The scrubbing medium, usually water or acid/alkali solutions is injected into the scrubber and trickles over the packing material from top to bottom. The inorganic pollutants in the ...

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    CTP VOXsorbTherm - Fixed Bed Adsorption System

    The VOXsorbTherm system has been developed especially for very lowly contaminated (VOC concentration < 100 mgVOC/Nm³) and periodically occuring waste gas streams. This adsorption system stands out due to an efficient non-simultaneous combination of pollutant separation and removal.

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    CTP MultiTherm - Direct Thermal Oxidation (TO)

    The MultiTherm safely removes highly contaminated, i.e. halogenous, waste gas streams and liquid waste as well as wastewaters especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry. CTP‘s MultiTherm is a combined process in air purification. It consists essentially of a thermal oxidation and one or more upstream or downstream ...

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

    Dissolved Air Flotation can be employed to remove high inlet levels of organics, suspended solids, oil and grease from industrial water and waste water. The microbubble DAF provides a practical solution to hard-to-handle water treatment problems.

    By Watman Ltd. based in Saukkola, FINLAND.

  • Adsorption Phenomena and Adsorbents for Metal Processing​

    Recycling the waste water of the production plant into process water – metal and sulphate control. You can take advantage of the adsorption phenomena and adsorbents as an additional purification technique, which allows to reuse waste water as process water. The pre-treatment of the supply water of an RO plant improves the efficiency of the ...

    By Aquaminerals Finland Oy based in Paltamo, FINLAND.

  • Surface Treatment Adsorbent

    In surface treatment facilities, metals are usually removed from small flows of waste water. Our products adsorb harmful metal ions effectively, and neutralise the water as well. The solution is usually simple in technical terms, and affordable to implement. The emissions of a surface treatment facility is typically nickel (Ni), zinc ...

    By Aquaminerals Finland Oy based in Paltamo, FINLAND.

  • Mil-tek - Model 101 - Can Crusher

    The Mil-tek Can Crusher Model 101 is the ideal solution for compacting tins, cans, drums, and buckets, reducing volume by 90%. With no electric parts, the Can Crusher is easy to clean and maintain and its small footprint means the Can Crusher can be installed in any location. Many tins and cans contain hazardous waste such as oil or paint, the ...

    By Mil-tek Office in Oulu, FINLAND. from Can Crusher Product line

  • Bale Opener

    The Cross Wrap Bale Opener is suitable for unwrapping bales containing RDF, SRF and other waste, recyclable materials and industrial materials. The machine automatically removes the wrapping film and bale wires, enabling the material to be utilised, for example, as an energy source. The costs of running and maintaining the Bale Opener equipment ...

    By Cross Wrap Oy Ltd based in Siilinjärvi, FINLAND.

  • OxTube - Potable Water Cleaning Modular System

    SansOx OxTube is a modular solution that can be retrofitted, easily removed, cleaned and installed in many stages of the water treatment process. OxTube can be integrated into any water flow system of fresh water processing and waste water treatment, where the OxTube provides systems with the comprehensive oxygenation and aeration. Studies and ...

    By SansOx Limited based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

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    ProMinent Tomal - Metering System for Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

    5-50 kg/h of dry PAC with a re-dilution of 3-5 m3/h and a final concentration of max. 1%; Conventional waste water treatment cannot adequately remove trace elements, such as medication or cosmetic residue from the waste water. This is particularly effective using the complete system for the precise metering of powdered active carbon (PAC).

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    Cyclone Scrubber Solutions

    Cyclone scrubbers can be used as part of an incineration system as a dust particle removal system. A cyclone scrubber must be specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the waste stream and the off gas produced to ensure optimum operation. A cyclone functions through a process called vortex separation, when the rotational effects and ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. Distributor in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Cyclone Scrubber Solutions Product line

  • Sorting Systems - Household waste

    This sorting system processes bags of domestic waste. On arrival, the bags are automatically opened. The material is then pre-sorted and led across a star screen or through a sorting drum, where the material is sorted on the basis of four different particle sizes. The recyclable materials are processed manually in three sorting lines and collected ...

    By Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Distributor in FINLAND. from Sorting Systems - Household waste Product line

  • COLASIT - Mist Eliminator

    Mist eliminator are used wherever droplets of pollutant or process materials must be removed from liquid-laden waste air. This is the case, among others, in the surface-treatment, chemical, and electronics industries. The waste air drawn in by a plastic ventilator is passed through a grid section with repeated changes of direction. Because of ...

    By Colasit AG Distributor in Hämeenlinna, FINLAND. from Mist Eliminator Product line

  • MACFAB - Bag Press

    Suitable for both wet and dry kitchen waste materials. High compaction ratio 10:1. Suitable for garage fore courts, retail outlets, offices, small hospitablity establishments. Top loading. Split chamber for ease of bag removal. Wheel mounted for quick and easy movement. Low operational height.

    By Macfab Systems Distributor in FINLAND. from Bag Press Product line

  • MACFAB - Model 60 HD - Heavy Duty Vertical Balers

    Can bale a variety of waste products including plastic bottles, drink cans, paint tins, cardboard and plastic. Cross strapping tying system to hold difficult material in place. Fully automated bale ejector: simplifies the removal of the bale. Bale weight of up to 25kg in aluminum cans or 1500 drink cans.

    By Macfab Systems Distributor in FINLAND. from Heavy Duty Vertical Balers Product line

  • Vecoplan - Model VVZ - Double-Shaft Shredder / Pre-Shredder

    The VVZ (210, 300) double-shaft shredder is a pre-shredder for processing difficult waste and material containing tramp material, such as pallets, boxes, cable drums, demolition wood, items of furniture, chipboard, and municipal solid as well as commercial waste. The two solid steel rotors with a diameter of 500 mm maximise the throughput. The ...

    By Vecoplan AG Distributor in TURKU, FINLAND. from Double-Shaft Shredder / Pre-Shredder Product line

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