waste sludge equipment in Sweden

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model RK - Grinder for Solids in Water, Sludge & Waste

    Robust stainless steel construction. Can be used for both wet and dry applications. Can be flange pipe mounted as well as open in channels or chutes. Can be combined with compactors and screens to increase each machines efficiency. High material capacity. Easy changeable drive unit, shaft extension, submersible motor, hydraulic motor. Grinder RK ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Grinder for Solids in Water, Sludge & Waste Product line

  • VRW Megawasher - Sludge Dewaterer

    When fine screens are installed in municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants, they generate large volumes of faecal and organic matter from screening activities. Typically, a washer dewaterer washes out the organic material, reduces the volume and weight of the screenings and compacts them.The MEGA Washer Dewaterer represents a range of machines ...

    By SPIRAC Pty. Ltd. Office in Limhamn, SWEDEN.

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model QS - Disc Press Self Cleaning Screw Press Dehydrator for Sludge Dewatering

    Self cleaning screw press dehydrator for sludge dewatering. Perfect for greasy sticky sludges and wet waste. Big wet area enables thickening and dewatering in one machine. Silent & vibration free operation with low rpm. Very low energy consumption and almost no water consumption. Robust stainless construction allows high torque and dewatering ...

  • Cerlic - Model Classic Series - Water and Waste Water System

    Our Classic series includes sensors for: Suspended Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Pressure, Level, Flow, Automatic Sludge Blanket Meter, Central units BB1 and BB2, Water sampler, Refrigerator, Sensors and Central units in our Multi Series are not compatible with the Classic program.

    By Cerlic Controls AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Water and Waste Water System Product line

  • Screw Conveyors

    Transportation of screenings, sludges, waste and other solids by means of a shaftless spiral.

    By REKO Industrial Equipment b.v. Office in Växjö, SWEDEN.

  • Marinfloc - CS Unit

    The Marinfloc CS-system is a patented and fully automatic comminuting and aerating system that is connected to sewage holding tank, sewage sludge tank and/or food waste holding tank.

    By Marinfloc AB based in Varekil, SWEDEN. from CS Unit Product line

  • Alfa Laval - Model ALDEC G2 - Centrifugal Separators

    Shifting the conventional benchmarks for sludge dewatering performance. Compared with previous generations of equipment, they provide 2–3% drier sludge cake or as much as 30% greater capacity – or any combination in between. Decanter centrifuges play a crucial role in removing the water content from sludge from waste water plants, as ...

    By Alfa Laval Corporate AB based in Lund, SWEDEN. from Centrifugal Separators Product line

  • SPECTRO GENESIS - ICP Spectrometer

    The SPECTRO GENESIS is the first and only ICP-OES available with a complete set of factory methods - truly “plug & analyze” without needing to first develop a method. These factory methods cover all common environmental and industrial applications, like Water, Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water, Soil, Sewage Sludge, Filter Dust, ...

    By SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - AMETEK, Inc Office in Lidingo, SWEDEN. from ICP Spectrometer Product line

  • Anaerobic Granular Plant

    Anaerobic granular technology based on the same principles as conventional microbiological digestion, but the reactor design is completely different. Another difference is that the waste water treated and not sludge, so that the organic material must be in a soluble form. The reactor configuration will exploit the natural ability of anaerobic ...

    By Purac AB based in Lund, SWEDEN. from Anaerobic Granular Plant Product line

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    VA Teknik - Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters

    Energy efficient waste water treatment is the future. Biological treatment and nitrogen ammonia removal by use of trickling filters is both an ­environmental friendly and cost efficient process. Trickling filters are ­returning in popularity due to the fact that activated sludge processes are significantly higher in operational costs than ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters Product line

  • Vivex - Model VXDC-A - Decantor

    A separator enabling separation of particles of sizes down to 10µ (option 3µ) by settling them in motionless liquid volume. Periodical settling of fluid under motionsless liquid volume in a lamella package and automatically discharge of decanted fluid and separated wastes. Automatically operating cleaning system of the lamella package. ...

    By Vivex Separation AB based in Tumba, SWEDEN.

  • PST - Shaftless Spirals

    A major advantage of the shaftless spiral is its ability to transport sticky, thread-like and irregular material without getting bogged down or blocked. The shaftless spiral has a much higher capacity than shaft spirals. Spirals are used by paper mills, recycling plants, incineration plants, saw mills, pellet mills, sewage plants and abattoirs. ...

    By PST AB based in Torsås, SWEDEN.

  • Nordic Water Sobye - Model TD - Automatic, Self-Cleaning Belt Filter

    With our Sobye filter you get an automatic, self-cleaning belt filter that removes particles from water in a cost-effective and space-efficient way. The Sobye filter replaces the standard primary filtration of municipal waste water and sedimentation processes, but on a much smaller area. Due to its effectiveness, it offers an investment saving of ...

    By Nordic Water Products AB based in Askim, SWEDEN. from Automatic, Self-Cleaning Belt Filter Product line

  • Ponny - Model VXCF-M - Purification and Recycling Mobile Unit

    A mobile unit for purification and recycling of cutting fluids when cleaning machine sump and chips conveyor. Instead of producing waste coolant by sump sucking, the coolant in the sump is purified in Ponny unit and is used for the cleaning of the machine while the machine tools is in production. Ponny is a paper free depression drum filter on a ...

    By Vivex Separation AB based in Tumba, SWEDEN.

  • Model MV - Knife Gate Valves

    Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV is used within many different fields of applications. The valve has a gate with a bevel edge that effectively cuts through different media. In closed position the gate is pushed onto the seat which gives a tight and reliable sealing. This special shut-off technique makes the MV valve suitable for both ...

    By Stafsjö Valves AB based in Stavsjö, SWEDEN. from Knife Gate Valves Product line

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    ProMinent - Model Spectra - Eccentric Screw Pump

    Capacity range 2.4 – 12,000 l/h, 12 – 3 bar; The eccentric screw pump Spectra meters liquid polyelectrolytes in concentrated and dilute form. It can be used, for example, in waste water treatment or sludge dewatering.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH Distributor in Göteborg, SWEDEN. from Eccentric Screw Pump Product line

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