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waste sorting equipment

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    Presona - Waste Sorting Plants

    We are specialized in designing customized, cost effective installations for waste handling and garbage baling. A typical sort plant can be designed for two or more fractions with a yearly material flow of 30.000 to 300.000 tonnes. Presona offers each customer an optimum solution – with respect to individual components and the entire system. ...

    By Presona AB based in Tomelilla, SWEDEN.

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    Suspension Magnets For Magnetic Separator & Waste Sorting Systems

    Master Magnets have increased their range of Suspension Magnets over the years to cater for the ever-increasing size of conveyors, deeper troughing and conveyor speeds. Master Magnets can offer customers two types of suspension magnet, depending on specific applicational details for magnetic separator & waste sorting systems. The units are ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd based in Redditch, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    REDWAVE - Waste Recycling & Waste Treatment Plant Solutions

    REDWAVE is your reliable partner for profitable solutions in the recycling industry. Advanced optical sorting machines and complete plant solutions grant highest recycling rates and maximum profit. We guarantee the most advanced sorting solution with the highest yield for your recycling plant.

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    Model R-SLB - Cans & Briks Sorting Equipment

    The Cans & Briks1 SORTER (R-SLB) is classifying equipment that processes the flow of material made up of cans and briks1 that are previously separated from the general flow of the Municipal Solid Waste by means of an Eddy Current Separator. The cans undergo the most influence and are thrown ahead, where they are distinctly separated from the ...

    By Regulator-Cetrisa based in Gava, SPAIN. from Cans & Briks Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Waste Sorting Plant

    The system of recycling and production RDF is set the objective to valorize every material of refusal as a recyclable resource that has a proper market of reutilized or as an energetic resource (as it regards the non recyclable fraction), departing from a diversified collection and not.

    By Key Global Italia, srl based in Novara, ITALY. from Waste Sorting Plant Product line

  • Waste Sorting Plants

    PARINI offers its Customers the benefits of over twenty years’ experience in the field by implementing a process that begins with a preliminary study of the plant and leads to the final design, construction and assembly. Almost all our machines, drum sieve machines, ballistic separators, conveyors platforms and sorting cabins are ...

    By Parini s.r.l. based in Albinea (RE), ITALY. from Waste Sorting Plants Product line

  • Waste Sorting station

    EMS Makina manufacturing full system of waste sorting station which is used for Municipality waste sorting for recycling. We do also constructing of landfills,Rehabiliztation of landfill gas and producing electricity from Methane gas and Biogas. Also producing waste shreeding units and waste bailing presses.For more information please contact ...

    By Erhan Machinery System Ltd (EMS) based in Temelli, TURKEY.

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    TOMRA - Model Autosort Laser - Sorting Machine

    High throughput, high consistency and high product yield at peak performance owing to LASER state-of-the-art technology. TOMRA Sorting maintains its leadership by the brand new AUTOSORT LASER and its patented system amongst a range of applications.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Sorting Machine Product line

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    TOMRA - Model 5A - Sorting Machine

    The TOMRA 5A sorting machine brings more than 98% removal rate of foreign objects, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. Running the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantly increases the level of food safety and yield.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Sorting Machine Product line

  • Disan - Packaking Waste Sorting Plant

    Because packaging wastes had already sorted in house holds and factories these plants requires less space and low budgets to operate. There are different types of plants depending on different parameters (such as space, budget, capacity etc…) Basically machines like feeding conveyor, bag opener, disc screen, ballistic separator, sorting ...

    By Disan Hydraulic Machinery Co. based in Yenibosna, TURKEY. from Packaking Waste Sorting Plant Product line

  • Industrial Waste Sorting Plant

    If the target is an efficient sorting, mixed construction and industrial waste or bulky waste have high requirements for the plant manufacturing. A process combination of grinding, separation and conveying technology have to comply the demanding task to separate the material streams. Downstream visual identifying systems divide the different ...

    By AMB Technology GmbH based in Oschersleben, GERMANY. from Industrial Waste Sorting Plant Product line

  • Macpresse - Waste Sorting Plant for Recyclable

    Quality and experience to make innovative and customized systems. MACPRESSE designs and manufactures sorting systems for paper and plastic, for industrial waste and for the sorting of municipal solid waste. Each system is custom-designed according to the customer’s specific requirements, quantity to be treated and materials to be sorted. ...

    By Macpresse Europa S.R.L based in Vernate, ITALY. from Waste Sorting Plant for Recyclable Product line

  • ANIS - Model TGV - Waste sorting plants for MSW

    ANIS can offer simple and cost effective solutions to the separation of all types of material from comingled material, MSW to paper & board separation. All systems are designed around customer's specific requirements, incorporating as much or as little automation as required, with the system being designed around available space. Systems can be ...

    By Anis Trend d.o.o. based in Loški potok, SLOVENIA. from Waste sorting plants for MSW Product line

  • Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart

    The Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart is perfect for collecting and sorting various recyclables in centralized office areas. The frame with dual handles maneuvers easily through narrow hallways and tight corners. With two models available, the cart can hold two or three 26 US Gallon Upright Containers.

    By Busch Systems International Inc. based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Recycling & Waste Sorting Cart Product line

  • Optical Waste Sorting Units

    Eagle Vizion optical sorting units, the former process of sorting certain materials by hand can now be automated. In fact, thanks to Near Infra-Red (NIR) detection, different types of materials can be detected, recognized, and then separated. Colour-detection and line-scan cameras are also available.

    By Sherbrooke O.E.M. Ltd based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • ZenRobotics - Robotic Waste Sorting Systems

    ZenRobotics Recycler is the world’s first robotic waste sorting system. The robots accurately separate chosen waste fractions from solid waste streams. Designed to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of waste separation, ZRR is the next generation of recycling. ZRR is available today and currently operates around the ...

    By ZenRobotics Ltd. based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Municipal Waste Sorting Lines

    AGROMECH creates modern and complex solutions in the field of nature protection. We are pleased to offer design and complete realisation of sorting lines for municipal waste – either mixed and sorted. Our lines are also utilised in the area of recycling of audio/video devices.

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND.

  • Solid Waste Sorting Line

    The solid waste sorting line is designed to recover recyclables from a stream of municipal waste using a manual sorting system. It serves to re-use valuable recyclables and reduce the volume of waste stream to be landfilled. The lines for garbage sorting can be set up in many different ways according to the composition of 'raw material' that can ...

    By PRS Makina based in Menderes, TURKEY.

  • Austin AI - Model QXR-EW - Electronic Waste Sorting & Separating System

    Austin AI's QXR-EW is a unique core system that rapidly and accurately sorts and separates electronic scrap material into product specific categories based on its chemical composition. Based on proven Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the QXR-EW system is ideal for E-Recycling industry.

    By Austin AI, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Electronic Waste Sorting & Separating System Product line

  • Mixed Construction Waste Sorting Systems

    Input material: Mixed construction waste is a mixture of mineral and non-mineral material such as mixtures of wood, metal, cables, film, packing material, glass, cardboard, paper, plastics etc. The mineral material includes e.g. bricks, tiles , wall debris, stones, concrete etc. Special waste such as roofing felt, asbestos cement, paint, lacquer ...

    By Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH based in Bergisch, GERMANY. from Mixed Construction Waste Sorting Systems Product line

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