waste to energy equipment in Florida

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    ANDRITZ Vandenbroek - Model VDB - Rotary Drum Dryer

    The rotary drum dryer is suitable for drying woody biomass, agricultural products, and municipal solid waste (MSW). For the production of alternative fuels as well as in the area of waste-to-energy, ANDRITZ Vandenbroek rotary drum dryers are applied to decrease the moisture of the material to the desired level fo downstream process steps.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Lakeland, FLORIDA (USA). from Rotary Drum Dryer Product line

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    ANDRITZ - Model BDS - Belt Sludge Drying System

    Municipal sludge drying and granulation using waste heat. The patented ANDRITZ AG belt drying system (BDS) is characterized by its flexibility and ability to use a wide range of energy sources, particularly low-grade waste energy. BDS can be used for drying a broad range of products, such as industrial and municipal sludge, cow manure, biomass, as ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Lakeland, FLORIDA (USA). from Belt Sludge Drying System Product line

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    Krauss-Maffei - Model VZU-G - Gypsum Vertical Peeler Centrifuge

    The Krauss-Maffei VZU-G gypsum centrifuge is most suitable for desulfurization of flue gases from coal-fired heat/ power plants, waste incinerators, and copper smelters. Washing the flue gas with limestone slurry is the most successful method and generates reusable gypsum.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Lakeland, FLORIDA (USA). from Gypsum Vertical Peeler Centrifuge Product line

  • Energy Banners

    When a message of energy conservation is important, say it big! Use of our energy banners placed in a strategic locations will encourage your audience to conserve energy, reduce waste, eliminate processes that are wasteful and lower your energy bills.

    By AwarenessIDEAS.com Office in FLORIDA (USA). from Energy Banners Product line

  • Energy Planning Links

    Our resources and creative team can help you move forward towards reducing energy waste.

    By AwarenessIDEAS.com Office in FLORIDA (USA). from Energy Planning Links Product line

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    TurboSorb - Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)

    MEGTEC offers SDA technology to treat industrial process gas streams, with applications in biofuels, incineration, iron and steel, mining and metallurgical, cement, and waste-to-energy, to name a few. Our SDAs provide effective control of SOx and HCl by the injection of calcium, potassium or sodium-based slurries. Unlike wet scrubbers, all water ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Vero Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) Product line

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) Production Plants

    ANDRITZ Recycling supplies specific technologies, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to energy. This includes equipment for shredding, screening, classification and drying. The outcome is valuable goods, such as high-calorific RDF, as well as non-combustible fractions.

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group Office in Oldsmar, FLORIDA (USA). from Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) Production Plants Product line

  • Smartchem - Model 600 - Discrete Analyzer

    The new generation Discrete analyzer, up to 600 tests/hour. More productivity, lower running costs and better results. Lower running costs. The Smartchem range is the first discrete analyzers to utilize washable cuvettes with an integrated wash and control. station,  which guarantee a lower running cost and reduced risk of contamination. In ...

    By AMS Alliance S.p.A - a KPM Analytics company Office in Weston, FLORIDA (USA). from Discrete Analyzer Product line

  • polyBALLS - Pool & Spa - Advanced Filter Media

    polyBALLS Advanced Filter Media is a revolutionary new product that can be used in place of sand or zeolite in your swimming pool filter. The superlight material takes all the hard work out of sand replacement and outperforms it by removing particles up to 1 micron (#20 Sand down to 20 Microns). Moreover, polyBALLS holds more contaminants, ...


  • Konecranes - Forklifts - Lift Trucks

    Konecranes' SMV forklift trucks – tackling your toughest material handling needs. With a lifting capacity of 10-80 tons, our forklift trucks are built tough to get the job done. We adapt each lift truck so that it is ideally suited to efficiently execute your most demanding tasks. A rigid, box-section chassis and a load-sensing hydraulic ...

    By Linder Industrial Machinery Company based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA).

  • JDB Dense Flow - Batch Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    JDB Dense Flow Batch Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems feature superior system components, and an advanced air delivery system that conveys at the lowest possible material velocity with minimal wasted energy.  A Batch Conveying system is the most common form of dense phase pneumatic conveying, and offers a cost effective method for ...

    By JDB Dense Flow, Inc. based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA). from Batch Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems Product line

  • Day Bin / Storage Unloading

    When it comes to unloading dry, free flowing material from bulk storage bins a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System delivers material from point A to B with less maintenance, lower operational costs, and less wasted energy then other forms of material conveying.  Bulk materials necessary for plant production are often stored in material ...

    By JDB Dense Flow, Inc. based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA). from Day Bin / Storage Unloading Product line

  • JDB - Continuous Dense Phase Conveying Systems

    Continuous Dense Phase Conveying Systems are often built to convey material long distances (over 1000’) and/or at high tonnage rates (more than 25 tons/hr.).  They are the most efficient, and feature the lowest average material velocity compared to any other form of pneumatic conveying.  Continuous Dense Phase Systems typically ...

    By JDB Dense Flow, Inc. based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA). from Continuous Dense Phase Conveying Systems Product line

  • Balers

    This machine is used for packing all of the light and loose material, such as straw, pasture, waste paper,cotton, cloth,plastic, wool, and Recoverable Garbage and so on. It helps to reduce the volume, increase the density, it is convenient to transport and save. This machine is the good helper in multipurpose using and exploiting biomass energy.

    By World Waste Systems, LLC (WWS) based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Balers Product line

  • Pellet Bins

    The waste material, paper sludge, produced from the manufacturing of paper has material value and can be utilized as a fuel supplement in the plant’s boilers. Paper sludge at a 70-80% total solids content, contains a moderate level of energy which can be economically recovered.

    By Global Resource Recovery Organization (GRRO) Office in Bradenton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Landfill Methane Gas

    When you are responsible for one or more landfills, environmental policy, sustainable outlook and operating the company successfully are important parameters for your stakeholders. In many closed and active landfills, additional revenues can be realized from starting or improving energy generation from the polluting methane gas that develops ...

    By Green Gas International BV Office in Palm City, FLORIDA (USA).

  • GWT - Electrocoagulation Water Treatment Solutions

    Electrocoagulation is a specialized coagulation technology utilizing electrical energy. This electrolysis process utilizes methods that precipitate out large quantities of contaminants in one operation. This Genesis Water Technologies electrocoagulation wastewater treatment technology is the distinct economical and environmental choice for ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Electrocoagulation Water Treatment Solutions Product line

  • Water Disinfection Solutions

    Water disinfection solutions are critical to both communities and industries across the world. Genesis Water Technologies provides energy efficient UV systems and advanced oxidation solutions to meet the needs for safe clean water that is free from pathogenic micro-organisms and toxic environmental contaminants. GWT specializes in designing and ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Disinfection Solutions Product line

  • N-Viro - Fuel

    N-Viro Fuel is a patented biomass-derived fuel that has the physical and chemical characteristics of coal. It is generated from municipal biosolds and other organics such as livestock manure, food waste, and pulp and paper sludge by-products. The resulting product is blended with coal and used as a energy substitute by electric utilities. The ...

    By N-Viro International Corporation Office in Port Orange, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Frac Water Reuse Technologies

    Over the last ten years, the US energy sector has accelerated the development of its unconventional oil and gas resources through increased use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing practices. Water is an essential element in the fracturing process.  The volume of water required to fracture a well varies across the country, but it ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Distributor in FLORIDA (USA). from Frac Water Reuse Technologies Product line

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