waste treatment system equipment in Australia

  • AWS - Biohazardous Waste Treatment Systems

    Safely manage waste with the self contained aws ant system, free standing or at the loading dock at health facility (clinical waste), seaport or airport (quarantine waste).Or Integrated Into (Auto) Facility Waste Management (Conveyor) Systems.

    By AWS Clinical Waste based in Cleveland, AUSTRALIA.

  • Solaft - Waste Water Treatment System

    Removal of suspended solids and emulsified oils is an important issue when aiming to produce healthy and aesthetic water, reduce the costs of waste water discharge and meet discharge regulations. Particles in the final water affect other quality parameters such as microbial stability and disinfection by-products. Micro organisms can be shielded by ...

    By Solaft Filtration Solutions based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Waste Water Treatment System Product line

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    VacuDry - Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit

    With the new VacuDry 2,000 and VacuDry 6,000 series, the innovative VacuDry® technology is now available as fully mobile unit. This incredibly flexible design still offers all of the advantages that our customers have come to expect, many of which lead the market in the field of industrial waste treatment. The mobile plants consist of ...

    By econ industries services GmbH Office in West Essendon, AUSTRALIA. from Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit Product line

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    Sludge Drying Process System

    Economic, compact and safe The ANDRITZ Paddle dryer can be used for dewatering sludge (of various types) in waste water treatment plants. Many wastewater treatment plants are coping with a waste stream of digested sludge. The sludge is normally dewatered by means of a centrifuge or belt filter press. After dewatering the sludge has a typical dry ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Carrum Downs, AUSTRALIA. from Sludge Drying Process System Product line

  • Systems For Waste Treatment and Processing

    Control of odors from various treatment, recycling and manufacturing processes present various challenges. Piian Systems have developed a range of systems focused on addressing these issues while delivering highly effective odor control at a fraction of the cost of traditional odor control alternatives.

    By Piian Systems Office in Goldcoast, AUSTRALIA. from Systems For Waste Treatment and Processing Product line

  • Aquatec - Waste Handling Systems

    Waste handling systems for treatment and recycling of water treatment plant process residuals - including sedimentation sludge, DAF float skimmings, filter backwash wastewater and chemical wastes.

    By Aquatec-Maxcon Pty Ltd based in Wulkuraka, AUSTRALIA. from Waste Handling Systems Product line

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    Komptech - Pre-Treatment for Digestion System

    In this process, various types of organic waste are prepared for liquid fermentation (dry matter less than 12%m). They can include packaging and contamination. Preshredding, using a Terminator and screen drum or Crambo, prepares the material for subsequent dissolution and contrary separation. The latter is done in 3 steps. Step 1 is pulping, step ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Office in Emu Plains, AUSTRALIA. from Pre-Treatment for Digestion System Product line

  • Trade Waste Systems

    Depending on the nature of the organic material in the waste stream BioGills have, on average, a removal rate of 10,000-13,000 mg/L in a single day, although up to 50,000 mg/L of BOD from solution has also been achieved in a single day.BioGills have successfully treated wastewaters that kill the biomass in other treatment systems.

    By BioGill Operations Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

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    Odor Control Systems

    MEGTEC provides solutions to reduce odors from industrial processes, allowing operation in compliance with local regulations. Our technologies have been applied to a wide range of process applications including: Waste treatment (municipal and industrial), manufacture of flavors, food processing, waste water treatment (municipal and industrial), ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Glen Waverley, AUSTRALIA. from Odor Control Systems Product line

  • EnviroPro - Septic System Treatment (SST)

    An automatic on-going treatment for your septic or aeration system. A micronutrient formulation encased in a solid mix that treats your septic waste on every flush of the cistern. It tints the water blue, cleans the bowl and each 50g bottle is a 2 month treatment for your septic, stimulating the bacteria to work more efficiently.

    By EnviroPro Alternatives Pty Ltd based in Emerald Beach, AUSTRALIA. from Septic System Treatment (SST) Product line

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    Komptech - Splitting Systems

    Mechanical treatment as the foundation for recycling. In a splitting system, various mixed or presorted wastes are screened and separated to get the best possible sorting of material streams. Most of the sorted fractions are returned to the cycle for use as reclaimed material. The usual process sequence is shredding by Terminator, screening of the ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Office in Emu Plains, AUSTRALIA. from Splitting Systems Product line

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    Komptech - Waste Wood Processing Plants

    Compact technolgy with wide range of application: This compact system can be used to prepare various classes of waste wood for thermal or material reclamation. A gripper crane moves the wood to the feed hopper of the Crambo low-speed shredder. Unlike a high-speed shredder, it is very resistant to contraries. A magnetic separator over the conveyor ...

    By Komptech Americas LLC Office in Emu Plains, AUSTRALIA. from Waste Wood Processing Plants Product line

  • Baldwin - Waste Water Clarifiers

    Clarifiers are used for settling solids out of a wastewater stream. They can be used on the water without any chemical treatment – natural settling – or the water can be treated with coagulant and polymer to achieve a faster settling rate. Clarifiers can be either round with a conical base or rectangular in shape. Baldwin fabricate ...

    By Baldwin Industrial Systems based in Cardiff, AUSTRALIA.

  • Ozzi Kleen - Transportable Treatment Plant

    Suncoast Waste Water Management offers fully containerized transportable wastewater treatment solutions. Ozzi Kleen Containerized Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plants are built in a shipping container so they can be easily transported by truck, boat or train to temporary or remote locations. Through years of experience with wastewater ...

    By Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water based in Kunda Park, AUSTRALIA.

  • Mobile Package Treatment Plants

    Ludowici Water supply an innovative mobile package water treatment system to provide a cost-effective solution for treating water and waste-water. The system combines physical and chemical processes from preliminary treatment to primary treatment in one single device to improve water treatment efficiency and water quality.

    By Ludowici Water Pty Ltd based in Carole Park, AUSTRALIA. from Mobile Package Treatment Plants Product line

  • Oxyfix System

    Water Treatment for Single family houses and small communities using the Oxyfix System. As a biological waste water treatment plant, the Oxyfix® works due to a treatment based on an aerated submerged fixed-film reactor. Its process has been designed for residential and commercial projects which are not connected to main drainage. The ...

    By Ludowici Water Pty Ltd based in Carole Park, AUSTRALIA. from Oxyfix System Product line

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    Fluence ZEPHYR - Induced Air Flotation System

    This high-efficiency air flotation system removes fats, oils, and floatable solids from your waste stream. The ZEPHYR induced-air flotation system assists in the removal of fats, oil, and floatable solids by creating fine bubbles that attach to solids and bring them to the surface, making it ideally suited for oil and grease recovery. Clients use ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Carlton, AUSTRALIA. from Induced Air Flotation System Product line

  • Single Tank Concrete System

    The Econo Pro is a huge 7000 ltrs in capacity. Designed to treat household waste water from a home of up to 10 people, the Econo Pro is the answer to your waste water needs. Built in a concrete tank and designed to be installed underground, the Pro uses the same tried and proven Econocycle technology as all of our treatment plants.All ...

    By Wastewater Australia based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Commercial Septic Tank Systems

    We specialise in the design and installation of eco-friendly commercial septic tanks. At A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems, we deliver sustainable and efficient sewage, wastewater and organic waste treatment solutions that help to maintain clean eco-systems. 

    By A + A Worm Farm Waste Systems based in Hastings, AUSTRALIA.

  • Automatic Batching Systems

    Automatic Batching Systems have been developed over many years world wide for the industrial waste water treatment plant market. Automatic batching has been designed to treat the more difficult wastewater where flow rates are manageable for the smaller type of process. It is ideal in applications where larger type equipment such as DAF or a ...

    By K2 Corporation Pty Ltd. based in Seaford, AUSTRALIA.

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