wastewater aerator equipment in Colorado

  • Jaeger-AERATION - Wastewater Aerator

    One-Stop Wastewater Aeration Systems Expertise: Engineering – Manufacturing – Support. Jaeger-AERATION’s core competence – and sole focus – is engineering and manufacturing the world’s leading fine-bubble wastewater diffuser. We produce membranes, assemblies, and components for original equipment manufacturers ...

    By Jaeger Aeration based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Jaeger-AERATION - Bubble Diffuser for Bubble Aeration

    Jaeger-AERATION has sold more than 12 million fine bubble wastewater aerator diffuser worldwide. Our core competence and sole focus is engineering, designing, and client support for bubble aerator assemblies and membranes. Our products are sold exclusively through more than 140 authorized partners, including supply companies, original equipment ...

    By Jaeger Aeration based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Premium

    WesTech - Aerated Grit Chamber

    An Aerated Grit Chamber removes grit from wastewater streams.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Aerated Grit Chamber Product line

  • Cleartec -BioCurlz - Submerged Fixed Bed

    Cleartec BioCurlz is used as a completely submerged fixed bed in the biological stage of a wastewater Treatment Plant. The 3-dimensional lace structure provides growth surface for the active micro- organisms without flow restrictions. By using fine bubble aeration for supplying oxygen to the microorganisms a vertical flow be obtained.

    By Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH Office in Longmont, COLORADO (USA). from Submerged Fixed Bed Product line

  • JetFlex - Diffuser Assemblies and Replacement Membranes

    The JetFlex diffuser assemblies and replacement membranes are perhaps the world’s most advanced fine-bubble diffuser membranes for aerator wastewater systems and water treatment. The JetFlex diffuser tube and diffuser disc combine the highest oxygen-transfer efficiency and low energy usage. They’re engineered and manufactured by ...

    By Jaeger Aeration based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Premium

    Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen to control aeration on a wastewater treatment plant

    The optical and calibration free sensor with flexible cable length delivers reliable readings for monitoring and control dissolved oxygen.Increase efficiency with precise measurements, low operating costs, minimal maintenance and reduced energy costs.

  • Premium

    TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Engineered and pre-assembled in S&L’s quality-controlled factory, the TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME is a wastewater treatment system that is designed for insertion into any concrete aeration basin. Containing robust, flat-plate TITAN MBR Membranes, the MEM-FRAME maintains high permeability and consistent flux. The frame is fixed to the tank and ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Systems Product line

  • Premium

    OXIGEST - Model R - Wastewater Treatment System

    Proven in hundreds of installations, the Model R OXIGEST treatment system provides stable operation and flexible process options for sanitary and industrial/process wastewater applications. The OXIGEST design encompasses complete aeration, clarification and advanced treatment in concentric tankage while allowing these unit processes to be ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Wastewater Treatment System Product line

  • Director - Model I - Floating Baffle System

    Dramatically improve wastewater treatment lagoon efficiency with the Director I Floating Baffle System. Flow diversion curtains increase hydraulic retention time (HTR) and can increase the effective treatment area of a lagoon from less than 20% to over 95%. Floating baffles create hydraulic flow patterns that guide wastewater through a serpentine ...

    By Environetics, Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA).

  • HEE-Duall - Aerators and Degasifiers

    Our HEE-Duall brand Aerators and Degasifiers are custom-engineered as efficient and cost effective solutions for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and CO2, found in groundwater supplies, industrial wastewaters, and process effluents.We apply decades of experience to optimize ...

    By CECO Environmental Distributor in Frederick, COLORADO (USA). from Aerators and Degasifiers Product line

  • Wastewater Pumps / Water Pumps

    Claro provides a selection of high quality pumps including: Chopper pumps. Recirculation pumps. Aerator pumps. Grit/slurry pumps. Self-priming grit slurry pumps. Vertical wet pit pumps. Dry pit solids handling pumps. Submersible solids handling pumps. Sludge pumps. Vortex pumps. Ni hard vortex pumps. Severe duty cup type recessed impeller pumps. ...

    By Claro Inc Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Wastewater Pumps / Water Pumps Product line

  • Oxidation Ditches

    The oxidation channel or ditch may well be the most user friendly of current wastewater treatment system. The true version is extended aeration, which appears to be plug flow, but has complete mix reactor kinetics. It is very forgiving and with modern variations of multiple channels, is resilient and flexible. It is however rather land demanding.

    By Entex Technologies Inc. Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Oxidation Ditches Product line

  • MICRODYN SpiraSep™ 960 - UF Module

    MICRODYN SpiraSep™ 960 ultrafiltration (UF) modules feature a vacuum-driven, submerged, backwashable, spiral-wound membrane design with superior operating performance over conventional hollow fiber formats. The unique design characteristics of a spiral-wound membrane with open feed channels allow SpiraSep modules to handle the solids levels seen ...

    By MICRODYN-NADIR Distributor in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • MICRODYN iSep™ 500 - UF Modules

    MICRODYN iSep™ 500 ultrafiltration (UF) modules feature a vacuum-driven, backwashable, spiral-wound membrane design to handle high fouling water and wastewater streams. With open feed channels and an integrated tank design, iSep modules can handle significantly higher solids than many standard polymeric UF designs on the market today. As the ...

    By MICRODYN-NADIR Distributor in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • Grit Washers / Sand Washers

    Claro is pleased to offer a high quality grit washer that washes and dewaters sediment extracted from various types of grit collection equipment including sewage treatment plant aerated grit chambers. Vibration and water jets thoroughly wash organics off of the collected grit and sand. Resultant grit meets the highest disposal standards. After ...

    By Claro Inc Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Grit Washers / Sand Washers Product line

  • Aquarius - Ceramic Disc Diffuser

    The Aquarius Ceramic Disc Diffuser is constructed of high temperature composite alumina oxide ceramic that is thermally bonded at high temperatures.The ceramic disc is highly resistant to harsh chemicals often found in industrial wastewater.The density of the ceramic disc across the diffuser varies with the contour profile and peripheral channel, ...

    By Aquarius Technologies, LLC Distributor in COLORADO (USA). from Ceramic Disc Diffuser Product line

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