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Aerobic Sludge Digestion

by Air Products     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

Aerobic Sludge Digestion (ASD) can be used to reduce waste sludge biosolids in both secondary and primary sludges.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

by Avonmore Electrical Co. Ltd     based in Cork, IRELAND

Applications : Wastewater . Sludge . Food & Beverage . Oil Industry . Paper Industry . Pharmaceuticals

Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) Plants

by FLI Water Limited     Office in Carriganard, IRELAND

Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) are a well proven technology for wastewater treatment. The BrightwaterTM HSAF® unique SAF design provides a versatile static bed process, using the BMax® floating media, which can be configured for biological wastewater treatment in aerated mode or as a suspended solids filter in unaerated mode. A version ...

Brightwater - Model TM BAFF - Biological Aerated Flooded Filter

by FLI Water Limited     Office in Carriganard, IRELAND

BrightwaterTM BAFF® is the UK's leading Biological Aerated Flooded Filter (BAFF) technology. BrightwaterTM BAFF® incorporates the latest process and engineering advances to provide small footprint plant with low capital and operating costs. An innovative and flexible design approach allows construction of plant serving populations from 500 ...

Aerator Performance Testing

by Air Products     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

The performance of aeration equipment is critical to the successful operation of an activated sludge process. Often, in building a new plant, the performance of such equipment must be tested against the manufacturers specification in terms of power used for the quantity of oxygen transferred to the water.

August-BioPro - Model AT-75 to AT-400 - Group Schemes and Commercial for Biological Reactors

by BioPro Ireland     based in Kilkenny City, IRELAND

Group schemes and commercial applications use the AT-75 to AT-400 biological reactors. The larger bio-reactors consist of anaerobic – anoxic, aeration zone and a secondary sedimentation tank. All zones are installed in the single horizontal cylindrical unit and are separated by internal baffles. By means of the air blower the excess sludge ...

August-BioPro - Model AT300 – AT5000 - Large Schemes for VFL Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

by BioPro Ireland     based in Kilkenny City, IRELAND

Municipal VFL wastewater treatment plants AT300 – AT5000 are capable of servicing cities, towns and villages with various populations of people: from several hundred up to over five thousand. Our systems cover all levels of biological treatment and sludge sedimentation in the integrated reactor which reduces the dimensions of the plant and ...

Membrane Bio Reactors

by Air Products     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

Membrane Bio Reactors (MBRs) bring a new age of biological waste water treatment. With pure oxygen the benefits of MBRs are enhanced resulting in even higher rate biological treatment systems which provide compact control of COD, microorganisms and VOCs in waste water.Oxy-Dep MBR can use high biomass concentrations, which for air-based systems ...

Biological WWT with O2

by Air Products     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

High purity oxygen supplied either as a liquid delivered to site, or as a gas generated on site, can be applied effectively to aerobic biological waste water treatment processes to allow the Dissolved Oxygen content of the plant to remain at optimum levels, even during peaks of BOD, COD and ammonia. Air Products' Oxy-Dep range of technologies ...

High Rate Aeration with OXY-DEP VSA

by Air Products     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

Air Products offers a unique wastewater aerator, which operates via the simple combination of an air blower and a gas separation bed. The OXY-DEP VSA technology works by replacing the inert nitrogen with high purity oxygen in your wastewater treatment process. This system uses a low-energy mixer to dissolve the oxygen and mix the tank contents.

August-BioPro - Model AT-6 to AT-50 Series - Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants / Residential Sewage Treatment Plants

by BioPro Ireland     based in Kilkenny City, IRELAND

Small treatment plants From the AT-6 to the AT-50 series treat the volume of sewage wastes at a rate of 0.5 up to 7.5 cubic metres per day, are are designed for; Single Homes, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Camping Sites, Farms & Rural Dwellings, Small-scale companies, etc.

PUROO - Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

by ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH     Office in Celbridge, IRELAND

Many years of experience from almost 70,000 small wastewater treatment plants sold worldwide combined with the wishes of many customers have motivated us to enhance our wastewater treatment plants.

AQUAmax - Model CLASSIC - Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

by ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH     Office in Celbridge, IRELAND

The plants are suitable for 1 - 50 PT and can be installed in concrete or plastic tanks.

AQUAmax - Model BASIC - Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

by ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH     Office in Celbridge, IRELAND

You live in the countryside, are not connected to a municipal sewer network and are responsible yourself for the treatment of your wastewater? No problem – with the AQUAmax an own small wastewater treatment plant is simpler than you think ...! All you need are an invisible tank embedded in the garden, with three chambers separated from each ...

Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) Technology

by CREATECH Aqua ApS     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

A cost-effective upgrade solution for existing wastewater treatment plants, the IFAS technology combines the operational characteristics of conventional Activated Sludge (AS) plants with fixed-film technology. In essence, upgrading an AS-WWTP to an IFAS system consists of installing a retention screen (8mm hole size) and adding a certain volume of ...

Wastewater Treatment System

by bioCycle Ltd     based in Dublin, IRELAND

The multi-award winning bioCycle™ system is Ireland’s superior wastewater treatment system. Each system is specifically designed to provide superior performance and to ensure consumer and environmental protection.

Novo - Wastewater Treatment Plants

by Tricel Environmental     Office in Killarney, Co, IRELAND

With a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant you get an exceptional system for wastewater and sewage treatment. Under EU regulations,  sewage treatment plants and septic tanks must carry CE Certification. This is EN12566-3 for sewage treatment plants and EN12566-1 for septic tank systems. Tricel Novo plants provide the simple, cost-effective ...

Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) Technology Compared to Activated Sludge (AS) Systems

by CREATECH Aqua ApS     Office in Dublin, IRELAND

The Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) Technology is increasingly being favoured over conventional Activated Sludge (AS) systems. This is largely due to the achievable reduction of the plant's footprint and the ability to maintain a higher concentration of more specialized bacteria.

Wastewater Treatment And Reuse Through Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)

by Concorde Water Supplies (CWS)     based in Co. Dublin, IRELAND

CWS can design, build and operate submerged or external MBR plants to suit your needs.

Sludge Blanket Level Detection - Continuous Monitoring on Settlement Tanks and Clarifiers

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     Distributor in IRELAND

A common requirement in the operation of sewage, wastewater and water treatment works is to find the location of the interface between the high solids region of a settlement tank, picket fence thickener or clarifier and the relatively lower solids region above.

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