wastewater treatment plant equipment in New York

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    Fluence - Model Tipton Series - Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Fluence’s Tipton Series prefabricated, package wastewater treatment plants provide reliable, complete solutions for on-site treatment for municipal and private clients. With thousands of installations across the globe, Fluence has the expertise to build treatment plants to address a wide range of wastewater challenges. Tipton Series extended ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Package Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

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    Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR)

    This revolutionary aerobic wastewater treatment solution is modular and reduces energy usage by up to 90% compared to conventional treatment. Activated sludge treatment has long been used for aerobic wastewater treatment, but its aeration stage is particularly energy-intensive, which makes it less cost-efficient as a step in decentralized water ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR) Product line

  • Wastewater System Operations

    The following pictures show different small package wastewater treatment plants and processes.

    By Decentralized Advisors based in Pawling, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Mix Tank Systems

    Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, tank cleaning and heating thick materials.

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Mix Tank Systems Product line

  • Model 10K - Roll-Off Tanks

    Wastewater treatment plants, tank cleaning, and sludge projects. Stormwater and leachates. Smaller jobs or where space is a problem.

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Roll-Off Tanks Product line

  • Evaporation Plants

    API Schmidt-Brettens'evaporization systems with SIGMASTARClimbing-film Plate Evaporators are used in the food industry, in the organic and chemical industry, and for wastewater treatment.

    By API Schmidt-Bretten GmbH & Co. KG Office in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Evaporation Plants Product line

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers

    Acidic and caustic storage and transport for refineries, chemical facilities, and wastewater treatment plants. All wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel. Stackable and suited for storage of flammable materials.

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Intermediate Bulk Containers Product line

  • PillAerator - High-Tech Intelligent Wastewater Treatment

    Protecting the environment means saving energy and conserving precious resources. That's why we at Piller have rolled up our sleeves and developed the PillAerator. The innovative turbo compressor is a real multi-talend and has an important share in improving the water quality and operates so efficiently that the operation costs of the plant ...

    By Piller TSC Blower Corporation based in Schenectady, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Atlantis - Submerged MBR Membrane

    The ATLANTIS MBR is our Membrane Bio Reactor technology designed for the treatment of larger wastewater flows or wastewater not requiring harsh and frequent cleanings of the membranes. It produces an effluent that is extremely pure and appropriate for immediate reuse.At Waterleau, we have several wastewater treatment plants using ATLANTIS MBR ...

    By Waterleau Office in NEW YORK (USA). from Submerged MBR Membrane Product line

  • Adjustavalve Poly Tanks

    Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants and wherever corrosive materials are stored. Economical long-term solution. Valving allows for three level settings. Ideal for most acids, chemicals and caustics.

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Adjustavalve Poly Tanks Product line

  • HYDROGONE - Horizontal Disc Dryer

    The HYDROGONE sludge drying technology is an efficient, safe and economical solution for integrating thermal sludge drying in large wastewater treatment plants. The dried sludge can be pelletized or used as fuel in an incinerator for green energy production.

    By Waterleau Office in NEW YORK (USA). from Horizontal Disc Dryer Product line

  • Active Carbon Filter

    The ABC active carbon filter is used to adsorb several pollutants from opportunity fuels and exhaust gases produced in the following industries: Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment plants. Chemical industry. Paper industry. Landfill Gas.

    By Blue Electron based in Manlius, NEW YORK (USA). from Active Carbon Filter Product line

  • Poly Trailers Tanks

    Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants and wherever corrosive materials are stored. Heavy-duty axles and tires. Standard G.I. trailer hitch. Easy to use. Ideal for most acids, chemicals and caustics. 

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Poly Trailers Tanks Product line

  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems

    CSI (Instrumentation and control systems for wastewater and water treatment plants. Pump, motor controls and system monitoring equipment. Complete design, manufacture and service of automated electrical control equipment). Microtelinc (Automatic telephone dialers for monitoring municipal and private clients using standard telephone liines or ...

  • Mecmex - Hydro Screen

    Separate and combined sewer networks are often hydraulically overloaded during heavy rainfall and cannot transport the flow to the wastewater treatment plant. This leads to the discharge of combined wastewater and stormwater at overflow structures in the sewer network. Despite a strong mixing of wastewater with stormwater, sanitary products, paper ...

    By Gabriel Novac & Associates Inc. based in Champlain, NEW YORK (USA). from Hydro Screen Product line

  • Mud Valves

    Mud valves are primarily used to open or close a drain in the bottom of basins and channels in water and wastewater treatment plants. The resilient seal utilized by RWG ensures a tight shutoff even when grit and gravel is present. Mud valves can be anchored to the concrete floor or pipe flange mounted. Mud valves can be provided in stainless ...

    By RW Gate Company based in Troy, NEW YORK (USA).

  • BioTreat

    BioTreat is an environmentally safe and natural septic tank treatment that will maintain your plumbing system clear of problems!  Originally developed and used in municipal wastewater treatment plants, BioTreat accelerates the digestion of sewage in both aerobic and anaerobic systems producing less sludge, odor and suspended solids.  It ...

    By AquaPro Solutions, LLC Office in NEW YORK (USA).

  • Forkliftable Poly Tanks

    Onsite movement of wastewater and volatile liquids in water treatment facilities, chemical plants and refineries. Stores material in less space than drums. Economical storage of corrosive liquids, most acids, and caustics

    By BakerCorp Office in Blasdell, NEW YORK (USA). from Forkliftable Poly Tanks Product line

  • TrojanUV - Model Fit - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Depending on site and design conditions, wastewater treatment plants producing filtered effluent sometimes prefer a disinfectionsolution using closed-vessel or pressurized UV reactors.

  • ThermAer TerSolair - Wastewater Treatment Plants

    A Combination of Proven Technologies Offers an Exceptional Biosolids Management Process. Some of the best equations are the most simple. The combination of ThermAer + TerSolair offers you the smartest, most forwarding thinking biosolids management process available today.

    By Thermal Process Systems, Inc. Distributor in Canastota, NEW YORK (USA).

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