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water bacteria equipment available in Maine

  • HydroFLOW - Model S38 - Chemical-Free Water Conditioner

    The S38 water conditioner provides a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of limescale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae in both residential and small commercial applications of up to 5,000 sq. ft. This powerful and durable water conditioner provides a fully encapsulated printed circuit board, a power supply connection sealed with an ...

    By HydroFLOW USA based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Kuraray - Model PVA - Gel Bioreactor

    Excellent fluidity in water requiring minimal energy for mixing. PVA gel has a network of minute pores about 20 microns in diameter tunneling throughout each bead.

    By Kuraray Group based in Otemachi, JAPAN. from Gel Bioreactor Product line

  • Bioremediation Bacteria

    Custom Biologicals offers a complete line of Bioremediation Products containing our signature blends of natural, safe and powerful bioremediation bacteria. Our Exclusive Line of Technical Concentrates translate into easier handling, lower freight, and reduced maintenance costs. For Oil / Water Separators and other water bioremediation ...

    By Custom Biologicals, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • FiberFlo - Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters

    The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF Filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional, absolute-rated membrane filters. High-level endotoxin, bacteria, and spore removal make these point-of-use filters ideal for a variety of water purification or process fluid applications. This most advanced of ...

    By Mar Cor Purification (MCP) based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters Product line

  • Eco-Tec Recoflo - Ion Exchange Water Softeners

    Recoflo Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs up to 40%, use less brine and water for regeneration and deliver less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness. Lower regenerant use means less waste is generated and the compact design makes it ideal for retrofit applications. The shorter cycle times eliminates biological fouling ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc. based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Ion Exchange Water Softeners Product line

  • Water Disinfection Solutions

    Water disinfection solutions are critical to both communities and industries across the world. Genesis Water Technologies provides energy efficient UV systems and advanced oxidation solutions to meet the needs for safe clean water that is free from pathogenic micro-organisms and toxic environmental contaminants. GWT specializes in designing and ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Disinfection Solutions Product line

  • Bactiram - Biocides Bacteria

    Bactiram are biocides developed to control bacteria growth in oil and gas production, processing, storage and transportation facilities, as well as in water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection water systems). In particular, Bactiram prevent corrosion, injectivity reduction, ...

    By Arkema Inc. based in King of Prussia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • BACTcontrol - Online Monitoring of Bacteria in Water

    The BACTcontrol is an “early warning system”, complementing the officially accepted methods for the detection of microbiological activity. The measurements are realized in a short period of time, 1-2 hours. This is in contrast to classical microbiological methods, which are labour-intensive and in which cultivation of the organisms is ...

    By microLAN B.V. - Aqualabo Group based in Waalwijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Bacteria Check for Water Quality Testing (481197)

    WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check for water quality testing is the ideal solution when testing for total coliform bacteria.Designed to measure the US EPA standard of 1 colony per 100mL of water, Bacteria Check is the safe, affordable way to determine the need for bacteria treatment. Ideal for service technicians and home owners, Bacteria Check uses a ...

    By Industrial Test Systems, Inc. based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Bacteria Check for Water Quality Testing (481197) Product line

  • Bacteria Check Kit for Water Quality Testing (481198)

    Is your water safe from Bacteria? Bacteria Check is the first drinking water quality test kit to test for the 4 major concerns in water: Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, & Ammonia. Both highly accurate and extremely affordable, Bacteria Check offers the user valuable results to ensure safe drinking water. With a Suggested Retail Price of $9.95, ...

    By Industrial Test Systems, Inc. based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Bacteria Check Kit for Water Quality Testing (481198) Product line

  • Bacteria Test Strips

    The TestAssured Bacteria In Water Test is our easy do-it-yourself kit that allows you to screen your water for E-Coli and coliform bacteria with results in 48 hours. No mailing is needed, once you include your water sample you'll simply shake the vial and set it to the side for 2 days. If at the 48 hour mark the vial has turned a purple color it ...

    By Test Assured based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA). from Bacteria Test Strips Product line

  • BactiQuant-Water - Robust and Reliable Analysis Tool

    Bactiquant is a robust and reliable analysis tool for detecting and quantifying total bacteria in water samples. Analysis results are available in minutes and can be used on a wide range of water types, regardless of chemical and physical characteristics. The analysis results are highly reproducible and repeatable.

    By Mycometer based in Horsholm, DENMARK.

  • LPB eradication of bacteria

    Elgressy’s LPB system facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms, including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria, in hot water systems. The system is based on an electrochemical process, which reduces significantly the buildup of sediment and scale within hot water systems. Prevention of scale buildup and precipitation ...

    By Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. based in Tel Mond, ISRAEL.

  • OPEC - Block Drives for Biological Cleaning of Oil

    On the basis that the first four conditions are in place, the bacteria selected for use in OT8 will digest oil stains from light oils to heavy crude. The bacteria used in UT8 are Euro Type 1 (Safe for long term laboratory application and safe for long term general public exposure.) Speed of oil digestion is temperature dependent, at an ambient ...

  • WANGYANG - Model WY-TW-12 - 12 tons/day RO Pure Water Desalination Equipment

    With world leading 'Reverse Osmosis Membrane technology', the improved design pure water desalination equipment efficiently convert water into ultra clean and clear drinking water free from odors and bacteria. The converted water meets the national drinking water quality standard .Features1) To turn tap water into industrial pure water.2) Small ...

  • UviLux - Bathing Water Quality Monitoring

    Chelsea Technologies Group has addressed the challenge of monitoring of effluents in surface waters with the low cost UviLux Tryptophan Fluorometer. The UviLux Tryptophan Fluorometer enables in-situ, real-time, monitoring of bacteria within natural water systems. The principle behind the measurement is the excitation of Tryptophan-like UV ...

    By Chelsea Technologies Group based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bathing Water Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Bacteria/Nitrate/Nitrite Water Test Kit

    Highlights: Fast and Easy. Accurate Results. Test for Bacteria in Your Water Today.

    By Puriteam based in Kennett Square, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Bacteria/Nitrate/Nitrite Water Test Kit Product line

  • CARELA - Pipes

    Even while they are under construction, potable water tanks, pipe networks and well systems are contaminated with bacteria and germs on all surfaces. Only thorough chemical cleaning with decontamination and/or subsequent chemical system disinfection before commissioning the system can prevent expensive and dangerous consequential damage. This is ...

    By Carela GmbH based in Rheinfelden, GERMANY. from Pipes Product line

  • AquaVial - Water Test Kit for Bacteria-6 Pack

    AquaVial is a truly innovative water testing kit, capable of detecting even low levels of dangerous bacteria, biofilm and fungi present in water. The kit has the widest bacteria detection range of any rapid microbacterial testing available to consumers and provides results in as little as 30 minutes. It is an easy-to-use screening test that can ...

    By AquaBSafe based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • E. Coli Bacteria Water Testing Kit

    Protect your family from dangerous Coliform and E-Coli Bacteria. SLGI Certified Test Kit is easy and simple to use. Check for the amount of Coliform and E-Coli Bacteria in drinking water. All tests are run by EPA approved methods and meet all EPA, State and certification agencies requirements. Kit comes complete with everything needed to sample. ...

    By Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA). from E. Coli Bacteria Water Testing Kit Product line

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