water bacteria equipment in Spain

  • Waste Water System

    Governments and municipalities are continually enforcing more stringent requirements on waste water purity for industrial and commercial facilities. Surcharges on BOD, TSS, and FOG effluent concentrations are a common waste water deterrent and an expensive cost of doing business. BioAmp allows manufacturing facilities to bring the waste water ...

    By NCH UK Ltd Office in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • Drinking Water Plants

    Drinking Water Plants turn natural or raw water into drinking water. These installations are located among the water collection installations (reservoirs and wells) and the tanks and pipes networks delivering water to households.Their mission is to eliminate the three main types of undesirable substances in the water intended for human ...

    By Cadagua based in Bilbao, SPAIN.

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    Ferrocid/Dilurit - Intelligent Biocide Applications to Protect Water Systems from Biological Contamination

    Industrial water systems often represent an ideal place for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms. This microorganisms can cause numerous problems in aqueous systems, including slime deposits, microbiologically induced corrosion, unpleasant odors and hazardous gases. Pulp preparation and circulating water systems are also heavily loaded ...

  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units

    The raw water is drawn from raw water tank using filter feed pumps to feed the water into the dual media sand filter. Before the filters, the raw water is injected with Sodium Hypochlorite to kill any bacteria present in the water before entering the Reverse Osmosis Unit.

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd Office in Villena, SPAIN. from Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units Product line

  • Aqua - Activated Sludge-Water Separation System

    For the final step in the biological treatment of wastewater, the separation of bacteria from the purified water, AQUA Industrial Watertreatment disposes of three different systems.

    By Marel Water Treatment B.V. Office in L’Hospitalet del Llobreg, SPAIN. from Activated Sludge-Water Separation System Product line

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    HydroBio - Determination of Biofilm and Scale Deposits Online

    Effective treatment programmes by determination of biofilm and scale deposits online with HydroBio®Technology. Biofouling is an organic film composed of living (and dead) microorganisms embedded in a polymer matrix called EPS (=Extracellular Polymeric Substance). Biofouling is often present when the makeup water is surface or waste water. In ...

    By Kurita Office in Sant Cugat del Vallés, SPAIN. from Determination of Biofilm and Scale Deposits Online Product line

  • BioAmp - On-Site Microbial Fermentation and Delivery System

    The BioAmp is an on-site microbial fermentation and delivery system that produces an unprecedented amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria, automatically everyday. This BioAmp system delivers 30 trillion live, vegetative Pseudomonas and Bacillus bacterial cells every 24 hours into your drains, grease traps or waste water systems at ...

    By NCH UK Ltd Office in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • MEMBRAY - Toray MBR Membrane

    Toray's Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration. Biodegradable pollution is reduced using bacteria and microorganisms. Following biological treatment, the activated-sludge is separated from the treated water by a microfiltration membrane.

    By Toray Membrane Europe Office in SPAIN.

  • Aqua - Secondary Treatment System

    Secondary treatment is also referred to as biological treatment. This step basically replicates the self-cleaning capacity as it occurs in nature. A high concentration of bacteria in the water, known as activated sludge, in combination with, in case of aerobic treatment, a sufficient oxygen supply, will speed up this natural process.

    By Marel Water Treatment B.V. Office in L’Hospitalet del Llobreg, SPAIN. from Secondary Treatment System Product line

  • Model MF/UF - Microfiltration & Ultrafiltration Systems

    The Ultrafiltration (microfiltration) treatment process blocks all bacteria and viruses, suspended solids, and even pre-oxidized dissolved contents as well as most molecules, such as proteins and high molecular-weight organic polymers. It is used in several applications, such as the production of drinking water, the treatment of wastewater, and ...

    By H2O Innovation Office in Bilbao, SPAIN. from Microfiltration & Ultrafiltration Systems Product line

  • Model NF/RO - Nanofiltration & Reverse Osmosis Systems

    The NF and RO membrane processes have been developed to their full potential by our specialists. Custom designed to purify surface water, groundwater or waste water, these systems represent THE solution for many of your water issues. The safe and highly effective NF and RO membranes act as veritable barriers, producing consistent water quality ...

    By H2O Innovation Office in Bilbao, SPAIN. from Nanofiltration & Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

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    Kurita - NT Technology

    Biofouling is a major problem for the efficient operation of an open cooling water system. Slime produced by bacteria can very quickly form strong stable biofilm on heat exchanger, pipework and tower fill surfaces with really undesired consequences: Fast development - can be within days. Decrease heat transfer - 1µm of biofilm = 5 ...

    By Kurita Office in Sant Cugat del Vallés, SPAIN. from NT Technology Product line

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection System

    UV disinfection is physical process that instantly neutralizes microorganisms as they pass through UV lamps submerged in effluent.The process does not add anything to water except UV light and so does not impact on chemical composition or content dissolved oxygen in water. When ultraviolet energy is absorbed by bacteria and viruses, the genetic ...

    By Acuar based in Malaga, SPAIN.

  • Ultrafiltration Membranes

    Ultrafiltration is a physical process only in which the two steps are performed simultaneously. This filtering technique makes devise water through porous membranes which are composed of long hollow fiber whose wall acts as a filter for all particles that have a greater than 0.01 or 0.02 microns (depending on model), pollen, algae , parasites, ...

    By Oxicom Group based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Ultrafiltration Membranes Product line

  • Multiparameter probe - MPS-K16/Qualilog16

    Category: Water Quality:-Robust, pluggable multiparameter sensor made of plastic (PVC-U) for mounting up to twelve sensors (water level, temperature, conductivity, pH, redox potential, oxygen, turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, chloride, ammonium, sodium, calcium, fluoride, potassium, chlorophyll or cyano-bacteria-rhodamine WT)-Additional electric ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG Office in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • BlueLight - Hygienic System

    BlueLight Hygienic System: The new UV solution for reliable surface disinfection of food packaging. The innovative BlueLight® Hygienic System exterminates germs and minimizes energy costs – with extraordinary reliability (LOG3 reduction) and energy savings up to 90 %. Other facts that scare germs and delight customers: high UV intensity, ...

    By Heraeus Noblelight LLC Office in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Hygienic System Product line

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    Genefloc - Model ABF - Combined Algaecide, Biocide & Flocculant

    Genefloc ABF is designed to act as a combined biocide and flocculant, reducing the effects of colloids, bacteria and alga on membrane systems. It is a low molecular weight flocculant for use in surface, well and process waters of medium to high SDI. Genefloc ABF is designed specifically for use in feed waters susceptible to algal growth such as ...

  • Toxi ChromoTest - Acute Toxicity Test Kit

    A microplate toxicity bioassay to determine acute and chronic toxicity in water, effluents, and other liquids.The Toxi-ChromoTestTM procedure exposes the bacteria to the toxicants in the sample for a short (90-minute) incubation period. After the incubation period, a chromogenic substrate is added. If the sample is toxic, no colour will develop ...

    By Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI) Distributor in Valencia, SPAIN.

  • EST - cooling tower water treatment system

    The Electrochemical Scale Treatment System (E.S.T) is a state of the art, patented system which prevents scaling, prevents bio fouling, microorganism growth, inhibits corrosion, produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of airborne bacteria. Using a unique electrochemical process, the E.S.T system actively, efficiently and cost ...

    By Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. Distributor in SPAIN.

  • Mar Cor - Model 4400 HX - Hot Water Disinfection Reverse Osmosis System

    With the need for better bacteria control in hemodialysis water systems, Mar Cor Purification has taken the hot water disinfection technology that is accepted in the pharmaceutical industry and applied it to the 4400HX system design including the reverse osmosis machine. The fully integrated design of the RO and distribution system is the first in ...

    By Mar Cor Purification (MCP) Distributor in Cerdanyola del Vallès, SPAIN. from Hot Water Disinfection Reverse Osmosis System Product line

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