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water control gate manufacturer equipment

  • CMO - Model AT Series - Water Gate

    AT series sliding gate for big dimensions. Tight bottom and sides (tightness in 3 sides). EPDM sealings fixed to the gate with an stainless steel flange. The gate is manufactured with welded construction and as standard the most usuall materials are carbon steel and stainless steel with different grades. Gate fabricated with UPN profiles to allow ...

    By Construcciones Metálicas de Obturación (CMO) based in Tolosa, SPAIN. from Water Gate Product line

  • Premium

    PWTech - Treatment Shaft for Combined Sewer Overflow Control Systems

    Process Wastewater Technologies and Applied Engineering Technologies (AET) have partnered together to develop a fully-automated, patented* treatment shaft process for CSO control systems. The technology provides proper disinfection contact time, vessel flushing, air venting, odor control, surge control, skimming, and settling in a ...

  • Drive-over Water Control Gates

    Obermeyer drive-over water control gates provide protection against flood damage from water entering through vehicle garage entrances. Obermeyer drive-over water control gates are available with a flush which is sufficiently robust to support highway traffic and is also suitable for pedestrian use. These systems are configured to provide easy ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

  • Hydro Gate - Cast Iron Slide Gates

    Hydro Gate cast iron slide gates, formerly known as sluice gates, are used to control the flow of fluid through openings under seating or unseating head. Under seating pressure, fluid exerts a force on the front of the gate. The pressure of the water forces the gate slide against the frame which causes the gate to seal tightly. In the design of a ...

    By Hydro Gate based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Hydreo - Flood Gates

    Hydreo Engineering designs, manufactures and installs flood gates, providing an excellent water level control. For fifty years, Hydreo Engineering is improving the design of its mechanisms: manual controls (jack), hydraulic and electrical controls (jack or actuator).

    By HYDREO Engineering based in Remiremont Cedex, FRANCE.

  • Roller Gates

    Waterman Roller Gates are ideally suited for controlling water in any large openings such as may be found in power plants, water and sewage treatment facilities, flood control projects, irrigation systems, and on top of dams to increase reservoir capacity. Waterman Roller Gates are available in either overflow or breast wall type. They are ...

    By Waterman Industries of Egypt based in Cairo, EGYPT.

  • ROWAT - HDPE Water Control

    Rowat offers an extensive range of water control products such as flap valves, sluice gates, tilting weirs, pipeline valves, stoplogs etc. The product is manufactured from high quality HDPE with stainless steel 316 or aluminium combination, which makes it particularly maintenance free. One unit of 1500mm diameter HDPE flap valve installed at ...

    By Bioclear Sdn Bhd based in Puchong, MALAYSIA.

  • Radial Gates

    Waterman radial gates are commonly used in:Maintenance of water elevations in canals or spillwaysIncreased storage capacity for reservoirsDiversion of water for irrigationFlow control preserving wide, clear waterwaysOther areas requiring economical water controlWaterman Overflow or Breastwall-type Radial (Tainter) Gates can be engineered for ...

    By Waterman Industries of Egypt based in Cairo, EGYPT.

  • Coldwell-Wilcox - Weir Gates

    Weir gates are used to control water flow in different applications by opening downward and holding an elevation of water column or metering water flow by allowing flow over the stainless steel or aluminum disc. Weir gates can be self-contained or conventional in construction and surface mount or embedded type. A weir gate is a downward opening ...

    By Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Weir Gates Product line

  • Radial Gates

    WATERMAN RADIAL (TAINTER) GATES control water flow over a dam or drainage structure, providing a wide and unobstructed opening. The typical large profile of these gates required rugged design and construction incorporating state-of-the-art engineering methods for reliable operation with minimal maintenance. Critical gate components are ...

    By Waterman Industries based in Exeter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Radial Gates Product line

  • Model RTU - Gate Actuator

    WT Smart Gate Actuators do what no other actuator can by operating a gate with an embedded controller capable of controlling for any gate application and performing all the functions of an RTU; connect multiple sensors to the actuator (digital or analog) and use digital outputs to control on-site associated equipment. WT Smart Actuators take a ...

    By Watch Technologies based in Grants Pass, OREGON (USA). from Gate Actuator Product line

  • Coldwell-Wilcox - Sluice Gates

    Sluice gates are fluid control products that provide a mechanical means of controlling liquid flow through an opening in a variety of applications within the water and wastewater industry. The Coldwell-Wilcox sluice gates meet and exceed the requirements of the AWWA standard for cast slide gates. Sluice gates can be cast in A126 class B cast iron, ...

    By Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Sluice Gates Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH-9000 - Constant Upstream Level Control Gates

    The Golden Harvest, Inc. Model GH-9000 Level Control Gate utilizes force-balance control to automatically maintain a constant upstream water level at any given discharge while minimizing head loss. Sizes and materials of construction are available to meet a wide variety of flow control needs ranging from almost zero to 2000 cfs. The gate nearly ...

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Constant Upstream Level Control Gates Product line

  • Coldwell-Wilcox - Slide Gates

    Slide gates are fluid control products that provide a mechanical means of controlling liquid flow through an opening in a variety of applications within the water and wastewater industry. Coldwell-Wilcox designed slide gates are fabricated aluminum or stainless steel with UHMW/neoprene seals on two sides or two sides and top and a neoprene ...

    By Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Slide Gates Product line

  • Diverter Gates

    KWS Diverter Gates are custom designed to provide a compact and effective means to separate low-solids biosolids during operation of a centrifuge. Typically, low-solids biosolids are characterized by the centrifuge manufacturer as those that result in a main drive torque of less than a defined value. This torque threshold output is used to open ...

    By KWS Manufacturing Company Ltd. based in Burleson, TEXAS (USA). from Diverter Gates Product line

  • Fiberglass Slide Gates

    Fiberglass slide gates and guide frames as manufactured by Warminster Fiberglass are used in municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants for diverting or controlling open flow. They are unexcelled in terms of resistance to attack from corrosive fluids, sunlight, salt spray and atmospheric conditions.

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model VBG - Rectangular Butterfly Gates

    WATERMAN VBG MODEL RECTANGULAR BUTTERFLY GATES allow water control in restricted spaces that prohibit use of a traditional gate, and are also widely specified in applications where a drip-tight seal is required. They are designed and manufactured for water-tight closure, easy installation and operation, and adaptability to a variety of uses. Each ...

    By Waterman Industries based in Exeter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rectangular Butterfly Gates Product line

  • BIOGEST AG - Model Type KS - Flushing Gates with Energy

    The BIOGEST- Flushing System Type KS consist of one or more gates, manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316Ti) in several sizes. The principal parts of the system consist of the following: the gate, the gate frame, the gate lock, the hydraulic-cylinder, the hydraulic-power pack and the BIOGEST-control panel.

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Flushing Gates with Energy Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH-8000 - Radial (Tainter) Gates

    Golden Harvest, Inc. Radial or Tainter Gates are most commonly used for flow control structures on flood control projects, hydropower projects and other large conveyance systems. The radial gate is typically designed for overflow service. Shutoff service radial gates are available with top seals when required. General Design: The radial gate disc ...

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Radial (Tainter) Gates Product line

  • PLC Driven Lock/Dam Controller

    Steel Fab was responsible for the manufacture and installation supervision of the gates and Sorensen Systems was responsible for the Hydraulic Power Units to drive the gates and the PLC driven control system to operate the gates. The two companies have worked together on similar projects in the past, including the 96 foot crest gate on the ...

    By Sorensen Systems based in Northborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from PLC Driven Lock/Dam Controller Product line

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