water debris equipment in Australia

  • ESD Waste2Water - Water Cannons

    ESD Waste2Water, Inc. offers powerful water cannons that flush heavy mud and debris off of off-road equipment. The water cannons are designed to recycle the water from a mud pit Water Cannon Pressure Washer for reuse in zero-discharge applications. Water cannons are often used in conjunction with pressure washers that use recycled water from ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Office in Seaford, AUSTRALIA. from Water Cannons Product line

  • Raw Water Strainer (1``)

    50 Mesh Screen. Protects Pumps from Harmful Debris. High Capacity, Rugged Nylon Housing with Clear Twist Off Polymide Bowl and Easy to Clean Slide Out Screen.

    By SHURflo - Pentair Office in Dandenong South,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Raw Water Strainer (3/4`` )

    50 Mesh Screen. Protects Pumps from Harmful Debris. High Capacity, Rugged Nylon Housing with Clear Twist Off Polymide Bowl and Easy to Clean Slide Out Screen.

    By SHURflo - Pentair Office in Dandenong South,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Raw Water Strainers

    SHURflo's family of Raw Water Strainers are built to keep your bait tank, livewell and washdown pumps protected from harmful debris. The Raw Water Strainer features a clear twist off bowl and removable stainless steel screen, which allows for easy inspection and cleaning. An integral o-ring creates a tight seal, eliminating possible leaks. Keep ...

    By SHURflo - Pentair Office in Dandenong South,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Grass Clipping Separator System

    The Clipping Separator System is designed to help create tidy wash areas by effectively handling grass clippings, sand and other small debris from normal turf care wash operations. The System is also designed for pretreatment for either: Waste2Water wash water recycle systems, or Discharging wash water to the sanitary sewer.

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Office in Seaford, AUSTRALIA. from Grass Clipping Separator System Product line

  • Extreme Series High Flow Strainer

    SHURflo highly recommends the use of the Extreme Series High Flow Strainer, engineered to compliment the higher performance of the Smart Sensor, to keep your Extreme Series pumps flowing strong by protecting it from debris in the water. Easy installation and even easier to clean. Available with or without bracket. 1-Year Warranty.

    By SHURflo - Pentair Office in Dandenong South,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Tank Screens and Solar Shields

    Solar shields provide additional leaf filtering over the area where water directly enters your tank assisting with filtering leaves & debris. Solar shields with 955 micron mesh are legally required in some countries and regions (including many Australian states) to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your tank, ensuring a secure system. Tank ...

    By Rain Harvesting PTY LTD based in Milton, AUSTRALIA. from Tank Screens and Solar Shields Product line

  • MultiDisc Screen

    Circulating crescent-shaped mesh panels, connected at the rear and installed across the channel, are the basis of the new MultiDisc System from Infilco Degremont. Traditional band screens allow contaminated water to flow through their mesh panels twice, resulting in high headloss. The single flow pattern of the MultiDisc® Screen greatly reduces ...

  • Drain Cleaning Equipment

    Bartlett's comprehensive range of combination units have the ability to jet and clean drains, pits and pipes whilst simultaneously vacuuming debris into the collector tank. Our powerful jetting equipment can remove grease, silt and scale and blast away incrustations that build up and restrict flow within drain, storm water and sewer lines.

    By Bartlett`s Environmental based in Geelong VIC, AUSTRALIA.

  • Seradis - Filter Screen and Suction Diffuser

    Protect your pump with the Seradisc Filter Screen. Whatever system of water delivery is used, it is crucial that adequate screening is provided to protect the pump and system. Conventional filter screens are usually of the ‘can’ type construction which offer relatively low performance against the ingress of debris and air which may be ...

    By Water Powered Technologies Ltd Office in AUSTRALIA.

  • Livewell Pumps

    The Bait Sentry livewell pumps are designed for easy installation and trouble-free operation. Magnetic Drive technology eliminates unnecessary failures. Motors keep running after ingesting debris or even when running dry. Patented anti-airlock feature allows the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when boat is anchored and there are no ...

    By SHURflo - Pentair Office in Dandenong South,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Drain Warden

    The unique design of the Drain Warden uses a polypropylene fabric and organic absorbent sock to capture contaminates whilst still allowing water to flow through. The drain grate holds the Warden in place, effectively removing coarse sediments, oil, litter and debris from stormwater. Available with stainless mesh screens. Ideal for use in parking ...

    By Trade Environmental Products based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Maelstrom Filter

    The Maelstrom Filter's advanced design combines super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment efficiency to give you cleaner rainwater and more of it. Maelstrom Filters filter leaves and debris out of your downpipes with their 2mm bucket, 180 micron filter bag and 0.955 mozzie proof screen. They also minimise splashing to increase the ...

    By Rain Harvesting PTY LTD based in Milton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Fox - Model PT600 - Silt Trap

    A Fox Model PT600 silt trap is ideal for installation with an indoor wash bay or an open area where silt and debris cannot be controlled. The silt trap unit has a basket with an approximate 50 litres capacity which is easy to remove, ensuring simple, low cost servicing and maintenance. If the intensity of rainfall exceeds the flow ...

    By Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd based in Warana, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model HRB Series - Landscape Sprinkler Valve

    You want a valve you can install and forget – one that goes on working flawlessly year after year even in pressures up to 200 PSI. That’s why we built the HRB series valves with a durable glass-filled nylon and a fabric-reinforced diaphragm: to ensure toughness plus reliable, long- lasting performance. The diaphragm spring ...

    By HYDRO-RAIN Office in Canning Vale, AUSTRALIA. from Landscape Sprinkler Valve Product line

  • Large Flow Oil Separators

    Ultraspin Technology produces large volume flow systems for a variety of different industries. Typically large flow systems range from 50m3/hr up to 600m3/hr but we can certainly accommodate a design for a larger system if required. Large flow systems can often be used to cut costs by centralising the treatment process. Rather than having several ...

    By Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd based in Boronia, AUSTRALIA. from Large Flow Oil Separators Product line

  • Travelling Fine Screen - Inclined 2D band screen

    Our Travelling Fine Screen incorporates fabricated panels manufactured from pre-formed stainless steel perforated plate with apertures sized to suit specific applications down to 3mm diameter. Panel design allows easy replacement in case of accidental damage whilst being securely fastened to the special strength 8” (203mm) pitch roller link ...

    By Ham Baker AWE based in Ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

  • Premium

    OTT Hydromet - Model OTT SVR 100 - Surface Velocity Radar for Measuring Open Channel Flow

    OTT SVR 100 is a simple, non-contact, compact surface water velocity radar sensor. Designed for measuring flow in open channels and rivers where reliable velocity data is required continuously, during floods or periods of high concentrations of suspended sediments. The sensor is mounted above the water surface, away from floating debris using a ...

    By OTT HydroMet Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Surface Velocity Radar for Measuring Open Channel Flow Product line

  • Premium

    Aire-O2 - Antifouling Aspirator

    With the growing use and challenge caused by supposedly flushable wipes, we have customized our Aire-02® Aspirators with a larger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation that excels in heavy debris conditions. The resilient design with the patented rotating propeller forces water outward horizontally ...

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Antifouling Aspirator Product line

  • Premium

    Hughes Safety - Model STD-40K/45G - Mobile Self-contained Emergency Safety Shower with Eye Wash / Face Wash

    This unheated mobile self-contained emergency safety shower with eye/face wash incorporates a polypropylene lined cylinder, a stainless steel frame and large pneumatic tyres, making it easy to manoeuvre by one person. 114 litre capacity providing a constant flow of water for over 1½ minutes. Wheel spacing can be altered allowing the unit to ...

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