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water distribution device equipment

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    NANOFER - Model STAR - Air-Stable nZVI Nanopowder for Groundwater Remediation

    New AIR-STABLE nZVI powder, consisting of Fe(0) surface stabilized nanoparticles. The product is easier and safer to store, transport, handle and process compared to non-stabilized nZVI NANOFER 25P but it still keeps extreme reactivity with reducible pollutants in water environment.

    By NANO IRON s.r.o. based in Rajhrad, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Air-Stable nZVI Nanopowder for Groundwater Remediation Product line

  • Ovation - Expert Control System

    The Ovation expert distributed control system is a product of our four decades of experience in process control for the power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries. Ovation utilizes commercially available,  off-the-shelf technology to provide a powerful and secure architecture while allowing your system to easily progress with ...

    By Emerson Process Management based in OHIO (USA).

  • Model XBC - Diesel Fire Pump Unit

    XBC automatic fire engine pumping systems as a fixed fire extinguishing equipment has been widely used in fire segregation, especially in the absence of power or power (electricity) is not the normal circumstances of the accident, such as fire water supply. Units in the distribution of water pumps for the Division I single-stage production of ...

    By Zhejiang Pacific Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd based in Wenzhou, CHINA.

  • GENO - Model UV-60 S - UV System

    Electropolished stainless steel reactor, centered high intensity UV-lamp, 2 flushing/drain valves, 2 water meter screw connections, flow limiter, calibrated UV-C system sensor for automatic monitoring. Flow distribution device, control unit GENO    -U V-Check with operating hour meter and switch-on counter, indication of the ...

    By Aqua System A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from UV System Product line

  • Idraflot - Model DAF - Compact Air Flotation Units

    IDRAFLOT are very compact flotation units which boast the lowest chemicals consumption within the category. These units reach a very high thickening and clarification grade with the highest removal efficiency on suspended solids, oils and grease, and not soluble COD.iDRAFLOT are intended to assure a perfect mixing of the waste with saturated water ...

    By IDRAFLOT based in Zoppola, ITALY.

  • Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System

    The automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system is made up of a set of automatic extinguishers called sprinklers and the relative supply piping containing water, compressed air or ambient air (deluge systems) and control valves fed by water supply sources of suitable flow rate and autonomy. They also include a test device and an alarm bell. The ...

    By Eusebi Impianti S.r.l. based in Ancona, ITALY.

  • Model EMU - Vulcanizing Presses

    Light construction for flexible use. Equipped for water / air cooling. Robust, flush fitting electric connections with a metal plug locking device. Quick heating time with optimum heating capacity. Quick cooling time due to integrated cooling channels. Optimum pressure and temperature distribution.

    By Nilos GmbH & Co. KG based in Hilden, GERMANY. from Vulcanizing Presses Product line

  • Mezzo-DB - Bi-directional Ultrasonic Algae Control System

    The Mezzo – DB ultrasonic algae and biofilm control system is a new addition to the UK market. It has bi-directional sound output, operating in two bandwidths to better control green and blue green algae. This means that one unit has a control range of up to 150 meters bi-directionally from the device green algae and diatoms. If the problem is ...

    By OverVerde Ltd based in Deeside, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Nixor - Model NixoR-NKB, NixoR-Nkob - Coalescence Separators with Bypass

    Coalescence separators with bypass NixoR-NKB, NixoR-Nkob are used to treat sewage rain basin urban roads, parking lots, maneuvering the like. The high efficiency of treatment of wastewater from oil pollution is achieved by using the material coalescence to aid separation of gravity of oil pollution . Waste water flowing into the device are ...

    By Nixor Polska Sp. z o. o. based in Kowale (Gdansk), POLAND. from Coalescence Separators with Bypass Product line

  • Aquamonix - Model I500 - Electromagnetic Water Flow Transmitter

    The i500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a no compromises, high accuracy, high capability, bullet-proof water flow transmitter and wastewater measurement device. It complies with the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 4747:2013 - Meters for Non-Urban Water Supply. It is a fully pattern approved instrument from DN50 to DN600. The meter will meet the ...

    By Aquamonix based in Milperra, AUSTRALIA. from Electromagnetic Water Flow Transmitter Product line

  • BIRM - Model WRX-100 - X band solid state dual polarized doppler weather radar

    WR-X100 X band dual polarized Doppler weather radar is a remote sensing device which can detect weather information such as rainfall position, distribution, intensity, average speed, spectrum width, polarization parameters, etc and generate abundant secondary product by retrieval. It has real time monitoring, forecasting and warning ability of ...

    By Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • AquaMaster - Electronic Water Meter

    A compliment to the evoQ4 range of electronic meters, the AquaMaster 3 is designed for applications in which increased flexibility in programming parameters and data features are required. A truly powerful sensing device, AquaMaster 3 allows distribution network managers to observe their systems with an unprecedented level of detail.

    By Elster AMCO Water, LLC based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Aquaculture Water Distribution System

    Trickling filters and CO2 strippers are common devices in recirculating aquaculture systems. They are often referred to as packed towers. The performance of these towers is controlled by: The type of packing or media. The amount of packing. The shape of the vessel. The ratio of air to water. The temperature. The distribution of air through the ...

    By L. S. Enterprises based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Aquaculture Water Distribution System Product line

  • WAIV – Wind Aided Intensified Evaporation

    WAIV – Wind Aided Intensified Evaporation: A state-of-the-art enhanced evaporation technology for treating brine, particularly reverse osmosis rejected waste. The device is operated by the wetting of evaporation surfaces, mounted on suitably constructed modules. A pump brings the water from small holding pond or storage tank to a distribution ...

    By Lesico CleanTech based in Holon, ISRAEL.

  • LuminUltra Water - Model QGA™ - Quench-Gone Aqueous Test Kit

    The Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) test kit is based on the measurement of ATP, and is designed for low-solids, low-biomass concentration applications.  The speed and portability of this test kit enables tests from many points in a water treatment or distribution system to be performed in a short amount of time.  Detecting elevated microbial ...

    By LuminUltra Technologies Ltd. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Quench-Gone Aqueous Test Kit Product line

  • Valve Lock

    The valve lock (V-Lock-Patented) device limits access to in- ground valves in your water distribution system. The valve lock device is designed to fit on the 2' operating nut on the valve, and remains in place on the valve until it is removed to gain access with a valve wrench.

    By Hydra-Shield Manufacturing, Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Water Meters

    A water meter is a scientific instrument for accurate measurement of quantity of water distributed to the consumers. It also fulfils the need to know accurately the water produced and distributed. It differs from flow meter in respect of the following points. 1.It is a quantity meter and not a flow rate meter. 2.Water meter is a mechanical device ...

    By R.R. Flowmeters Pvt. Ltd based in Hyderabad, INDIA.

  • Model AL - Water Baths Aqualine

    The LAUDA Aqualine water baths offer an affordable entry into laboratory thermostating. The equipment range for basic applications in the laboratory stands out for its simple operation with digital LED display and high reliability. The devices have no circulating pumps and no fittings within the bath. Consequently, they are corrosion-resistant, ...

    By LAUDA Dr. R. Wobser GmbH & Co. KG based in Lauda-Königshofen, GERMANY. from Water Baths Aqualine Product line

  • Model VA - BFP-V LB - Stainless Steel Belt Filter Press System

    VA - Belt Filter Presses Type VA - BFP-V LB are predominantly used for sludge-dewatering in small water treatment plants and for industrial applications. After an efficient conditioning by the VA - Injector Mixer HPI, the sludge is transported onto the proven VA - Belt Filter Press via the new sludge distribution chamber. This device guarantees an ...

  • ESI - Model API-421 - Gravity-type Oil-water Separator

    The ESI API-421 Separator is a gravity-type oil-water separator designed for use in petroleum refineries. Design criteria is based on the American Petroleum Institute's (API) Publication 421, 'Design and Operation of Oil-Water Separators'. Our API-421 Separator includes Diffusers, Reaction-Jets, Sludge Hopper, Flight & Rake System, Corrugated ...

    By Energy Specialties International (ESI) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Gravity-type Oil-water Separator Product line

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