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water distribution device equipment

  • Aquaculture Water Distribution System

    Trickling filters and CO2 strippers are common devices in recirculating aquaculture systems. They are often referred to as packed towers. The performance of these towers is controlled by: The type of packing or media. The amount of packing. The shape of the vessel. The ratio of air to water. The temperature. The distribution of air through the ...

    By L. S. Enterprises based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Aquaculture Water Distribution System Product line

  • Aqueducts - Retention Device

    Neptune can build aqueducts by using its retention device to transfer water across land. This would be an ideal application in warm countries as the new design uses the suns heat to speed up the desalination process. There is no size limit. The aqueduct can be made to any size. By using the methods below, the excess power will be distributed ...

    By Neptune Solutions Global Ltd. based in Failsworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • LuminUltra Water - Model QGA™ - Quench-Gone Aqueous Test Kit

    The Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) test kit is based on the measurement of ATP, and is designed for low-solids, low-biomass concentration applications.  The speed and portability of this test kit enables tests from many points in a water treatment or distribution system to be performed in a short amount of time.  Detecting elevated microbial ...

    By LuminUltra Technologies Ltd. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Quench-Gone Aqueous Test Kit Product line

  • Misya - Mobile Device

    Misya Mobile is a device designed to protect beams, parquet floors, and other wooden elements from biological pests (worms, coleopters, ants, termites, etc) by means of micro-waves.

    By Ekommerce Srl based in Atessa, ITALY. from Mobile Device Product line

  • Energy Check profi - Measuring Device Equipment

    The ideal measuring device equipment for building diagnostics and checking the indoor temperature: for energy advisers, caretakers, engineering companies and environmental officers. Tests can also be made regarding water consumption, illumination and energy consumption of electrical devices.

    By IKS Photovoltaik GmbH based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Measuring Device Equipment Product line

  • Lifting Device for Small Gates

    Provide a lifting device for small gates. Distribute the Feugier rack and pinion lifting devices. Often, the power screws used in North America are functional with an electric actuator but are less effective when operated manually. In fact, the power screw system does not effectively transmit power as it works mainly on friction. It greatly ...

    By Carbonneau Group based in Bromont, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • SlimCom - Groundwater Surveillance Device

    A battery operated modem for direct docking to the Dipper3. The GSM / GPRS modem can be linked directly to the Dipper3 or Dipper3T, the system for groundwater surveillance. Its compact design allows employment in sounding pipes starting from 1,5'. No adjustment or extra work needed on possible shutters! A warning function (alarm via short message ...

    By Wasser-Abwasser Systemtechnik GmbH based in Braunschweig, GERMANY. from Groundwater Surveillance Device Product line

  • Water Meters

    A water meter is a scientific instrument for accurate measurement of quantity of water distributed to the consumers. It also fulfils the need to know accurately the water produced and distributed. It differs from flow meter in respect of the following points. 1.It is a quantity meter and not a flow rate meter. 2.Water meter is a mechanical device ...

    By R.R. Flowmeters Pvt. Ltd based in Hyderabad, INDIA.

  • AquaMaster - Electronic Water Meter

    A compliment to the evoQ4 range of electronic meters, the AquaMaster 3 is designed for applications in which increased flexibility in programming parameters and data features are required. A truly powerful sensing device, AquaMaster 3 allows distribution network managers to observe their systems with an unprecedented level of detail.

    By Elster AMCO Water, LLC based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).

  • BIOTIP - Standard Device for Biological Treatment

    BIOTIP®is a standard device for biological treatment of wastewater from small villages, hotels, resorts, barracks, camps, schools, food industry, etc. The degree of purification is more than 95% degradation of organic matter, and if it is required, can be performed the procedure of removing additional nitrogen and phosphorus. Operating the ...

    By INTERPLAN d.o.o. based in Karlovac, CROATIA.

  • Model AL - Water Baths Aqualine

    The LAUDA Aqualine water baths offer an affordable entry into laboratory thermostating. The equipment range for basic applications in the laboratory stands out for its simple operation with digital LED display and high reliability. The devices have no circulating pumps and no fittings within the bath. Consequently, they are corrosion-resistant, ...

    By LAUDA Dr. R. Wobser GmbH & Co. KG based in Lauda-Königshofen, GERMANY. from Water Baths Aqualine Product line

  • High Filter rapid filtration device

    The High Filter is a self-backwashing type rapid filtration device that doesn't need a reversing pump.

    By Hitachi Plant Construction Ltd. based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • AWG-30L - Model 88HK - Atmospheric Water Generators

    WaterMicronWorld, Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and worldwide distribution of atmospheric water generators, filtration, ionization, and purification devices and chemicals. The Company’s various products include Atmospheric Water Generators, the WaterMicronWorld™ (AWG-30H/O Home or Office machine) and an ...

  • Goyen and Mecair - Solenoid Valves for Air, Gas and Water

    Solenoid operated valves are devices that control the flow of liquids or gases. Goyen manufactures and distributes valves that are designed for specific applications relating to the control of Gas, Fuel, Air, Water or Light Oils. There are two principal types of operation for solenoid valves – Direct Lift and Pilot Operated.

    By PENTAIR Environmental Systems based in Malibu, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solenoid Valves for Air, Gas and Water Product line

  • AquaLink - Water Metering System

    AquaLink system is an expandable monitoring platform that enables the public utility companies to gain control over their water network in a simple and effective manner. The system is composed by battery powered field devices that are installed on the existing water district meter and a cloud based software that enables mobile online monitoring.

    By Jordan d.o.o. based in Šmarješke Toplice, SLOVENIA.

  • Aquamonix - Model I500 - Electromagnetic Water Flow Transmitter

    The i500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a no compromises, high accuracy, high capability, bullet-proof water flow transmitter and wastewater measurement device. It complies with the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 4747:2013 - Meters for Non-Urban Water Supply. It is a fully pattern approved instrument from DN50 to DN600. The meter will meet the ...

    By Aquamonix based in Milperra, AUSTRALIA. from Electromagnetic Water Flow Transmitter Product line

  • Pressure Probes on Water Pipelines

    Reliable pressure measurements in tough environments. Water distribution systems form the backbone of modern civilisation. Huge volumes of water have to be able to travel the long distance between their source and the end consumer efficiently and reliably. Not only can leaks in the distribution system lead to the valuable liquid being lost – ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. from Pressure Probes on Water Pipelines Product line

  • Model SBB Aqua Plus Series - Unstirred Water Baths

    The Grant SBB Aqua Plus series is a robust, high quality unstirred analogue boiling bath for direct immersion of samples. It provides continuous, steady 100ºC operation without violent boiling, spitting or producing excessive steam.

    By Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Unstirred Water Baths Product line

  • VPure - Model 4400H - USP Purified Water System With Hot Water Sanitization

    The VPure 4400H is a value designed USP grade water system for use in bacteria controlled applications in the Life Science market. The base system is a compact centralized hot water sanitizable RO system and distribution system with an option for Service DI (SDI) or Electrodeionization (EDI) to polish the RO permeate to USP purified water grade. ...

    By Mar Cor Purification (MCP) based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from USP Purified Water System With Hot Water Sanitization Product line

  • ESI - Model API-421 - Gravity-type Oil-water Separator

    The ESI API-421 Separator is a gravity-type oil-water separator designed for use in petroleum refineries. Design criteria is based on the American Petroleum Institute's (API) Publication 421, 'Design and Operation of Oil-Water Separators'. Our API-421 Separator includes Diffusers, Reaction-Jets, Sludge Hopper, Flight & Rake System, Corrugated ...

    By Energy Specialties International (ESI) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Gravity-type Oil-water Separator Product line

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