water filter equipment in Ireland

  • Galaxi - Water Filters System

    Many people are concerned about the quality of drinking water. In emerging countries these concerns may be due to the water infrastructure, but the problem is also prevalent in developed countries. With over 2100 known toxins potentially present in tap water, the concern is valid. Water filters are often the last line of defense between the body ...

    By Oasis Europe based in Ballina, IRELAND. from Water Filters System Product line

  • Domestic Water Filters

    Natural Multi Stage Drinking Water Treatment.  Ensoleir provides healthy water direct from your tap. Sacrificial  Magnesium  Anode  reduces  lime,  rust  and activates pipe rehabilitation. Physical filtration removes bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, specific toxins and odours

    By Ensoleir based in Co Galway, IRELAND.

  • Clino - Water Filter Material

    FILTER CLINO is a direct substitute for quartz sand, currently used in many swimming pools, and has far better results. It significantly reduces costs by removing ammonia using its ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties. This in turn drastically reduces the amount of chlorine that has to be used. Why? Because for 24hrs a day, every ...

    By Irish Zeolite based in Little Island, IRELAND.

  • Arsenic Removal Water Filter System

    Bayoxide media for the removal of Arsenic from water supplies.

    By Water Technology Ltd. based in Cork, IRELAND. from Arsenic Removal Water Filter System Product line

  • Premium

    Reed Bed Filter

    A reed bed is a natural filtration process used in conjunction with a BioDisc Treatment Plant to further enhance the quality of effluent migrating into surrounding watercourse. A reed bed is only required when local water authorities request a better quality of effluent than that discharged from the standard unit.

    By Kingspan Water & Energy Office in Newry, IRELAND. from Reed Bed Filter Product line

  • Steam Filters

    Remove 98+% of 0.01 micron particles and liquid condensate. Eliminate carryover of boiler feed water chemicals. Approved for use in Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Meat and Poultry Plants.

    By Filtration Systems Ltd. based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Steam Filters Product line

  • Filter Media for Drinking Water Purification

    When used in pressure vessels or gravity flow filtration beds, our zeolite-clinoptilolite filter media offers a far more efficient (superior) solution than other conventional options such as sand, sand and anthracite or multimedia. Our zeolite granules are very pure and because of the minerals unique honeycomb structure, and special ion exchange ...

    By Irish Zeolite based in Little Island, IRELAND.

  • Model HDU 27 - Fine Filter

    HDU 27/-  is a fine filter for offline oil filtration for medium to large hydraulic power transmissions, lubrication, cooling and quenching systems. The filter is a 3-micron absolute filter with a high dirt-holding capacity and a cellulose-based filter insert that removes particles, retains oil degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, ...

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Killaloe, IRELAND. from Fine Filter Product line

  • Unison - Model 600 PRESS - Filter Belt Presses

    Belt filter presses are primarily used for sludge dewatering prior to drying or disposal. They are a continuously operating machine which dewater sludge by pressing it between two Porous filter belts.  They are commonly installed in waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, food and dairy industries, abattoirs and pulp ...

    By Solids Technology International Ltd based in Wexford, IRELAND. from Filter Belt Presses Product line

  • Model PTU 15/25 - Hydraulic Filter Separators

    PTU 15/25 Hydraulic is an off-line oil filtration system combining continuous water separation and oil filtration and is used for:hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oils, turbine lube oils.  PTU 15/25 removes water, particles and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Killaloe, IRELAND. from Hydraulic Filter Separators Product line

  • Biolan - Model 70 - Greywater Treatment Filter

    The Biolan Greywater Filter 70 is a small purification plant for treating domestic greywater. The Greywater Filter cleans the washing, dish and laundry waters of a building. Any wastewater from a toilet must be not be included.

    By Toilet Revolution based in Co Wicklow, IRELAND. from Greywater Treatment Filter Product line

  • Model PTU 15/12 - Compact Filter Separator

    PTU 15/12 is acompactfiler separator for maintaining clean oil and dry oil, such as: diesel oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, food grade oils with a specific weight lower than that of water.

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Killaloe, IRELAND. from Compact Filter Separator Product line

  • Bio-Blok - Biological Filter Media

    As a result of many years of R&D, a structured filter media has been developed. The media has proved extremely efficient in biological treatment of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and process water within the aquaculture field.

    By FLI Water Limited Office in Carriganard, IRELAND. from Biological Filter Media Product line

  • Unison - Model 500 PRESS - Filter Belt Presses

    All of our Belt Filter Press machines are stainless steel, fully enclosed with lowest whole life cost.  Belt filter presses are primarily used for sludge dewatering prior to drying or disposal. Our enclosed belt filter presses are continuously operating machines which dewater sludge by pressing it between two porous filter belts.  They ...

    By Solids Technology International Ltd based in Wexford, IRELAND. from Filter Belt Presses Product line

  • Green Filter System

    Water occurs naturally but even so cannot be safely used for human consumption without removing many of the trace impurities it collects (passing through the atmosphere and running over and through the earth). These impurities consist of suspended particles such as soil particles, living and dead plant and animal matter (worms, larvae, algae, ...

    By Oasis Europe based in Ballina, IRELAND. from Green Filter System Product line

  • Model HDU 15/12 - Compact Oil Filter

    HDU 15/12 is a compact offline oil filtration filter for maintaining clean oil in (power) transmission, hydraulic and lubrication circuits. The cellulose-based filter insertremoves particlesto 3-micron absolute,retains oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish), and removes dissolved / emulsified and free water from ...

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Killaloe, IRELAND. from Compact Oil Filter Product line

  • Premium

    INTERFILT - Model SK - Gravity Filter

    Filtration capacity 6.5 – 62.0 m3/h. The gravity filter INTERFILT SK is an open sand filter system for extremely economical water treatment. The filter system operates with differential pressure-controlled backwashing and an integral backwashing water tank.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH Distributor in Sligo, IRELAND. from Gravity Filter Product line

  • Everpure - Drinking Water System

    EPS believes in the goodness of water. Everpure provides validated protection against cryptosporidium (NSF) without removing the mineral content of your water. The Everpure S100 provides a barrier against cryptosporidium and removes taste and odour, all in one under sink filter. This product has independent validation to confirm that it does ...

    By Electrical & Pump Services Ltd (EPS) based in Mallow, IRELAND. from Drinking Water System Product line

  • Model D10 - Desorber/Filter Combi Unit

    Water in oil leads to reduced viscosity, reduced filterability, reduced lubricity, formation of rust, bacterial growth and increased oil oxidation - all factors that lead to reduced lifetime of both components and oil.

    By C.C. Jensen A/S Office in Killaloe, IRELAND. from Desorber/Filter Combi Unit Product line

  • Superior Protection of Water Distribution Systems

    Eliminate bio-film, Disinfect pipe-work, Disinfect RO system, Disinfect filters, Validated test procedure.

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