water from air equipment in Australia

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    Fluence BREEZE - Air Stripper

    This air stripper serves as a low-maintenance, cost-efficient alternative for filters, packed towers, and mechanical aerators for fast, efficient removal of contaminants. Fluence’s Breeze air stripper serves as a low-maintenance, cost-efficient alternative for filters, packed towers, and mechanical aerators for fast, efficient removal of ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Carlton, AUSTRALIA. from Air Stripper Product line

  • Air/Water Separators

    ESD manufactures custom Air/Water Separators for Soil Vapor Extraction and Multi-Phase Extraction application. Our corrosion resistant separators are constructed from light weight marine grade 5052 Aluminum that can withstand full vacuum applications. Unlike Carbon Steel Separators, ESD Separators resist both internal chemical corrosion and the ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Office in Seaford, AUSTRALIA. from Air/Water Separators Product line

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    Fluence - Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Fluence’s dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems provide high-quality, efficient clarification of suspended particles from wastewater. Fluence has been developing and continually improving dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for decades, and has successfully implemented installations in a variety of applications.

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Carlton, AUSTRALIA. from Dissolved Air Flotation System Product line

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    Fluence ZEPHYR - Induced Air Flotation System

    This high-efficiency air flotation system removes fats, oils, and floatable solids from your waste stream. The ZEPHYR induced-air flotation system assists in the removal of fats, oil, and floatable solids by creating fine bubbles that attach to solids and bring them to the surface, making it ideally suited for oil and grease recovery. Clients use ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Carlton, AUSTRALIA. from Induced Air Flotation System Product line

  • Model eco-Air Series - V-Configuration Adiabatic Cooler

    Unlike other adiabatic products currently on the market, the EVAPCO eco-Air Series units are 100% fully rated. Every eco-Air unit comes with EVAPCO’s exclusive 100% thermal performance guarantee, ensuring peace of mind in selecting the ideal cooling solution for your needs.

    By Evapco Inc. Office in Riverstone, AUSTRALIA. from V-Configuration Adiabatic Cooler Product line

  • Philmac - Air Release Valves

    Air Release Valves allow air to escape from water transfer pipelines to maximise water flow.Philmac's Air Release Valves allow air to escape from water transfer pipelines.

    By Philmac Pty Ltd based in North Plympton, AUSTRALIA. from Air Release Valves Product line

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    Fluence NIROBOX™ - Model BW - Containerized Brackish Water Desalination Plant

    Nirobox BW lets you tap into previously unusable groundwater sources.NIROBOX BW is a modular, highly efficient desalination solution for brackish water. It delivers potable water, industrial process water, and high-quality water for irrigation and other applications.

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Carlton, AUSTRALIA. from Containerized Brackish Water Desalination Plant Product line

  • ELASTOX - Model P - Plate Air Diffuser

    With the latest generation of aerators, the ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuser, we offer a new system component for sewage technology based on our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the production and operation of waste water treatment facilities. The result is an aeration system that combines the advantages of all previous systems, ...

    By WILO GVA GmbH Office in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. from Plate Air Diffuser Product line

  • Model 25 & 50 mm - Air Release Valves

    Air release valves are essential for any pressurised pipeline or system. Extreme damage can be caused by a build up of entrapped (compressed) air which can cause loss of flow, water hammer, equipment failure and pipeline ruptures due to it's stored kinetic energy.Triangle have a comprehensive range of 25 &50 mm (1'& 2') combined 3 function ...

    By Triangle Waterquip Pty. Ltd. based in Mordialloc, AUSTRALIA. from Air Release Valves Product line

  • Aquafloat - Induced Air Flotation

    Aquafloat Induced Air Flotation (IAF) aerators & associated plant from PCPL provide an efficient & cost effective air flotation system for the removal of fats, oils, greases and other solids from industrial & municipal water and wastewater.Aquafloat is also suitable for the thickening of sludges from other water & wastewater treatment processes. ...

  • Water Mains Air Scouring/Chemical Free Disinfection System

    A.U.V.S. has developed a water mains air scouring/chemical free disinfection system suitable for use on most types of water mains. These units can be truck or trailer mounted and comprise a diesel or petrol driven air compressor, a water-cooled Activated Oxygen (air charged with ozone molecules) unit, Oxygen bottles, Activated Oxygen injector and ...

    By Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA.

  • Dissolved Air Flotation

    The next generation Dissolved Air Flotation System has arrived Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) came a long way with the move from circular to the modern rectangular designs. Now these DAFs make way for the next generation of Dissolved Air Flotation! Introducing the HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation With revolutionary improvements to suit modern ...

    By Hydroflux Industrial Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • ELASTOX - Model R - Tube Air Diffuser

    The ELASTOX®-Rtube air diffuserintroduced by GVA to the market in 1983 is one of the first membrane compressed air aeration systems. Its design advantages and positive properties in continuous operation have convinced our customers all over the world:

    By WILO GVA GmbH Office in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. from Tube Air Diffuser Product line

  • ELASTOX - Model T - Disk Air Diffuser

    The ELASTOX -T disk air diffuser was developed in 1984 for micro-bubble compressed air aeration.

    By WILO GVA GmbH Office in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. from Disk Air Diffuser Product line

  • Water/Bore Sampling System

    The Airwell Group environmental sampling equipment is manufactured from the highest quality components and assembled in our Perth factory. We offer a full range of services Australia wide to our clients to help them meet their environmental and reporting requirements to the relevant government departments.

    By Airwell Group Pty Ltd based in Malaga, AUSTRALIA. from Water/Bore Sampling System Product line

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    Dissolved Air Flotation is a liquid/solid separation process in which microscopic air bubbles (10-100μ) become attached to solid particles suspended in liquid, causing the solid particles to float. In a DAF system air is dissolved into liquid under pressure. The dissolved air remains in solution until the pressure is released to atmospheric ...

    By Baldwin Industrial Systems Pty Ltd. (BIS) based in Cardiff, AUSTRALIA.

  • HORIBA - Model TW-100 - Water Distribution Monitor

    HORIBA’s TW-100 is a process water quality measurement system designed for drinking water and water distribution plants. The TW-100 monitors turbidity, color, free chlorine and pressure. This chemical free method reduces operating costs as it requires minimal maintenance and improves process control.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in AUSTRALIA. from Water Distribution Monitor Product line

  • Model CPA-Ultra - Hygienic Air Handling System

    EVAPCO's ULTRA-Critical Process Air (CPAU) Systems meet the demanding requirements of temperature, pressurization and air purity control with humidity and condensation control. Designed specifically for the most hygienic applications within industrial refrigeration market, the Evapco CPAU offers complete flexibility in design, capacity and ...

    By Evapco Inc. Office in Riverstone, AUSTRALIA. from Hygienic Air Handling System Product line

  • WAT - Mobile Water Treatment Plant

    A platform for on-site quality water production, the deployable containerized water treatment plant has the capability to produce water fit for purpose from existing water resources such as groundwater. It is equipped with a range of water treatment systems to provide water softening, nitrate reduction, iron and manganese removal, sterilisation ...

    By WAT Australia Pty.Ltd. based in West Australia, AUSTRALIA.

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    AIRE-O2 Triton TR Series - Pulp and Paper Aerator Mixer

    Pulp and paper mills produce large volumes of wastewater and residual solids, presenting a number of issues in relation to wastewater treatment, discharge, and sludge disposal.

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Pulp and Paper Aerator Mixer Product line

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