water innovation equipment in Netherlands

  • Prelasti - Model EPDM - Exceptional Roofing System

    Prelasti is an exceptional roofing system with unique prop­erties but also installation techniques that distinguish the system from traditional low slope roofing. The Prelasti mem­brane is elastomeric and thermo-set providing elastic prop­erties in a broad temperature range. Prelasti is always fit and never stressed by ...

    By SealEco AB Office in Lemelerveld, NETHERLANDS. from Exceptional Roofing System Product line

  • SolteQ - Fresh Water Windmill

    Windmill from 15m up to 120m height.  On and Off-grid operation possible. SolteQ customizes your System for all requirements the right solutions. SolteQ’s innovations for clean energy and a clean Planet.

    By SolteQ Energy B.V. based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS.

  • Highly Innovative Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP)

    Plasmas operating at hundreds or thousands of degrees above ambient temperature. Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) on the other hand, also known as cold plasma or corona, operates under low temperatures. Aerox developed plasma modules which can generate a plasma using a high voltage. Within the plasma, oxygen and water vapour molecules are converted into ...

    By Aerox B.V. based in Vleuten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Eagle-ES - Soil and Water Remediation Technology

    Eagle-ES International BV is an importer for Europe and the Middle East of several innovative Bio Remediation and Bio-based cleaners that solve problems in the ground and in/on water with hydrocarbons in an effective and cost-effective way

    By Eagle ES International based in Utrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • AmaDS - Waste Water Pump Station

    AmaDS the innovative waste water pump station, well suited for pumped drainage systems covering long distances.The pumps are protected from coarse solids by upstream separators, resulting in reduced wear and increased plant availability.Ease of maintenace.

    By KSB Group Office in NETHERLANDS. from Waste Water Pump Station Product line

  • APTUS - Model 34-885 k W - Air and Water Sourced Chiller

    This innovative range of air and water sourced chillers are designed and manufactured for a wide range of internal and external processes and applications. Using the latest hermetic rotary scroll compressors dedicated for the use of the ozone friendly refrigerant R410A; these units maximise on energy efficiency. Versatility is guaranteed with this ...

    By ICS Cool Energy Ltd Office in Kells,, NETHERLANDS. from Air and Water Sourced Chiller Product line

  • FishFlow - Fish-safe Rotary Drum Screen for Water Intakes

    Many industrial facilities extract water from lakes, rivers or coastal waters for cooling installations, hydropower or water supply. The entrainment of floating debris or fish can have adverse effects on industrial processes and cause fish mortality. The innovative rotary drum screen that has been developed by FishFlow Innovations effectively ...

    By FishFlow Innovations based in Medemblik, NETHERLANDS.

  • PTC - Model VTDR - High & Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Robots

    P.T.C. srl, located in Genova, Italy, is an innovating engineering company designing and manufacturing (cleaning) robots for vertical steel applications. After continuous research, development and field-testing, PTC introduces the VTDR. All of our systems are designed to meet the challenges of steel surface preparation.

    By PTC srl. - part of the Comet Group Office in Alblasserdam, NETHERLANDS. from High & Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Robots Product line

  • Fuzzy Filter

    The Fuzzy Filter is an innovative and cost effective filter, which is suitable for the removal of suspended solids from (waste) water.

    By Bosman Watermanagement B.V based in Piershil, NETHERLANDS. from Fuzzy Filter Product line

  • Water4all

    Gems Waste Technology is the manufacturer of Water4All water treatment systems. Water4All is a technology provider who integrates and implements innovative water techniques and processes into standardised units. Water4All offers solutions for drink water processing and for industrial waste water. Besides our modular delivery program we offer ...

    By GEMS Waste Technology BV, IQS papersorting & EGRS based in Vorden, NETHERLANDS.

  • Premium

    Proline Promag - Model D 400 - Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Meter designed as compact wafer version with a state-of-the-art transmitter for Water & Wastewater. The wafer flowmeter Promag D is designed for all basic water applications where space is at a minimum. Its innovative housing construction enables a customized and fast centering as well as a cost-optimized installation. Promag D 400 saves time ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Naarden, NETHERLANDS. from Electromagnetic Flowmeter Product line

  • Noga - Red Dot Filtration System

    The Noga Red Dot filtration system is unique innovative system that solves the real problems of whole house filtration: particles, scale and chlorine reduction. Made of high quality material Noga red dot is ideal for use with drinking water.

    By Noga WaterCare B.V. based in Nieuwegein, NETHERLANDS. from Red Dot Filtration System Product line

  • Premium

    Proline Promag - Model W 500 - Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    The remote version with up to 3 I/Os and a sensor with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection. Promag W 500 is the specialist for hazardous areas in the water and wastewater industry and the ideal solution for direct underground installation or permanent underwater use. The innovative remote transmitter maximizes installation flexibility and ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Naarden, NETHERLANDS. from Electromagnetic Flowmeter Product line

  • Ronamic - Two Way Fish Passage Systems

    RONAMIC two-way fish passage weir guarantees safe fish passage in both directions, while still serving as a regular weir for altering the water level and flow characteristics. Thanks to its innovative design and constructional simplicity, the RONAMIC weir is currently the most cost-efficient fish passage solution available for artificial ...

    By Ronamic based in CW Noordwijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Wiefferink - Model Silocover - Durable Silo Cover

    The Silocover is an effective cover that keeps your silo from releasing CO2 It also keeps rainwater out and has an unique, innovative water drainage system. It is an effi cient and economical way to cover various types of silos (concrete, steel and plastic)

    By Wiefferink B.V. based in Oldenzaal, NETHERLANDS. from Durable Silo Cover Product line

  • KSB - Model UPA 150C - Submersible Borehole Pumps

    Whether in well systems or general water supply – KSB’s innovative UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps provide maximum reliability and save energy costs. UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps are suitable for well diameters of 150 millimeters (six inches) and above. They can be installed either vertically in narrow deep wells or in ...

    By KSB Group Office in NETHERLANDS. from Submersible Borehole Pumps Product line

  • Premium

    Intensifiers and Accumulators

    Rotork product range includes a unique range of pressure intensifiers for topside and subsea applications. The innovative designs can boost pressure by a factor of up to 7 without external power, operating with any water-based or mineral / synthetic oil-based fluid. Inlet pressures up to 420 bar (6,000 psi) and outlet pressure up to 1,380 bar ...

    By Rotork plc Office in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Intensifiers and Accumulators Product line

  • DP Pumps - Model DPV Series - Vertical Pumps

    For decades, customers have trusted the innovative DPV stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps series in diverse applications for the transportation of their process water. Energy efficient through smart hydraulic design; reliable through the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing; and versatile due to the unique modular concept ...

    By DP-Pumps based in Alphen aan den Rijn, NETHERLANDS. from Vertical Pumps Product line

  • PureBlue - Model InnoPack++ M - Biological Treatment Technology with Attached Growth to Carriers

    Compact and certified wastewater treatment for vessels; This innovative wastewater treatment for vessels treats all wastewater produced on board using advanced biological MBBR (moving bed bioreactor) technology. The InnoPack++M purifies both the toilet (black) and sanitary (grey) water, as well as the galley and laundry water to produce a ...

    By PureBlue based in Kapellebrug (Hulst), NETHERLANDS.

  • Horiba - Model TPNA-500 - Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring System

    More than 10 years have passed since the 5th Water Use Regulation was enforced in 2001. From the perspective on preservation of ambient water quality, it has become a matter of course for companies to be compliant with regulations and observe corporate compliance. Total nitrogen and total phosphorus monitoring in the future has the potential to ...

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