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water leakage equipment available in San Marino

  • BARTEC - Water Leakage Detection System

    Water leak monitoring in buildings with sensitive electric and electronic equipment or valuables is today an elementary part of building supervision and guarding. The BARTEC water leakage detection systems are used for the surveillance of rooms, piping and individual items. Each leakage is detected with metre accuracy and reported directly in the ...

    By BARTEC GmbH based in Bad Mergentheim, GERMANY. from Water Leakage Detection System Product line

  • Hydro Gate - Cast Iron Slide Gates

    Hydro Gate cast iron slide gates, formerly known as sluice gates, are used to control the flow of fluid through openings under seating or unseating head. Under seating pressure, fluid exerts a force on the front of the gate. The pressure of the water forces the gate slide against the frame which causes the gate to seal tightly. In the design of a ...

    By Hydro Gate based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Dega - Model DV III-x - Leakage Detector

    DEGA DV III-x is used to measure leakage of ammonia into water in ducts, tanks, piping etc. The detection system of Ammonia leakage consists of the relevant DEGA DVA III-x detector, the interconnecting cable and the DEGA NZV III converter. The probe is a PH electrode in a housing adapted to be placed in a pipeline. The DEGA NZV III is located in a ...

    By Dega CZ s.r.o. based in Prague 3, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Leakage Detector Product line

  • Leakage Testing Pool

    Used for leak test during filling of the cylinders. Placed on the conveyor system and cylinders passing through a water filled pool are checked manually by the operator. Various designs can be made to conform to the site of use and dimensions of the cylinders to be used.

    By Atilim Makina based in Tepeören, TURKEY.

  • Numens - Model 404-001 - water alarm

    The 404-001 water alarm is a water leakage detector with an alarm sounder. Advanced electronics provides rapid detection of water in at-risk locations, such as sumps, under sinks, around washing machines, in bathrooms, etc. The 404-001 water alarm provides home owners and installers with an easy-to-install, economical solution where early ...

    By Ningo Ambest Electronics CO.,Ltd. based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, CHINA.

  • Vehicle Leakage Test Systems

    Our product portfolio also includes the facilities for testing vehicles for leakage. The finished bodies are tested for leakage using simulated rain with all manner of water testing routines. Once tested, the vehicle bodies are dried by gantry-type blow driers. These plants come complete with the systems necessary for conditioning the circulating ...

    By Langbein & Engelbracht GmbH based in Bochum, GERMANY. from Vehicle Leakage Test Systems Product line

  • Water Sensor

    This Didactum leak sensor has been developed for the reliable detection of water and moisture. This water leak sensor is compatible with all Didactum SNMPv1/v2c/v3 enabled remote monitoring devices. Simply connect this leakage sensor via the patch cable included to one of the 8 sensor ports of your Didactum monitoring system. With the unit’s ...

    By Didactum Security GmbH based in Münster, GERMANY. from Water Sensor Product line

  • LOKAL - Model 300 - Multifunctional Correlator - Leakage Detection Device

    GEOPHONE: Automatic storage of measurements. 6 frequences. Receiver for gas water pipeline search. Headphones overshoot limiter.

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Multifunctional Correlator - Leakage Detection Device Product line

  • Lagersmit - Model FWD - Water Lubricated Seal

    Regulations are getting more and more strict when it comes to the environment. The VGP (Vessel General Permit) is just an example, but an important one on why vessels change their oil from mineral to EALs, or retrofit to an air type seal. Lagersmit always works hard on making more environmental friendly sealing solutions. The Water Lubricated FWD ...

    By Lagersmit based in Alblasserdam, NETHERLANDS. from Water Lubricated Seal Product line

  • Airlock Blockage Leakage Efficiency (ABLE)

    ABLE is a configurable self learning device which provides a warning and an alert for a leakage or blockage in the system. In addition, air lock indication and overflow alarm are also annunciated through display, LEDs and relay output to an audible alarm. Leakage from waste water systems can cause major environmental problems and which can ...

    By Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS) based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Phocus - Model 3 - Wireless Noise Logger for Leak Detection

    Phocus3 is an advanced leak noise logger designed for detecting and localising water leakage. Wireless communications allows both 'lift and shift' or permanent distribution network operation. On site leakage results may be obtained via the Communications Module with detailed analysis carried out on the host software.

    By Primayer Ltd based in Denmead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wireless Noise Logger for Leak Detection Product line

  • Water Softeners

    The H&T water softener system utilizes cation-exchange resin operating in the sodium cycle with salt (NaCl) regeneration to remove the hardness ions. Calcium and magnesium will exchange for sodium on cation resin. This reduces the hardness and increases the sodium in the treated water. For industrial applications, it is typical to treat 100% ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • GEL AcquaStop - Innovative Anti Flood Filter

    AcquaStop is the innovative anti flood filter able to protect your home from water leakages or anomalous consumptions 24 hours a day. With no programming, it will be active after 15 days of automatic acquisition of the home water consumptions. AcquaStop is installed in place of the standard filter. No power supply required.

    By GEL Hydrotechnology for Life based in Castelfidardo, ITALY. from Innovative Anti Flood Filter Product line

  • Hydrelis - Stop-Flow Water Breaker

    We equip private accommodation via fitters, operators and local authority landlords in order to help the consumer better and prevent leakage problems leading to overconsumption.

    By Hydrelis based in Lille, FRANCE. from Stop-Flow Water Breaker Product line

  • HUABAIGAO - Screw Water Chiller

    The machine uses the well-known brand of semi-closed double screw compressor. It makes the machine has a non-leakage structure, low noise, stable operation and long service life. The pressure vessels on the unit had passed the pressure vessel inspection certification and the China Classification Society Certification.

  • Lining Lateral Pipe

    For perfect unification of main and lateral pipes, lining of lateral pipe precedes that of main pipe. Water tightness is ensured with this order of processing. S Collar attached to the lateral lining port will protect the port of lateral pipe from damages and make a good guide for drilling an opening to lateral pipe. An applied packing seals off ...

    By Shonan Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd. based in Kanagawa-ken, JAPAN.

  • Air Brick Covers

    Air Brick Covershave the same arch dam design as Floodguards so ensure no water leakage is possible once the cover is in place.Like the door guard we will install a backframe of a suitable colour around your airbrick so you only have to clip the cover into place when a flood warning is received.

    By Revetment Ltd based in Henley-in-Arden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Brick Covers Product line

  • Gas & Air Tight Inspection Covers

    The items are used where foul smell is not desired or where water leakage is harmful. Covers are used on sewerage lines close to terminal buildings as Pit Covers on cable duct lines. The covers are recess type and are to be filled with Concrete or any other filling material. The covers thus get merged with the surroundings and give an aesthetic ...

    By Rokan industry Co.,Limited based in shijiazhuang, CHINA. from Gas & Air Tight Inspection Covers Product line

  • Feed Water Boiler

    The so called „Boiler feed water“ is stored in a feed water tank and continuously feeded to the boiler of a steam generator. A big quantity of feed water is needed for example in steam power plants. The boiler generates steam, which is used for heating, for chemical processes or for driving a steam turbine respectively a steam engine. ...

    By OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH based in Korntal-Münchingen, GERMANY. from Feed Water Boiler Product line

  • Water-in-Oil Test Kits

    Water-in-Oil Test Kit, Model WO-1, 25 Tests. Water-in-Oil as % Volumetric Displacement/Calcium Hydride. Includes reagents and apparatus for 25 Tests. Detects coolant leakage in engine lubricants. Ranges (as % Water in Oil):  0 - 1% Low Range; 0 - 10% High Range.

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Water-in-Oil Test Kits Product line

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