water level controller equipment near Gambia

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    Prosonic - Model FMU90 - Ultrasonic Measurement Time-of-Flight Transmitter

    Prosonic FMU90 separated version with field housing or top hat rail housing for control cabinet instrumentation are suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludge and powdery to coarse bulk solids. Also the flow measurement in open channels and weirs is possible as the simultaneous measurement of level and flow in a ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Abidjan, IVORY COAST. from Ultrasonic Measurement Time-of-Flight Transmitter Product line

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    Flottweg Soft Shot - Solid Discharge System

    A separator from Flottweg is equipped with the Soft Shot discharge system. This solid discharge system allows precise combinations of partial and full discharges, as required. Depending on the products to be processed and the consistency of the solid, adapting the discharge type allows an optimum operating method. The separator is operated and ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Abidjan 26, CROATIA. from Solid Discharge System Product line

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    Metrohm - Model 875 KF - Gas Analyzer System

    Metrohm’s all-inclusive system for water determination in liquefied and permanent gases. This robust analyzer measures trace levels of water in a variety of gases (propane, propene, LPG, butane, refrigerants, etc.). Fully automated analysis with software control. Built-in filters for solid matter and oil residues. Predefined analytical ...

    By Metrohm AG Distributor in Ikeja, NIGERIA. from Gas Analyzer System Product line

  • Monitor AMI Trides - Disinfectants

    Microprocessor controlled system for the automatic and continuous measurement of disinfectants in potable water and swimming pools.On-line Monitor and Controller for Free and Active Chlorine, Chlorine-Dioxide, Ozone, Bromine and Iodine.Integrated pH Measurement for Automatic Calculation of Free Chlorine at Changing pH Levels.Wide measuring range: ...

    By SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG Distributor in MA Casablanca, MOROCCO. from Monitor AMI Trides - Disinfectants Product line

  • API Separators

    The API separators are very important part for the environment care and the proper residues management. The management system takes signals from a couple of sensors and gives the opportunity to control the level and oil in water levels.

    By Petrik Naval based in PI Palmones, SPAIN. from API Separators Product line

  • Model BVP-72A - Balanced Float Valve

    Proinval BVP-72A balanced float valves are designed for their application in tanks with the function of automatic control of water levels. GROUP: SHUT-OFF

    By Proinval Office in Mairena del Aljarafe, SPAIN. from Balanced Float Valve Product line

  • Flucon - Model 200 - Automatic Control Valves

    Control valves are designed to stabilize pressure, level and flow in a given water system. This type of valve operation may be hydraulic, electric or electronic. There are also electric-hydraulic and electronic-hydraulic combinations available, in remote monitoring and control systems it is recommended to use electric or electronic valves with ...

    By Tecnilab Portugal S.A. based in Lisboa, PORTUGAL. from Automatic Control Valves Product line

  • Dosing & Chlorinating Unit

    The dosing/chlorinating unit is meant to dose a chemical into water. The chemicals can be chlorine for fresh water systems, corrosion inhibitors for main engine cooling water, pH adjustment of fresh water etc. The unit consists of a dosing pump, a control cabinet, an injection valve and a container for the chemical. The container is equipped with ...

    By JOWA Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Dosing & Chlorinating Unit Product line

  • GLS - New High Pressure / Low Pressure Control Valve

    Biogas digesters need to secure the pressure level, a high pressure / low pressure control valve is necessary. Very popular are fluid filled valves, that work with a sealing liquid consisting of a glycol / water mixture. Unfortunately, at almost all constructions on the market in case of high pressure the sealing liquid will be blown out. This ...

  • VacuTect - Tank Testing System

    More than one million VacuTect tests have been performed around the world. It is the staple of our tank testing technologies. The system is certified to test tanks at virtually any product level. With as little as 6' of product inside the tank, VacuTect provides a conclusive result. How it works: VacuTect works by introducing a vacuum into the ...

    By Tanknology Inc. Distributor in PORTUGAL.

  • Model VA - Polyprep 2KB - Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plants

    Tank consisting of preparation chamber, ripening chamber and dosing chamber, stainless steel agitators and level switches as required and/or requested. Dry polymer feeder, dosing screw speed constant. PVC water piping system consisting of ball valve, pressure reduction valve with filter, solenoid valve and water meter in supplier standard. Polymer ...

  • S.I.T.A. - Model Pool LCD Series - UV Disinfection

    SITA UV POOL series represents the top level UV disinfection for Your Pool. Made with the highest stainless steel quality and with a separate control panel, the UV POOL series ensure a very good disinfection of the water. A correct sizing, thanks to a perfect relationship between contact time and lamp power, will make Your pool safe with less ...

    By S.I.T.A. srl Distributor in PORTUGAL. from UV Disinfection Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 08.01 - Sandbox for pF-Determination

    The standard set for pF-determination pF 0 - 2.0 (0 - 0.1 bar) consists of the sandbox with control panel, suction levelling stand, water supply bottle with stand, filter cloth (140-150 micron), a number of containers synthetic sand, grain size approximately 73 micron and various accessories.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Sandbox for pF-Determination Product line

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    Myron-L PoolPro - Model PS6FCE & PS9TK - Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool for Pool or Spa

    POOLPRO does the job of up to 9 tests in one easy to use instrument: Monitor Disinfectant. Residuals -Determine Water. Balance Corrections -Calibrate Equipment -Ensure Proper TDS. Levels in Saltwater. Chlorine Generation. We are proud of the trust our handheld instruments and monitor/controllers have earned. We have continued to build on that ...

    By Myron L Company Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool for Pool or Spa Product line

  • AlmAqua - Control Panel

    Plastic box 220x275x140 gray RAL 7035. Relay level (RND20) for monitoring the water level. Power supply (FAL16) 16 VA 230V / 24V. Alarm Module (SAM-AL) to sound and light warning fat accumulation or lack of water in the reservoir. Short-circuit protection by circuit breaker. Connected alarm (red alarm LED module). Alarm switch for automatic ...

    By AlmAqua – Environmental Technologies based in Verdizela, PORTUGAL. from Control Panel Product line

  • Xsite EASY - 2D System

    The Xsite EASY 2D system measures depth, range and incline of the bucket, as well as depicts the bucket position graphically and numerically on the display. Using this information, the machine operator always knows the exact position, and work progress. This allows him to work exactly according to plan, precisely implementing the specifications. ...

    By MOBA Mobile Automation AG Office in Castellar del Vallés, SPAIN. from 2D System Product line

  • Roller Fly Screens

    Properly selected and operated screens alleviate the load of treatment plants considerably. The determination of the appropriate screen depends on wastewater properties as well as hydraulic calculations and topography. We expand our range of screens daily, aiming to create suitable solutions to our customer's needs. Each of the mechanical screens ...

    By Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri Office in Alger, ALGERIA.

  • Waste Water Level Monitoring System

    The 46 X level transmitters serve as a main sensor for waste water level monitoring, whereas the floating switches are used as a secondary control element. The main advantage of the 46 X is a chemically resistant AL2O3 diaphragm with gold layer, which is also more immune against mechanical damage when compared to the thin steel diaphragm used in ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik Distributor in V.N.Famalicão, PORTUGAL. from Waste Water Level Monitoring System Product line

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    Model IQ Series - High Temperature Infrared Spot Thermometers

    The Land IQ series are compact, rugged, industrial thermometers designed to meet the needs of high temperature process control applications. IQ series thermometers feature an all metal design with integrated water cooling, air purge and screw terminal connections to facilitate simple and cost effective operation. Thermometers can be configured ...

    By AMETEK Land Office in Madrid, SPAIN. from High Temperature Infrared Spot Thermometers Product line

  • Model Series EC - Conductivity Tester

    Monitor conductivity levels quickly and easily with Series EC Conductivity Testers. These pocket-sized testers are ideal for conductivity measurement in the lab, industrial plant or out in the field. Series EC measures conductivity from 0 to 1990 microhms (µS) or 0 to 19.90 milliohms (mS). The reading is displayed on a large 3-1/2 digit LCD. ...

    By Dwyer Instruments Inc Distributor in SPAIN. from Conductivity Tester Product line

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