water mains equipment in Michigan

  • Water Main And Transmission Line Renewal

    IPR continues to expand the nation's largest and most comprehensive trenchless portfolio with the addition of RS BlueLine, a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology developed by RS Technik for rehabilitation of pressure pipe. This unique design for renewing water pipe is the next evolution of CIPP derived from decades of technology development and ...

    By Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR) Office in Detroit, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • DANCO - Water Conservation and Reuse

    DANCO provides an extremely detailed and comprehensive review of your organizations water consumption and generates a quantitative report detailing its findings and recommendations. This process provides a macro assessment and then breaks down the findings on a micro level by department and then by process. This study literally provides tracking ...

    By Dancorp Inc. based in Edwardsburg, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Hot Water Desuperheater

    Hot Water Desuperheater - free hot water when in the air conditioner mode. Cheap hot water when in the heating mode. This hot water goes into a storage tank and is preheated hot water for your main hot water heater.

    By Geothermal Systems of Lapeer LLC based in Davison, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Premium

    Sierra ChlorineTrak™ - Model 760S - Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters

    The ChlorineTrak 760S has been specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass flow measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications. Given the corrosive nature of chlorine gas (particularly in the presence of moisture), extremely expensive Hastelloy was needed for ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. Office in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from Chlorine Gas Mass Flow Meters Product line

  • CoolWall

    CoolW@ll® is a pioneering innovation in the area of IT air-conditioning. The main idea here is both simple and ingenious: thanks to the use of heat-exchanger modules with large surface areas and water flowing through them, the dividing wall between the supply infrastructure and the IT room is used for air-conditioning. This helps to save space in ...

    By Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH Office in MICHIGAN (USA). from CoolWall Product line

  • Model 730-RV - Diaphragm Control Valve

    Diaphragm Control Valve for pressure reducing service, back pressure control or pressure relief on application handling de-ionized water, slurries, corrosive or abrasive liquids, or any service which requires a diaphragm type valve. The assembly consists of a No. 630 air-operated diaphragm valve either normally open or normally closed as desired, ...

    By Century Instrument Company based in Livonia, MICHIGAN (USA). from Diaphragm Control Valve Product line

  • Sulzer - Helicoaxial Multiphase Pumps

    Sulzer helicoaxial multiphase pumps enable boosting of the oil/gas/water mixture from producing wells, without separating the gas from the liquids. They are successfully deployed in remote or subsea location, thus making wells and fields economically viable.

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • HPDM - Axially Split Volute Casing Pump

    HPDM axially split volute pumps are tailor-made and are extensively used to transport large volumes of liquid over long distances and high geodetic heights as in water and oil pipelines. They are available in single stage or various multistage configurations with single- or double suction impellers.

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Axially Split Volute Casing Pump Product line

  • Sulzer - Scaba Top-Mounted Vertical Agitators

    Scaba top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating process liquids in many industries, including wastewater and industrial applications. They ensure homogenous mixing results, high process reliability, high efficiency, low operating costs and low environmental stress. A comprehensive range of standardized agitators are ...

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • ABS - Model XTA & XTAK - Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerators

    he XTA and XTAK are self-aspirating submersible aerators for wastewater and water treatment in municipal and industrial plants. Main areas of application are mixing and equalization tanks, activated sludge tanks, SBR, and sludge storage tanks at water depths from 2 to 9 m (7–30 ft).

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerators Product line

  • Model MSD - Axially Split Multistage Pump

    The MSD pump has the broadest hydraulic coverage of any BB3 type multistage pump in the market. There are over 10 000 MSD pumps installed in product pipelines, boiler feed, water injection and even nuclear safety-related services around the globe.

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Axially Split Multistage Pump Product line

  • ABS - Model OKI - Nopon Submersible Aerator Mixer

    The ABS Nopon OKI submersible aerator is a heavy-duty, non-clogging, gentle mixing unit which can operate both as an aerator and as a mixer for wastewater and water treatment in municipal and industrial plants. It is used for sludge stabilization in SBR, MBR, and MBBR processes.

    By Sulzer Ltd. Distributor in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Nopon Submersible Aerator Mixer Product line

  • OZAT - Model CFV Series - OXYGEN & AIR - Fed Compact Ozone Generators

    The OZAT CFV range is Ozonia's latest development of generators for medium-sized ozone applications. The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators and includes the latest technology to ensure continuous operation at full-load in industrial environments. A feature of the larger units is the fused dielectric tubes which makes them ...

    By Ozonia - a subsidiary of SUEZ ENvironnement Distributor in Warren, MICHIGAN (USA). from OXYGEN & AIR - Fed Compact Ozone Generators Product line

  • FlowMaster - Industrial Vacuum Excavation and Hydraulic Valve Exercising System

    The FlowMaster vacuum excavation system lets you access and hydraulically exercise water main valves and hydrants and flush out water systems. Available on most Vac-Tron models.

    By Vac-Tron Equipment Distributor in Northville, MICHIGAN (USA). from Industrial Vacuum Excavation and Hydraulic Valve Exercising System Product line

  • Hydro-Pac - Self Contained Systems

    Precision Systems has been manufacturing its Hydro-Pac factory built water booster station for over 20 years. Precision Systems mounts, plumbs, and wires all the components for your water booster station on a fabricated steel base. This skid can then be enclosed with a housing that meets your needs for aesthetics, cost, and durability or shipped ...

    By Precision Systems Distributor in MICHIGAN (USA).

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