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Water Management Directive equipment

  • Scale Manager - Electronic Water Descaler Technologies

    Scale Manager is the ultimate water descaler providing maintenance free hard water solutions and limescale prevention; Scale Manager will remove all existing limescale without the need for chemicals, salts, alteration to plumbing or a separate drinking water supply and provide limescale prevention for the future. The Scale Manager effect does not ...

    By Waltham Electronics based in Sileby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model AD - Vertical & Offset Rotary Ditchers

    From coupler to cutter head, AMCO makes a better Ditcher. Clean roadside ditches or direct water away from crops with the AMCO Rotary Ditcher, an industry best-seller. We offer both Offset and Vertical models, and both Ditcher body styles can be ordered with either of our cutter head sizes. Options are available for tractors with PTO ratings of ...

    By AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. based in Yazoo City, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Water Management Product line

  • Premium

    AFS - Water Purification System

    Cost-effective solution for analyzers with daily pure water needs of up to 480 Liters. CLRW quality: AFS systems combine complementary water purification techniques; complete pretreatment, intelligent reverse osmosis (RO), bactericidal UV lamp treatment and a final 0.22 µm filter ensure a reliable and consistent water quality. Water produced ...

    By Merck based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

  • Water Maze - Model EC2-20A - Advanced Electro-Coagulation (EC) System

    This is an advanced Electro-coagulation (EC) system for treating wash water and other industrial waste water that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals. This system combines both EC water treatment technology and chemical tlocculation to enhance and speed up the process of removing constituents from the waste water. The ...

  • Priva Vialux - Model M-Line - Horticulture Water Disinfection System with UV Light

    Priva offers you a proven and reliable disinfection system that helps you improve and guarantee the quality of your cultivation, while saving on resources and costs. Vialux M-Line, powerful disinfection in the most efficient way.

    By Priva based in De Lier, NETHERLANDS. from Water Management Product line

  • Water-Gate - Model WL - Flood Control Barrier

    Part of the WL-Series, the Water‑Gate flood dam is specifically designed to provide full protection against flooding issues faced by cities and municipalities across the world. This unique and innovative flood response equipment combines simplicity, robustness, and effectiveness.

    By MegaSecur based in Victoriaville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Other Product line

  • Innovation - Model 800 - Tankless Water Heaters

    The Innovation is a highly efficient tankless water heater that delivers instantaneous hot water with no storage tank or standing water that has to be heated up and then mixed down. With a reliable, scale-resistant heat exchanger and a compact footprint, the Innovation provides energy savings and lower operating costs.

    By AERCO International, Inc. based in Blauvelt, NEW YORK (USA). from Water Heaters - Innovation Direct Fired Water Heaters Product line

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    Elix - High-Throughput Water Purification System

    To reach the most reliable pure water quality, Elix High-Throughput systems are built on an optimized purification sequence: Tap water first enters the Progard pretreatment cartridge which efficiently removes particles & colloids, free chlorine and hardness before reverse osmosis (RO) purification. Elix systems benefit from advanced RO ...

    By Merck based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

  • Geoprob - Model 6610DT - Compact Size Direct Push Machine

    The compact size of the Model 6610DT direct push machine gets you in to confined spaces to get the work done.  Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the Model 6610DT can easily maneuver through shallow water, soft sands, or muddy fields.  But its convenient structure doesn't sacrifice strength... the ...

    By Geoprobe Systems -Kejr, Inc. based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from Direct Push Rigs Product line

  • Model 140TS2 - Direct Mount Ejector Scraper

    The 140TS2 direct mount ejector scraper is perfectly at home on the construction site hauling tandems or in water management applications hauling a single.  In either configuration, it is the most economical scraper in its class on a cost-per-yard basis.

    By Ashland Industries Inc. based in Ashland, WISCONSIN (USA). from Direct-Mount Scrapers Product line

  • Carat - Tank Direct Feed System

    The Graf Carat tank has deservedly led the worldwide market for deep dig tanks for the last five years. Unlike any other tank of its kind, the Graf Carat is assembled from two high strength, injection moulded halves. The advantage of this is the ease to transport due to the manageable weight of the stackable halves.

    By Rainwater Harvesting Limited based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Direct Feed System Product line

  • Model AM-2000 - Hydro Mate Universal Water Management Boat

    The standard AM-2000 is featured and equipped with the following: Forward mounted hydraulic crane. A complete hydraulic system for all material handling, and propulsion functions, with variable speed control at the operator's finger tips. Diesel hydraulic power unit, with heavy-duty battery under a lockable fold-up hood. Lockable hydraulic oil and ...

    By Alpha Boats Unlimited - A Division of Barber Welding Inc. based in Weedsport, NEW YORK (USA). from Water Management Boats Product line

  • Galaxy - Pressure Transceiver

    The Galaxy two-way network offers water resource authorities the reliability and wide area coverage needed to confidently deploy various sensors in order to manage a city’s water cycle. The highly secure Galaxy network is a comprehensive solution for all segments in water resource management, and can facilitate additional utility demand as ...

    By Telematics Wireless USA Corp. based in Irving, TEXAS (USA). from Water Resource Management Product line

  • Model MSR - Oil Water Separator

    MSR Coalescing Plate Modules are designed to separate oil from water utilizing only gravity for motive force and the buoyancy of oil droplets. Unlike large empty-tank separators, they enable maintaining laminar flow of the oil droplets. The Coalescing Plates are closely spaced to minimize rise distance and ensure capture of even very small ...

    By Echelon Environmental based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stormwater Management - Stormwater Treatment Product line

  • UWO-PowerTwin - Rainwater Management Units

    Functional Description; The UWO PowerTwin rainwater management appliance with automatic switching between rainwater and mainswater during periods of low rainfall. No mainswater is wasted due to the appliance mounted break tank that avoids feeding water into the main underground.

    By Ecozi Ltd. based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Management Units Product line

  • Parafos - Direct Contact Water Heaters

    Parafos Gamma is specially formulated for use in high temperature water treatment applications. Parafos® Gamma treats and controls scale deposits in potable water systems where temperatures exceed 160ºF. Parafos® Gamma is designed for extreme water quality and high hardness conditions. Parafos® Gamm

    By Parafos - Keytech Water Management based in Amherst, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Premium

    TDHI - Model TD-4100XD - Continuous On-Line Oil in Water Monitor

    The TD-4100 XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petro-chemical, mining, and other industries that require robust on-line hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid or wall mounted and constructed of ...

    By Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Griswold - Model SFC / SFS - Sand Filter Systems

    The patented Wave Electronic Water Treatment system is advancing the science of sustainable water treatment. Designed to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, the Wave helps customers save money and preserve capital equipment. While outperforming competitors’ models, the Wave is quickly becoming the “green” standard for smart ...

    By Griswold Water Systems (GWS) based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Traditional Solids Management Product line

  • EnviroDEFENSE - Model CC076-1G - D-Solv60 Pond & Lake Clarifier

    Perfect For Murky, Off Color Ponds & LakesClears Pond Water Regardless of ColorRemoves Suspended Organic DebrisEnviroDEFENSE® D-Solv 60 is formulated to clarify brackish, murky pond water quickly. When used as directed pond water should clear and maintain a polished shine. EnviroDEFENSE® D-Solv 60 contains a strong formula to rapidly return pond ...

    By Airmax, Inc. based in Romeo, MICHIGAN (USA). from Aquaculture & Lake Management Product line

  • Direct Evaporation Technologies

    AguaRaider’s Direct Evaporation Technologies are a Sustainable Solution for Disposal of O&G and Industrial Wastewaters. Water Management is critical and one of the more costly factors in the E&P operations. Integration of the Wastewater Pretreatment Module can allow the AguaRaider Evaporation Unit to evaporate as much as 90% of the ...

    By AguaRaider, LLC based in Uvalde, TEXAS (USA).

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