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  • CTech Europe - Portable Waste Water Mixers

    CTECH Europe provide a wide range of portable waste water mixers. Portable Mixers are designed for the European market and provide excellent value for a wide range of mixing applications.

    By CTech Europe Ltd. based in Neston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Waste Water Mixers Product line

  • RESOL - Model MA10/25 - Domestic Water Mixer Valve

    One-hand domestic water mixer valve for installation into hot water circuits as scald protection.

    By Resol GmbH based in Hattingen, GERMANY. from Domestic Water Mixer Valve Product line

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    ENEXIO - Dense Slurry Mixer

    Hydrodynamic mixers for superb slurry quality; The core component of the Circumix Dense Slurry technology is the Circumix Mixer. The role of the Circumix Dense Slurry mixer is to receive the fly ash, mix it with the necessary make-up water to produce homogenous dense slurry with 0.8:1…1.2:1 water-to-solid ratio on weight basis to be ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Dense Slurry Mixer Product line

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    ASTIM - Turbine Type Mixers

    We are engaged in engineering and fabricating Turbine Agitator, which is highly efficient and durable. The use of quality tested raw material such as SS 304, SS 316, coated carbon steel and latest machines in manufacturing these Agitators ensures that the end product conforms to set industry norms. These Agitators are available in various ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Turbine Type Mixers Product line

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    ENTA - Mixer and Flocculators

    Mixing of the coagulant and chemicals with water is performed by ENTA mixer and flocculators. All impellent groups, motor, reducer and general project have a long life and strong structure. Mixer and flocculators shall be produced as coated (rubber, teflon, rilsan etc.) carbon steel or painted carbon steel, galvanized coated carbon steel or ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Mixer and Flocculators Product line

  • CTech Europe - IBC Water Treatment Mixers and Storage Tanks

    CTECH Europe have a wide range mixers and storage tanks for  water treatment. The unique range of IBC mixers / agitators with E-400 folding impellers have been designed for use with plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) with a 150mm screw cap, the E-400 folding impeller fits through a standard 150mm opening on the IBC, the IBC mixer ...

    By CTech Europe Ltd. based in Neston, UNITED KINGDOM. from IBC Water Treatment Mixers and Storage Tanks Product line

  • Pumping Mixers

    MP and MPA pumping mixers. In the biological water treatment process, a waste water recirculation is required. The pumping (recirculation) mixers pump the waste water, in particular the activated sludge, between the nitrification and denitrification chambers in the biological processes applied at the treatment plants. They can be also used in ...

    By REDOR sp. z o.o. based in Bielsko-Biała, POLAND.

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    Europelec ROTOMIX - Floating Low Speed Mixer

    The ROTOMIX is a floating low speed mixer with a vertical shaft which is made of a rotor attached to a gear motor through a connecting shaft. The vortex power created on the surface of the water eliminates foam in most cases. The floating low speed mixer is completely designed and manufactured in France.

    By EUROPELEC based in Paris, FRANCE. from Floating Low Speed Mixer Product line

  • Submersible Mixers

    The submersible mixers are used, first of all, as sewage treatment plant components. They prevent deposits from settling in balance tanks; they are also used in biochemical processes at waste water treatment plants (denitrification and dephosphatation) etc. In addition, they can be used in the agriculture, industry and sewage systems.

    By REDOR sp. z o.o. based in Bielsko-Biała, POLAND.

  • Model AS Mixers - Submersible Mixers With Direct Drive

    Submersible mixers of group AS are designed as machines with propeller directly mounted at a shaft of multi-pole electric motor. In the result a robust, compact and relatively light item comes into existence. Purposed for duty in submersion it has a wide range of applications. Besides waste water treatment plants mixers of this type are applied in ...

    By ASPAMET based in Mazańcowice, POLAND.

  • Model Type AR - Submersible Mixers With Gear Drive

    Equipped with reducer mixers of type AR are used to provoke a circulation of waste water in tanks, channel, oxidation ditches of different size and shape at considerably vast distance. Medium or slow propeller speed enables homogenization of the sewage and prevents from sedimentation. Together with mixing and keeping water in flow mixers speed up ...

    By ASPAMET based in Mazańcowice, POLAND.

  • Claro - Water-To-Sludge Heat Exchangers

    Claro designs and manufactures three proprietary heat exchangers that heat, cool, and recover energy by means of water-to-sludge energy transfer. Claro modular tube-in-shell heat exchangers, large gap heat exchangers, and Big Bubble Gun Mixers with heating jackets can suit a wide variety of applications and footprints.

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water-To-Sludge Heat Exchangers Product line

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model ST - Sand Washer

    Selectable agitation technologies. Vibrator, Mixer, Air/water injector. Selectable sand level measuring. Pressure sensor, Load cell, Sonar. Maximum volume and surface enables use as ”combi unit” grit trap. Dry sand feed version. Made of robust thick high quality stainless material. Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Sand Washer Product line

  • DOSEURO - Model DEM-DRV-DRC-DMT-DMM Series - Mixer

    DOSEURO srl have devoleped a range of electrical mixers for use in many industrial application, such as chemical production,water treatment and food industry.

    By DOSEURO S.r.l. based in Cologno Monzese, ITALY. from Mixer Product line

  • UET - Model XCEL-2 Series - Mixers

    Built with large mixer features, the XCEL-2 Series of UET Mixers offers extremely high pumping rates for cost effective, low volume mixing applications such as flash mixing in water treatment and salt dissolving in water. Industrial motors in standard frame sizes, rugged cast iron gearboxes and hardened steel gears, and anti-friction bearings are ...

    By United Equipment Technologies (UET) Mixers, Inc. based in Mechanic Falls, MAINE (USA). from Mixers Product line

  • STANDARD - Model 25 - Mixer

    Capacity 29 litres. Used for mixing: liquid, powder and granular chemicals as well as chemicals contained in water-soluble bags. The accessory features an Energet rotatory nozzle. Standard features on all the models are: quick funnel, nozzle for dissolving products, external support frame, external inspection pot, water glass with graduated scale ...

    By Polmac srl based in Mirandola (MO), ITALY. from Mixer Product line

  • MIXIT - Model MIXIT-G 7,5 - Mixers

    Waterix MIXIT-G model mixers are suitable for mixing of wastewater and industrial process water. G-model mixers are equipped with durable gear. Other suitable uses for MIXIT-G mixers, for example, are sludge or high solids content of the liquid mixture. Waterix MIXIT-G mixers are equipped with downward flow pipe which allows efficient mixing to ...

    By W-Rix Ltd based in Parainen, FINLAND. from Mixers Product line

  • Mixers

    The main purpose is to enhance the evaporation and thermolysis of the injected urea water solution (UWS) while limiting wall film and deposits. Thin sheet metal is bended and clinched together inside a small pipe with welding exterior to where urea is present to avoid deposit build up.

    By Dinex A/S based in Middelfart, DENMARK.

  • UET - Model XCEL-300 to 1500 Series - Mixers

    XCEL-300 to 1500 Series mixers are engineered and manufactured specifically for the demanding operating parameters associated with mixing applications. Standard designs are available with pumping rates up to 500,000 gpm. These mixers are ideal for chemical and food processing, pulp and paper, and water and waste treatment applications.

    By United Equipment Technologies (UET) Mixers, Inc. based in Mechanic Falls, MAINE (USA). from Mixers Product line

  • STANDARD - Model 001814DR - Mixers

    ACCESSORY FOR MIXING CHEMICAL PRODUCTS AND WASHING CONTAINERS. Capacity 20 liters. It can be used for mixing: liquid, powdered, and granular chemical products as well as chemical products contained in water-soluble bags. The accessory features a Duplex rotatory nozzle. The following are standard features on all the models: a quick funnel, a nozzle ...

    By Polmac srl based in Mirandola (MO), ITALY. from Mixers Product line

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