water mixing equipment in Portugal

  • HandiChem - Solid System

    HandiChem Solid System. The HandiChem Solid System is an innovative water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers that provides the proven results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, but is easier to use and is more environmentally responsible.

    By NCH UK Ltd Office in Linda-a-velha, PORTUGAL.

  • VentilAQUA BLUE - Model VAMEF - Continuous Operating Waste Water Treatment Plant

    The VAMEF unit is a continuous operating waste water treatment plant, according to the precipitation flocculation principle, with a flotation system for water clarification, based on a DAF (Dissolved Air otation process). It has all the chemical reaction components, including the chemical agents dosing units, the automatic reaction pH control, ...

    By VentilAQUA, S.A. based in Coimbra,, PORTUGAL. from Continuous Operating Waste Water Treatment Plant Product line

  • Premium

    Myron L - pH Buffers - Standard Solutions and Buffers

    All Myron L handheld instruments are factory calibrated with NIST traceable Standard Solutions having specific conductivity/ppm values. MyronL Company Standard Solutions are made under strictly controlled conditions using reagent grade salts. These salts are mixed with deionized water having a resistivity of at least 5 megohms-cm purity.

    By Myron L Company Distributor in PORTUGAL. from pH Buffers - Standard Solutions and Buffers Product line

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    AERZEN - Model Generation 5 - Turbo Blowers

    For the maximum of energy efficiency in waste water treatment. Designed to handle unsolved energy problems. This is the key unit for more energy efficiency, as single or combination design – and the power behind every municipal or industrial waste disposal facility: the AERZEN Turbo Generation 5. Unbeatable, AERZEN’s mix of blower, ...

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH Office in S. Jõao Do Estoril, PORTUGAL. from Turbo Blowers Product line

  • Mechanical Control

    System dedicated to the control of stormwater, mixed water and sewage, whose function is to limit the flow to a certain preset value, being the excess rejected by overflow. Proven german technology.

    By Interagua - Tecnologia e Gestão da Água, Lda. based in Figueira da Foz, PORTUGAL. from Mechanical Control Product line

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    Model 10000, 14000, 17000 rpm - Soil Stirring Device

    Soil stirring device for the mixing of soil/water solutions using an electrically powered fourpart blade, 230 V - 50 Hz. The number of rotations can be set either on 10.000, 14.000 or 17.000 rotations per minute. The apparatus is fitted with an automatic start/stop function. The engine is placed in a rubber support reducing noise and vibrations to ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Soil Stirring Device Product line

  • Mixing Condensers

    In mixing condensers condensation of the vapours takes place in direct contact with the cooling water. Cooling water and condensate are mixed together. As a measure to reduce fresh- and waste water requirements such systems can be designed with a closed cooling water loop and then it is only necessary to discharge the surplus liquid.

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Portela de Carnaxide, PORTUGAL. from Mixing Condensers Product line

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    Aire-O2 - Antifouling Aspirator

    With the growing use and challenge caused by supposedly flushable wipes, we have customized our Aire-02® Aspirators with a larger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation that excels in heavy debris conditions. The resilient design with the patented rotating propeller forces water outward horizontally ...

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) Distributor in Matosinhos, PORTUGAL. from Antifouling Aspirator Product line

  • Vacuum Systems With Mixing Condensers

    The system shown in the sketch achieves a suction pressure of 1 mbar. The temperature of the available cooling water determines which pressure can be reached in the first mixing condenser. In this example, two ejector stages have been series-connected to achieve a suction pressure of 1 mbar with the lowest possible use of motive flow. Two further ...

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Portela de Carnaxide, PORTUGAL. from Vacuum Systems With Mixing Condensers Product line

  • Liquid Jet Solids Ejector

    A liquid motive medium is used to convey solids. The solids are either introduced via a funnel or they can also be sucked in. A carrier medium e.g. water or air is mixed in to improve the delivery effect.

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Portela de Carnaxide, PORTUGAL. from Liquid Jet Solids Ejector Product line

  • Liquid Jet Gas Compressor

    Using a liquid as motive medium, liquid jet gas compressors compress gases or vapours with large pressure differences. There is a special ejector design for mixing air or other gases with the motive liquid or for aerating waste water. These ejectors operate at a high gas/liquid mass transfer rate with simultaneous intensive mixing of the liquid ...

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Portela de Carnaxide, PORTUGAL. from Liquid Jet Gas Compressor Product line

  • Surface Condensers

    In surface condensers there is no direct contact between the vapours to be condensed and the cooling water. Surface condensers in multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems are built as shell & tube condensers. The temperature difference between condensation and cooling water is greater than that in the mixing-type condensation method.

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Portela de Carnaxide, PORTUGAL. from Surface Condensers Product line

  • Aqua Decant - Model AD - Gravity Discharge Decanters

    Discharges subsurface laminar layer of clean water without disturbing the sludge blanket or floatables. Gravity and pump options are available with mechanical actuation to close the weir during aeration and mixing phases preventing wastewater or activated sludge entering the discharge pipe

    By Aquasystems International NV Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Gravity Discharge Decanters Product line

  • Aqua Turbo - Model AER-AS - Floating High Speed Surface Aerator

    Axial flow aerator with patented instantaneous radial discharge. World renowned for high aeration efficiency in field conditions due to maximum transfer of kinetic energy to water surface. Installations range from small tanks to massive lagoons due to exceptional mixing and oxygen dispersion

    By Aquasystems International NV Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Floating High Speed Surface Aerator Product line

  • Tethys Instruments - Total Suspended Solids Probe

    Tethys Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Probe operate on the principle of single gap light absorption as a means of detecting the presence of suspended solids. The sensors incorporate self-cleaning optics via air or water jet. The application involves measurement of total suspended solids concentration from Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid (MLSS), Return ...

    By Tethys Instruments SAS Distributor in Aveiro, PORTUGAL. from Total Suspended Solids Probe Product line

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