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  • Premium

    Domestic and Domestic + Pumping Station

    Quick and simple to install, our premium quality Pumpstor Domestic and Domestic+ pumping stations require minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. Our domestic pumps come fully equipped with single and twin pumps and are suitable for sewage, surface water and effluent. They are ideal for homes with up to 13 people.

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Domestic and Domestic + Pumping Station Product line

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    Sauereisen SewerSeal - Model No. F-170 - Cementitious Water Infiltration Barrier

    Sauereisen SewerSeal F-170 is a cementitious water infiltration barrier for use in wastewater collection systems. The product combines 100% calcium aluminate cement with finely graded inert aggregate, thereby offering notable corrosion resistance to mild acids and alkalies. SewerSeal commonly seals and resurfaces deteriorated masonry and concrete ...

    By Sauereisen Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cementitious Water Infiltration Barrier Product line

  • Premium

    WesTech CleanFlo™ - MultiRake Bar Screen

    The WesTech MultiRake Screen is a mechanically cleaned screen suitable for inlet works of treatment plants, pumping stations and water inlet structures. The screen captures solid materials which would otherwise be harmful to downstream equipment.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from MultiRake Bar Screen Product line

  • Premium

    PWTech - Model Cyclone - Patented Self-powered Drum Screen

    This patented self-powered drum screen is ideal for applications such as storm water tank discharges, pumping station overflows, sewage treatment plant by-passes, and small combined sewer overflows. The Cyclone achieves 100 percent removal of ¼' particles for two dimensions. Designed to be virtually maintenance free, the Cyclone has a ...

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC based in Rosedale, MARYLAND (USA). from Patented Self-powered Drum Screen Product line

  • Premium

    ASTIM - Basket Screen

    Basket Screens are mainly used in deep inlet structures and pumping stations of low capacity waste water treatment plants. Due to its easy function, easy-to-understand operation method, the simple cleaning and easy servicing, Basket Screens are widely used.

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Basket Screen Product line

  • Premium

    Bi-On - Model TB ODR - Filtration Media

    This triple blend is an ideal product to use in waste water treatment plants due to the high H2S absorption capacity. It is also highly effective with other common malodorous compounds such as methyl mercaptan and wide spectrum of VOCs. It is specially recommended for ambient with high moisture contents due to its optimal mechanical properties. ...

    By Bioconservacion SA based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Filtration Media Product line

  • Premium

    ASTIM - Cable Operated Bar Screen

    Cable Operated Bar Screens HKI and TGS are robust equipment designed for heavy duty applications. They are specially designed for deep and wide channels for installation in pumping stations or inlet structures of high capacity water and wastewater treatment plants. With vertical installation possibility they require less space for screening. Cable ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Cable Operated Bar Screen Product line

  • IN-EKO - Model PCK - Vertical Bar Screens

    Vertical Bar Screens (PCK) are designed for municipal water treatment plants and industrial applications. Screens can be installed wherever there is insufficient space for installation of conventional types of screens or sewerage in a large depth, screens can be also used to protect pumps in the pumping stations. The screenings are from the waste ...

    By IN-EKO Team s.r.o based in Tisnov, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Vertical Bar Screens Product line

  • Front Clean Type Bar Screen

    Traveling bar screen is a fully automatic, continuously debris removal equipment. It is designed to remove great quantity of debris in water channel, the equipment can be used in inlet channel of wastewater treatment plant or pumping station.

    By H+R Environmental ENG`G. Co., Ltd. based in Sinjhuang, TAIWAN. from Front Clean Type Bar Screen Product line

  • Model DP Series - Duplex Pumping Stations

    Simplex Includes: Pump, Starter, NEMA 1 control panel, Power-on light, ON/OFF switch, Water-out pressure gauge, Prepiped, prewired and mounted on a heavy skid.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Duplex Pumping Stations Product line

  • Model SP Series - Simplex Pumping Stations

    Simplex: Includes, Pump, Starter, NEMA 1 control panel, Power-on light, ON/OFF switch, Water-out pressure gauge, Prepiped, prewired and mounted on a heavy skid.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Simplex Pumping Stations Product line

  • Model VMF Series - Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps

    Fairbanks Nijhuis mixed flow pumps function as a compromise between radial and axial flow pumps. They operate at higher pressures than axial flow pumps while delivering higher capacities than radial flow pumps. Available in horizontal and vertical executions with a variety of mounting arrangements and nozzle positions to suit most pipe ...

    By Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis based in Kansas City, KANSAS (USA). from Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps Product line

  • Pump Stations

    STE energy has consolidated experience in building water lifting systems by designing, supplying and installing. civil engineering works, penstocks and mass oscillation and pressure surge control systems draining pumps and centrifugal pumps. automation, protection, control and remote management systems. electric power systems and power centres ...

    By Sorgent.e Srl based in Padova, ITALY. from Pump Stations Product line

  • Parallel Connection

    For the treatment of larger wastewater volumes, two or more KLARO container.blue systems are required. In such a case, the identically equipped systems are installed so as to operate in parallel. The systems operated in parallel are steadily fed with raw wastewater via a joint wastewater collection tank (1) and pump stations (2) (integrated in the ...

    By KLARO GmbH based in Bayreuth, GERMANY. from Parallel Connection Product line

  • MegaFilters - Model LHRS - Low Head Recirculation Filters

    The LHRS filters (Low Head Recirculation System) are standalone nitrification devices that make possible the recirculation of water using minimum energy. The whole system is air driven with no moving mechanical parts in the water. The system includes a sieving stage, a biofilter stage, a UV reactor, and an airlift pumping station.

    By Kora (1980) Ltd. based in Zofit, ISRAEL.

  • Fully Integrated Automated Sluice Gates

    Fully integrated automated gates. Actuators by Watch Technologies suited for light to heavy lift applications. Smart Gates can be programed for stand-alone operations (level, flow control, etc.) or as nodes on SCADA networks. Deployed at reservoirs, canals for check structures and canal turnouts, pipelines, pump stations, water treatment plants, ...

    By Watch Technologies based in Grants Pass, OREGON (USA). from Fully Integrated Automated Sluice Gates Product line

  • Köster - Model VKP - Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

    For docks, locks and cooling towers; The construction of vertical, single-stage mixed flow pumps is very similar to that of propeller pumps. However, due to the different shape of their impellers, mixed flow pumps can lift very large volumes of water to delivery heights of up to 30 m. Impeller and diffuser are submerged in the pumping ...

    By Friedrich Köster GmbH & Co. KG based in Heide, GERMANY. from Vertical Mixed Flow Pump Product line

  • Electrical Control Panels

    Since 2003 Miami Breaker has manufactured, commissioned and started-up more than 60 pump station control panels for MDWASD. These UL 508A certified control panels control the level of water in the wet wells through an air bubbler level controller. Panel construction is self standing Nema 3R, stainless steel. Panels include a digital duplex pump ...

    By Miami Switchgear C.O. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model iMAG-Series - Flanged Magmete

    The iMAG-Series is the most economical flanged electromagnetic flowmeter on the market. It is used in 3' to 12' pipe in municipal or industrial water, waste or reclaimed water pump stations and packaged plant applications. The iMAG has no moving parts and electrodes are designed to discourage fouling. This magmeter requires no maintenance in ...

    By SeaMetrics, Inc. based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Flanged Magmete Product line

  • Scanship - Foodwaste Vacuum System

    Onboard a modern cruise ship a substantial amount of foodwaste is collected from galleys, pantries and preparation. To align with future requirements, the cruise industry chooses to process foodwaste onboard. Scanship has developed an efficient vacuum system for collecting, transporting and further processing of foodwaste. Transportation by vacuum ...

    By Scanship AS based in Tønsberg, NORWAY.

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