water purification system equipment in Belgium

  • Model IBA CLASS II - Domestic Waste Water Purification System

    ESEP reinforced concrete “domestic waste water purification system”. Supplied with presedimentation compartment, bioreactor with time interval controlled aeration and postsedimentation compartment. Only the domestic waste water outlets can be connected to the installation. Standard type only suited for pedestrian traffic.

    By ESEP Milieutechniek BV Office in Ham, BELGIUM. from Domestic Waste Water Purification System Product line

  • PROPURE - Model Asteria - Small-Scale Water Purification Station

    The PROPURE  is a small-scale water purification station that can treat flow rates between 50 and 400 equivalents/day. It can treat volumes ranging from 7.5 m³ up to 60m³ /day. It is based on a Compact Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR). A cost-efficient, light and easy to install water purification system.

    By PRODALL EUROPE based in Roeselare, BELGIUM.

  • PRODISK - Biorotors Wastewater Purification System

    The PRODISK  Biorotor wastewater purification system is designed to purify wastewater for smaller and commercial applications. PRODISK  – Biorotors are used for domestic water purification and use a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). The system is self-maintaining and does not require the addition of chemical substances.

    By PRODALL EUROPE based in Roeselare, BELGIUM.

  • RO-Recycle / MemPhos - Reverse Osmosis Treatment and Desalination of Waste Water

    Application: By means of the newly developed RO-Recycle process it is possible to improve the quality of the effluent of biological water purification systems to fresh water for boiler feed or cooling towers or to process water. This RO (reversed osmosis) technology is capable of processing up to 70 % of the total effluent and generate these water ...

    By Colsen International b.v. Office in Sint-Gillis-Waas, BELGIUM.

  • Aquatreat - Model 912 - Waste Water Treatment System

    In the purification of industrial and domestic waste water coagulation and flocculation are important steps. These steps are responsible to create a good flocculation of the macroscopic particles which increases the efficiency and rate of the sedimentation. For an optimal process the choice of the proper coagulant and flocculants is of great ...

    By Aquatreat bvba based in Aarschot, BELGIUM. from Waste Water Treatment System Product line

  • Euraqua - Sand / Hydro-Anthracite Filters

    Hydro anthracite is a selected, hard and clean coal of a pure natural origin. It is used in closed filter systems for purification of drinking water, process water, pool and waste water. This filter medium is usually combined with different sizes of filter sand in a multibedfilter. The largest grains are covering the lower distribution system in ...

    By Euraqua Europe - Pollet Water Group based in Waregem, BELGIUM. from Sand / Hydro-Anthracite Filters Product line

  • Whole Home Water Filters & Conditioner Systems

    Home Water Softener Treatment & Purification Solutions. Get clean water from every tap and every faucet in every room with the Culligan Total Home Water Conditioner. This two-in-one solution provides clean, soft, Culligan water everywhere you need, with the added benefit of reducing chlorine taste*. Your local Culligan Man can recommend the ...

    By Culligan Water Distributor in Ruisbroek, BELGIUM.

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