water recycling system equipment in Turkey

  • Aktif - Gray Water Recycle Systems

    Aktech Gray Water Recycle Systems refines the water in three steps with membrane technology, which is today’s best modern water treatment technology. Save about 40% - 80% with Gray Water Recycle System.

  • EKE - Waste Water Recycling System

    Nowadays the fresh water recourses is getting exhausted by rapid population growth, redundant industrialization, increasing. drought andhigh consumption. Due to the increasing water demand to be recovered the permeate (waste water treatment outlet) water with advanced water treatment technologies become essential instead of discharge the permeate ...

  • Concrete Recycling Systems

    Energy savings thanks to reduced running time. Low consumption of wash water. Low maintenance, easy and quick. Non-stick Sint engineering polymer components resistant to abrasion. Perfect aggregate washing. High efficiency in solid-liquid separation thanks to large water volume in the version with screw.

    By MEKA Concrete Plants based in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • OZB - Model CLR-S - Contaminated Liquids Recycling System

    CLR-S (Contaminated Liquids Recycling System) is designed to contribute to sustainable concrete production and create “Green Plants” by complete utilization of the waste water in batching plants. One of the biggest problems faced by the batching plants, is the problems arising from disposal and non-utilisation of grey water. At this ...

    By ÖZBEKOGLU Ltd. Sti based in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • Hakomatic B 1100

    Intensive wet cleaning and dry vacuuming in one operation. Pre-sweep, water recycling system, cleaning agent dosage system, side scrubbing unit. Area performance up to 7.140 m²/hour.

    By Hako GmbH Office in Kücükcekmece/Istanbul, TURKEY. from Hakomatic B 1100 Product line

  • Grey Water Treatment

    Does not include septic waste from showers, bathtubs and won the Grey Water denilmektedir.gr water recycling household waste water from the sink water, is to ensure the hygiene requirements in accordance with EU regulations, it is the nature wash water and DIN 19650 standard uygundur.gr the purification of water are provided with membrane ...

    By FOKUSWATER based in ISTANBUL, TURKEY. from Grey Water Treatment Product line

  • Premium

    TOMRA - Washer Peeling Equipment

    The Washer was developed to address the washing system issues of other products on the market, designing a washer that took into account the requirement for gentle product washing, the removal of small pieces of loose peel and the need to reuse a higher percentage of recycled water.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Washer Peeling Equipment Product line

  • Premium

    Kuristuck - Technology to Support Sustainability at Paint Booth Treatment

    In paint booth systems, different body and spare parts from automotive, appliance, electronics, plastics and other industries are coated by using one or multiple layers of paints. The main goal of the paint booth treatment is to remove as much overspray paint as possible for successful operations. Our Kuristuck technology meets this requirement by ...

    By Kurita Office in Maltepe, TURKEY. from Technology to Support Sustainability at Paint Booth Treatment Product line

  • Premium

    ASTIM - Model DTI - Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens

    Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens “DTI” are continuously operating screening system with automatic cleaning device. DTI is general purpose self cleaning micro screening equipment which is suitable for both municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants as well as the applications for collection of recyclable materials. But ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens Product line

  • Big Filter Cartridges

    Our unique product PRO-BIG  is used in the filtration processes of process fluids in chemical industry, in solvent production and recycling,drinking water filtration, process water filtration, cooling water and wastewater filtration, cosmetic industry’s filtration processes, in the filtration process of vegatable oil, dairy products, ...

    By PROSES T.İ.M. based in Çiftlikköy, TURKEY. from Big Filter Cartridges Product line

  • PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Blackwater Systems

    Blackwater is any wastewater that is contaminated with water discharged from a toilet. Compared to greywater recycling, it is often more practical to recycle blackwater as most plumbing systems don’t separate greywater streams e.g. showers, basins. Aquacell S systems can often be retro-fitted to existing buildings or be installed in new ...

    By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. Distributor in TURKEY. from Water Recycling - Blackwater Systems Product line

  • PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Greywater Systems

    Greywater makes up around 30 to 50 per cent of wastewater discharged into our sewers. Therefore, greywater recycling offers facilities the chance to cut their water use by up to half. Generally defined as wastewater from bathrooms and laundries, greywater can come from our showers, baths, basins and washing machines. It may be contaminated with a ...

    By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. Distributor in TURKEY. from Water Recycling - Greywater Systems Product line

  • PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Rainwater & Stormwater Systems

    Our PHOENIX water recycling experts will help you maximize water conservation and minimize cost, creating a site specific solution for your project.  Look no further, PHOENIX supplies all the critical pieces necessary for a successful rainwater or stormwater recycling scheme.  And don’t forget our rainwater systems can be easily ...

  • Premium

    Sorticanter(R) - Flottweg Sorticanter®

    Recycling plastics with the Sorticanter include:► Reduced odor because of closed system► No influence due to the color of the solids to be sorted► Lower thermal energy consumption, since the dewatering phase is already built into each Sorticanter.► Minimum personnel costs, creating operating cost savings ► Separation of mixed substances that are ...

    By Flottweg SE Distributor in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • Mavitec - Washing Drum

    The Washing Drum cleans the removed inorganic materials from the Food Depackaging or kerbside waste recycling systems. The inorganic material will be cleaned with warm water, to make it free from fats and other organic material. This process helps to reduce the weight and the volume of the non organic materials which results in lower costs for ...

    By Mavitec Green Energy Distributor in Gemlik, TURKEY. from Washing Drum Product line

  • John Deere - Model F2000 - Media Filter

    F2000 Media Filters (gravel or sand) are the most efficient type of filtration of water heavily contaminated with algae, organic matter and other impurities found in open reservoirs, canals and recycled water systems. The filtration occurs when the water passes through the open spaces and between sand particles, trapping the solid particles. The ...

    By John Deere Distributor in TURKEY.

  • Magnetic Separator

    That kind of plants has been specially designed by Hydro Italia in order to solve the old problem of the removal of ferrous particles accumulated in pre-treatment and washing baths for metal pieces. Those systems harness the magnetic properties of ferrous materials, in particular the power to be attracted by different magnetized bodies. Afterwards ...

    By Hydro Italia Srl Distributor in TURKEY.

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